Chapter 1233 design

Chapter 1233 Design

Three days later.

For the past three days, the Six Palaces was extremely calm, and even nothing happened in Ghost Doctor Valley. Xiao Suer quietly studied medicine in the Ghost Doctor Valley, while Bo Qingang was still in the Six Princes Palace. Everything looked peaceful and beautiful, even the one who pretended to be Xiao Su’er. No one appeared again.

Early this morning, Xiao Su’er packed up and got into the carriage in front of the Six Princes’ Mansion. The carriage had no curtains. It was obvious that there were many boxes and baggage on it.

“You guys must take care of Princess Six on the road. I will meet you in a few days. If there is any problem with Princess Six, I must make you look good.” Bo Qingang watched several guards who followed and said.

Several guards replied loudly: “Yes! We must take care of the Six Princesses.”

“Master, then I will go out. This time I will go to the mountains with Master to collect medicinal materials. It may take a few days. You must take care of yourself. , I’ll be back soon.”

“I’m waiting for you.” Bo Qingang gently hugged her, and the two reluctantly said goodbye, but in the end Xiao Suer got into the carriage.

Bo Qingang kept watching at the door until the carriage disappeared at the corner of the street before turning back to the Sixth Prince’s Mansion. Su Wanwan and Chi Siang, who were hiding at the corner of the street, also saw this, both of them were a little confused.

“Where is Xiao Su’er going?” Su Wanwan looked at the carriage rushing out of the city.

“Didn’t you just say that? It should be delayed for several days to follow her master to collect medicinal materials in the mountains. We must take this opportunity to quickly take down Bo Qingang!”

“Otherwise, let me just drag him Go to the Gate of Time and Space and take him back to China Mainland. When that happens, I will leave Xiao Su’er here.”

Su Wanwan thought of a vicious way, that is to let the two lives separate, or separated by two time and space, then she would destroy the door of time and space again to see how the two of them are still together.

Chi Siang suddenly looked at her viciously, “What are you thinking? I warn you, it’s your business that you like Bo Qingang. I only said that I would separate the two of them. I didn’t say that it would kill you. Son, you leave her here, what will she do next?”

“Master Chi, you can stay here with her, when you show up before taking her to remember, she will definitely be much more cordial when you see a fellow in a foreign country alone. Then, won’t you be able to be together? ?

this is where your mother used to live, but also where Xiao Su children lived, she would not live here very hard, and when you go to live here with her, and I pour a thin Aung living in mainland China, not Is it a happy ending?”

Su Wanwan said to comfort him, Chi Siang still disagreed, “No! Don’t think about this kind of thing, I don’t want to live here, besides that the medical skills are better than the Chinese mainland. What is better than there? The civilization is backward and there is no technology!

I don’t want to live here, and why should I let Bo Qingang go with you at ease. He will never be able to live happily, as long as I Chi Siang is there, I will make him live very painful. “

Well, what you say is what you say.” “Su Wanwan didn’t have so much mood and he was stunned here, and he took out another Yi Rong pill and ate it, instantly transforming into Su Xin’er’s appearance.

She couldn’t wait to rush to the Sixth Prince’s Mansion, as long as Xiao Su’er didn’t have it. At any time, she wanted to stay by Bo Qingang’s side to accompany him.

Chi Siang looked at her like an idiot, and grabbed her hand, “Wait a minute, she will Just left, it’s too easy for you to run back now. And this time, don’t just think about going with Bo Qing. If he is different from what you think, even if he is making mature rice with you, he doesn’t want to marry you. What are you going to do? “

Then what do you say I want to do?” “Su Wanwan didn’t take this into consideration. All she wanted was to separate the two of them and stay with Bo Qingang.

“Put this medicine into Bo Qingang’s water. After he eats it, he will forget the past. All things, fall in love with the person he first saw, then you will face him as you are. Although you and Xiao Su’er look exactly the same, if you tell him that you are Su Wanwan and not Xiao Su’er, he will definitely fall in love with you.

At that time, you can take him away and leave the Six Princes’ Mansion. I will wait for Xiao Su’er to return, and then we will return to China Mainland together. “

Chi Siang has already considered everything. In the past few days, he has been searching for useful medicinal materials in China Mainland, and finally found such a medicine.

As long as Bo Qingang falls in love with Su Wanwan, he can dismantle them. Two, it’s much more useful than threatening to be thin. When he wants to leave, no matter how much Xiao Su’er begs, it’s useless. She’s such a proud girl again. A personal break is expected.

“Master Chi, you are not from the Hallows Continent. You can still find this kind of medicine. I underestimated you. I forgot about the existence of this kind of medicine.” Su Wanwan had taken the medicine with a smug expression on his face. Now, let’s see how Bo Qingang can escape. The person who is destined to be with him is himself.

The two have been waiting at the corner of the street for two hours. Su Wanwan took the medicine and went to the Sixth Prince’s Mansion. The guards at the door were all surprised to see her, “Wang Hao, didn’t you say you are going there for a few days this morning? Why are you back now?”

“Come back to get some things, I asked the guards who followed me to find medicinal materials for me and Master.” Su Wanwan tried to make the same movements and expressions as Xiao Su’er, and said casually to the guards. After a few sentences, he ran to the backyard immediately.

Bo Qingang was practicing boxing while hanging a sandbag in the backyard. He was not used to using the swords of the Continent of All Saints, so he could only practice martial arts in the same way as the Chinese Continent.

Su Wanwan looked at him on the side, even wearing a long robe couldn’t hide his flexible posture and powerful arms, she couldn’t help but started to have an idiot face.

Why is such a perfect man gentle with Xiao Su’er?

“Su’er, why are you back again?” Bo Qingang turned his head and looked at her, with an imperceptible sneer at the corner of his mouth. This person pretends to be too unqualified. It is true that he comes here wearing different clothes every time. When others won’t find it?

But now that Yu’er has taken the bait, it depends on how they reveal the true face of this person step by step. He still pretends to be unaware and comes to her side, and even gently wipes the sweat off her face with his sleeve. .

“Master is unwell. He said that this medicine gathering activity will be cancelled, so I will come back first.” Su Wanwan took his hand, “Aang…”