Chapter 1232 Catch the turtle in the urn

Chapter 1232

Bo Qingang sat in the room, looking out the window for a while strangely, Xiao Su’er today is not right, but there is no evidence to prove that it is not her, but she is too eager to be intimate, which is not like her.

Squeak …” Xiao Su’er opened the door and walked into the room. Bo Qingang couldn’t help but feel more puzzled. “Su’er, you just went to the hut, why did you even change your clothes? Where did you go to change your clothes?”

“What are you talking about?” Xiao Su’er was confused. Listening to Bo Qing’ang’s words, she looked down at the dress she was wearing. Wasn’t this what she was wearing when she went out this morning? He didn’t just go to the Ghost Doctor Valley and forgot what clothes he was wearing? But he said that he went to the cottage by himself, and what was going on, the bull’s head was wrong.

“Didn’t you go to the hut just now?” Bo Qingang walked to her side, feeling that her body temperature was not as warm as others, and she felt cold when she approached.

Bo Qingang took her hand and said, “Why is your body temperature back to normal again? I just felt like you were still hot body temperature…”

Halfway through his words, he was stunned. He raised his head and looked at Xiao Su’er at each other. The same shock in her eyes, almost in unison,

she said, “Someone is posing!” “What’s the matter? You tell me what that woman did to you?” She pulled Bo Qingang a little nervously and began to take his pulse. But there is nothing strange about him, what exactly did that person want to do when he came to the palace by pretending to be him?

In this continent full of cultivators, many people will refine Yi Rong Wan. It’s not surprising that someone pretends to be her. I don’t know if the person here today has a grudge against the real Sixth Prince, so I came to Bo Qingang for revenge. of.

“Su’er, there is something wrong with that person. She knows that we are not here, and she also knows that you are the second lady of the Prime Minister’s Mansion. When she appeared in front of me, I questioned her, and she actually became what you were. a. ” “

What? “Xiao Su children listen to his words, feel very shocked, can pretend to be someone like Su Xin children is not surprising, since the day she was to everyone’s face that way.

But someone can become what she is after pretending to be her, and knowing that she and Bo Qingang are not the people here. This is so strange. Who can do it? The two didn’t tell the others about this at all.

The only thing she said was Brother He and Master, but she only said that she had married and gave birth to children in Mainland China, and did not tell them that Bo Qingang would come back with her.

How did this person know? Is there always someone watching these two people in secret? As soon as this thought came out, Xiao Suer immediately felt goose bumps spread all over his body.

Bo Qingang lowered his face, stepped forward to close the doors and windows, and took Xiao Su’er to hide in the corner and began to discuss countermeasures.

“That person is probably a cultivator. When I questioned that she was not you, she immediately took out the pill from her bag. She said it was the antidote for Yi Rong Pill, and after eating it, it will become what you are. That’s why I don’t have any doubts.”

“Yi Rong Wan can only change her appearance, and has not yet reached the ability to change gender, so she must be a woman, who else? Xia Lanying and Su Yaoer have been taken by me. It was resolved, it could not be the two of them, that is to say, this person was not directed at me, but at you. Did she harm you? What did you say?”

Xiao Su’er was just analyzing and asking, but nothing Thinking of Bo Qingang’s sudden red cheeks, he raised three fingers and swears every day, “I swear I have absolutely no two minds for Su’er. I will never touch other women. Today is, yes. …”

Xiao Su’er raised her eyebrows when she said, “Listen to what you mean, that person is not here to harm you at all, is it a picture? What did you two do?”

In fact, look at Bo Qingang like this. It doesn’t matter what she does, and she won’t be angry, she just thinks that he is a little cute like this, which is so delightful.

But Bo Qingang was very serious, “Su’er, neither of us did anything. She sat on my lap and chatted for a while. I swear I will screen it carefully in the future, and I will never let people impersonate you again. “

Don’t worry, I’m not angry with you, but this person is a bit strange to me. There are almost everywhere who like the Six Princes, and all the girls in the city want to have some relationship with him. But dare to swagger away. She is the first person to pretend to be me in the Sixth Prince’s Mansion.”

“And she also knows everything about us. In this way, she is not admiring the Sixth Prince, but for you. His goal is Bo Qingang. !”

Xiao Su’er’s eyes turned quickly and put forward a somewhat bold hypothesis, “Do you think someone will sneak across with us? They are actually from the mainland of China.”

She can only have this idea, after all, except for China. People from the mainland, this big category of people don’t even know that there is a person like Bo Qingang, even if they know that it’s impossible, the first thing they think of is to seduce him, it should be thinking of driving him out of the Sixth Prince’s house. Well, after all, that prince is a popular lover in the Continent of All Saints, and all the women support him.

“It’s very possible, but who is it? The situation at the time was based on the time and space gate opened by Xiao Wang. After we got in, no one else should find out. After all, the bodyguard was still there at the time.” Bo Qingang also thought. This idea of her is the most tenable, but there are also some things that are not quite right.

“Forget it, the two of us don’t guess here. How about catching turtles in an urn? Let them throw themselves into the trap. Will they have a conclusion when they take a closer look at who it is? You can’t guess it here. So come.”

Xiao Su’er frowned, feeling that this matter was not that simple. If someone really followed them from China Mainland, where did they hide this month? Is it just lurking around them all the time? In the past month, neither of them found anything wrong, which can only show that their vigilance is too low.

Moreover, following them but not showing up for a month, how did they live on this Ten Thousand Saint Continent? This is different from China Mainland.

If it is really what they guessed, then you have to be careful and careful, otherwise you don’t know when someone will be slapped in the dark.

“Okay, then you say how to catch turtles in the urn, so that they can’t detect something wrong.”

“So…” Xiao Su’er leaned over Bo Qingang’s ear and said what she was thinking.