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Chapter 4 Call a dog to open the door!

Don’t say, a careful comparison shows that the father and son are quite similar.

It’s a pity that he is a bald old man who is over 60 years old, and he can’t compare with the handsome diamond man like Lu Yanwang.

If he had a father like Lu Yan Wang, he would probably wake up with a smile when he slept.

Pushing the door open, Jiang Jiu walked in with a plate of fruit.

The little guy quickly closed the computer. He was about to do something big, but he couldn’t let his mother see him.

Jiang Jiu saw his actions in his eyes, and couldn’t help but sarcastically said: “Hidden? Don’t think that my old lady doesn’t know what you are doing, and you are molesting other girls again? Jiang Ran Ran, I said why you moved so young What about the thief?” The

little guy rolled his eyes and curled his mouth and said: “My sister looks like a flower and is soft and cute. Do I still need to see other little girls?”

Jiang Jiu pointed the fruit plate in his hand. Throwing on the desk, he asked: “Where is your sister on tour now? When will you be back?”

Jiang Ran Ran raised his eyes to look at her, and asked with some confusion: “Is there anything she has to come back to deal with?”

“Half a month After that is your grandmother’s memorial day, I did not take you to visit her. I will take you to sweep the tomb while I am in the country this year.”

“Oh, then I will contact her tomorrow, Mommy, you are not going to take us to Li’s house. Go? Although there is a strange father in his 60s, he is going to make some money anyway?”

Jiang Jiu listened, turned around and left, “That old man is not your father. I had a police blood type three years ago. Ku, compared his DNA with yours. You are not biological fathers and sons, so you have to die of the heart that asked him to pay for maintenance.

The little guy curled his lips and murmured: “Even if it wasn’t him, it would be someone else. It’s impossible for the little master to jump out of the stone. When the little master solves the Lu family’s Hades, then go to my father, I I don’t believe that with my over-standard IQ, I can’t even find my own Lao Tzu.”

Two days later…In the

evening, Lu Yebai walked into his son’s bedroom with a gloomy and handsome face.

Looking at the starving boy on the bed, Lu Ye smiled in vain.

“Are you still panting? If you’re still panting, get up, I’ll take you to find the woman.”

He checked, the woman was indeed Jiang Jiu, the daughter of Jiang’s parents, and Jiang Rou’s half-sister.

Eight years ago, she sold herself to a fifty-something old man for five million. Later, it was revealed that she had a stillbirth. It is probably because Haicheng has no place for her, so she has been living abroad for these years.

He didn’t want his son to have too much contact with that kind of woman, so he didn’t care about his son’s life or death for two days.

However, the facts have proved that this kid is stubborn and can’t hold ten cows. If he continues to let him go, he may really toss his life.

The Lu family needed an heir, and he didn’t want to touch a woman, so even if this kid pierced the sky, it was within his tolerance.

Lu Mo was also unambiguous, enduring the dizziness in his head, and got up from the bed.

Go now.” Lu Yebai quickly supported him who was crumbling, and cursed: “I don’t want my own mother. I actually depend on my aunt. It’s really a damn thing.”

Downstairs, Jiang Rou saw Lu Yebai. Holding Lu Mo towards the door of the living room, he was anxious, and hurriedly ran to the two of them.

“Yebai, where are you taking Momo?”

Lu Yebai didn’t even look at her, and said indifferently, ” Go find Jiang Jiu.”

“No.” Jiang Rou tried to reach out to grab the little guy in his arms.

Did she get it wrong, what did Ye Bai just say?

He said he would take the child to find Jiangjiu? ?

What do you mean?

Did brother-in-law and sister-in-law get a rhythm together?

Lu Yebai sank his face, coldly spit out two words, “Get out of the way.”

Jiang Rou gritted her teeth and said in a crying voice: “I am Mo Mo’s mother. Take him to find another woman. What’s the matter? Ye Bai, do you want my son to recognize another woman as a mother?”

Lu Yebai’s sharp gaze shot straight at her, and said every word: “You didn’t see your son is hungry now. Is there only one breath left? But as a mother, she wouldn’t watch her son not eat or drink for two days and nights. Ask yourself what you have done? Let him die of thirst and starve to death.

Jiang Rou was forced to take two steps back by his cold gaze. She really wanted to see this little bastard who couldn’t bear the hunger, but the sky was not what everyone wanted. Not only did he not die, but he also won the love of his father.

Damn it, it’s such a cheap bone, so hungry you can’t die.

“No, I didn’t mean that. I was also very anxious if Mo Mo didn’t eat. I was cooking porridge for him in the kitchen just now. Give me another half day. I must persuade Mo Mo to eat, OK?”

Lu Ye Bai looked at her coldly, without speaking.

Jiang Rou saw that he did not move, thinking that he had listened to what she said, and continued: “My sister, she sold herself for five million and gave birth to an illegitimate child. She has a notorious reputation. I don’t want Mo Mo to come near. She.”

Lu Yebai’s eyes flashed with disgust. Although he looked down on Jiang Jiu, as a younger sister, this woman slandered her sister in such a way that proved her bad character.

It seems that he should think hard about whom to raise his son. He doesn’t want his heir to ruin his life with such a mother.

“Daddy, this woman wants me to starve to death. If you let me go, you won’t see your son tomorrow.”

“Get out of the way.” Lu Yebai shouted at Jiang Rou.

Jiang Rou finally didn’t dare to challenge the man in front of him, and silently stepped aside.

Watching the backs of father and son leaving, Jiang Rou slowly squeezed her fists hanging beside her.

Jiang Jiu, the days to come will still grow, I don’t believe you can’t kill you.

… The

doorbell was ringing, and Jiang Jiu’s voice came from the kitchen.

“Jiang Ran Ran, go and open the door.” The

next second, Jiang Ran Ran’s voice came from the study.

“Tu Erha, go and open the door.”

Erhazi touched his dog’s nose and crawled to the living room dingy.

The moment the door opened, Lu Yebai was stunned.

I saw a yellow-haired dog hanging from the doorknob, humming and panting.

Mr. Lu immediately darkened his face.

What a woman without a tutor, actually called a dog to open the door.

After reacting, he didn’t even think about turning and leaving with his son.

“If you go back, I’ll go on a hunger strike to death. The business doesn’t have any discussion.”

The blue veins on Mr. Lu’s forehead violently violently hit twice, and finally he couldn’t hold it back. He turned and kicked the door open, and then put his son on the sofa The last time I threw it away, I left without looking back.

“Asshole thing, you have the ability to stay in this slap-sized kennel for a lifetime, don’t go back to be the prince of the Lu family.”

Xiaoye Lu is anxious, his father who has no birds slammed the door and went straight to the kitchen. Looking in the direction.

When Jiang Jiu came out carrying the dish, he was startled by the extra small buns in the living room.

“Fuck, did you show up out of thin air?”

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