Chapter 3 Where did she give birth to that little evil?

“Yebai, come over and take a look, Mo Mo seems to be sick again.”

Lu Yebai’s eyes flashed a touch of unpleasantness, and his eyes instantly became cold.

Lu Mo didn’t like her mother, and there is a basis for it. Children are always sensitive, and sometimes a word she says unintentionally can reflect what she thinks in her heart.

This woman can put the words’the child seems to be sick again’ on her lips, which is enough to prove how indifferent she is.

Six years was enough for him to see the true face of this woman.

Had it not been for the reason that she had given birth to a son for him, he would have swept her out.

“Lu Mo, don’t make trouble, go to bed and lie down.”

Lu Mo seemed to be on the bar with his father, staring back at him, not afraid of his sordid gaze, and said in a jerky tone: “You leave her here,” I went to lie down on the bed.”


Turning around, the father and son realized that Jiang Jiu was no longer in the ward.

That woman slipped away quietly.

Lu Mo stared at his father and added, “It’s useless, even a woman can’t stand it.”

Lu Yebai: “…”

Seeing that Lu Mo’s mood had stabilized, Jiang Rou quickly reached out and hugged him. Entering his arms, regardless of his struggle, he said to himself: “Mo Mo, the aunt just now was your mother’s eldest sister, your aunt, but she was pregnant when she was unmarried, and she was pregnant with a wild species with an unknown biological father. Sweep the floor and go out. In the future, you will not interact with her. Her nature is too bad and will make you crooked.”

” You are not allowed to tell him about these things in the future.” Lu Yebai yelled coldly from the side.

Lu Mo also snorted twice, bad woman, your fox tail finally appeared, I knew you were not my mother.

Other people’s mothers look at their children with loving eyes, and you look at me like you look at Jinshan Yinshan, with greed in your eyes.

One day, I will find my own mother and tear up your disguise.

Shengjing Apartment, fifth floor suite.

Jiang Jiu pushed the door in, and when he saw the mess inside, he roared: “Jian Ran Ran, get out for my old

lady .”

A sharp dog barking came from the east bedroom. The next second, a The yellow-haired dog with his pants on his head leaned forward.

Jiang Jiu was not polite and kicked the dog away with a scud.

With a muffled sound, the dog was slammed into gold stars by her.

emmm, is the devil entering menopause early?

“I said two sub-Ha, Xiaoye already warned you, love to talk about sanitation and clean, you chosen not to listen, stunned the wine sister millions apartment toss into the kennel, which under the beating it , Let me see, in this posture you are

lying on your stomach , you should have suffered a scud, and the hair has fallen out.” Er Hazi lay on the ground and wailed,’Jiang Ran Ran, you are really too bad. It’s getting more and more hypocritical’.

Jiang Jiu’s gaze swept around his son, and he threw down the sentence,’I’m going to the study, if the apartment hasn’t been restored to its original state in an hour, the old lady will throw you off the fifth floor directly’.

Jiang Ranran exploded his hair immediately and yelled: “Unconscionable woman, the little master saved your life. If it weren’t for me, you might have been rushed to the corner by the old fox of the Lu family. Once you come back Just enslave me, you are so great, why don’t you go up to the sky and stand shoulder to shoulder with the sun?”

Jiang Jiu stretched out his hand and patted his son’s cheek, and sneered: “The 3 billion that I was black at the beginning, but in the end all went into your pocket, cute, if caught by King Lu Yan, the first hapless one It’s you.” The

Lu family was in turmoil.

In the living room, Lu Yebai was sitting on the sofa with a sullen face, his stiff eyebrows full of anger.

Jiang Rou sat tremblingly across from him, carefully observing every change of expression on his handsome face.

After returning from the hospital, the little evil seed began to make a lot of noise, and she also suffered.

Sometimes she looked at that little thing with Jiang Jiu’s eyebrows, and she wished to choke him to death.

Had it not been for the need to use him to take the lead, she would have killed this little bastard.

In the past few years, whenever someone said to her in an enviable tone, “Miss Jiang Er is so lucky that she actually gave birth to the prince of the Lu family and became the most noble woman in Haicheng.” She hated her teeth and felt that This is slapping her in the face.

Where did she give birth to that little evil?

Lu Yebai hadn’t touched her in the past few years just because of that little evil kind.

Every time she tried to approach him, he would stare at her with cold and disdainful eyes.

What else did you say, “Just one heir, I don’t plan to have a second child, don’t come close to me in the future, I am disgusted with women.”

She hates it!

Hate fate to make people.

Not to mention raising her son for the bitch Jiang Jiu, but also supporting her son to become the heir of the Lu family.

Now that the bitch has returned from abroad, if she was stabbed through what happened back then, wouldn’t she be swept out by the Lu family?

No, no, no, she can’t end in such a mess, she must find a way to drive Jiang Jiu out of Haicheng.


There was another sound of crackling dishes in the bedroom on the second floor.

Lu Yebai endured forbearance, and finally did not hold it back, he jumped up from the sofa and walked straight to the stairs.

A calculation flashed in Jiang Rou’s eyes, let’s make trouble, make trouble, you will lose your father’s favor when the trouble is big, and when your father is completely disappointed with you, I can give birth to a son to replace you.

On the second floor, Lu Yebai just stepped into the room with one leg, and an object hit him. He subconsciously stretched out his hand to block it, only to get a handful of gruel.

His face became dark for an instant, and the breath of his body suddenly dropped to freezing point.

He strode to the bed, reached out his hand to lift his son directly, and shouted in a low voice: “Lu Mo, what the hell are you going to do? Have you made enough trouble?” The

little guy had tears in his eyes and looked at his kiss pitifully. Dad, intermittently said: “I want, want, want… her.”

Well, he doesn’t know what her name is, he blames the hypocritical woman Jiang Rou, if it weren’t for her sudden appearance in the hospital, then the woman would not Quietly left.

Lu Yebai naturally knew who the “she” in his son’s mouth meant, but even if he knew he did not intend to follow his wishes.

Although he doesn’t like Jiang Rou, this kid was born to her, so he should learn to respect his mother.

“Your mother is Jiang Rou. Even if you don’t like her

anymore , you should respect her. As for other women, you should not provoke them.” “Huh.” The little guy raised his head, his nostrils in the sky, “If you don’t find her Come, I will go on a hunger strike.”

Lu Yebai threw his son directly back on the bed, turned and walked towards the door, “Okay, you’d better remember what you said just now, don’t touch a grain of rice or a drop of water.”

“No. I don’t touch it, starving to death is my own.”

“…” When did

this bastard speak so neatly?

At night, in the study room of Shengjing Apartment, Jiang Randian was sitting next to the computer P picture.

“Tsk tusk tusk, the little master and the photo of Lu Yan Wang together, do they look alike.”