Chapter 1163 have photos

There is a photo in

“You are already an adult. Don’t you know that kidnapping is illegal? You also kidnapped me. You know that my father and grandfather will not let you go.” When he got closer, Xiao Wang relied on He has been recognized with good eyesight.

Five years ago, he didn’t have the slightest affection for this uncle, and it is the same now. He is not a good person to look at. No wonder he dared to kidnap him today.

Back then, I chased my mother, but today I came to kidnap myself. Does my mother want to kidnap herself if she doesn’t like her? No wonder mom doesn’t like it.

Xiao Wang had already scolded Chi Siang upright in his heart, but he was still calm on the surface. He knew that being too flustered would not benefit the current situation at all, so he still had to figure out why this uncle kidnapped himself.

“You don’t need to tell me that kidnapping is illegal. You said I’m an adult, and you’re just a little bastard, and you’re still a little bastard. Don’t you know that China Mainland is often in the hands of the wealthy of us? Is it in human hands? Even if I kill you today, you can still make people unable to find your body. They can’t pursue it even if they want to pursue it.”

Chi Siang stared at Xiao Wang’s eyes, with more and more disgust in his eyes, “Look at your face and your damn father. The same dead face, I never laugh! He thinks Is he very cold and handsome? In fact, he looks unflattering.”

“Slap!” A slap in his heart fell on Xiao Wang’s face. He felt a burning pain on his cheeks, and there seemed to be liquid flowing out of the corners of his mouth. The slap was really too hard, and the corners of his mouth bleed.

“It’s a pity, now I need you to let me cross into the Weird Valley as soon as possible, otherwise I can stay for a few more days to torture you, you should feel lucky, you still have such a little use. Thank you Xiao Su’er for giving birth to you Come down, you and her shed the same blood!”

Chi Siang stepped back and clapped his palms lightly. The room instantly lit up. The moment the light was on, Xiao Wang’s eyes were so irritated that he immediately closed his eyes. After slowly opening his eyes, he was shocked again.

The photos hanging in this room belonged to Xiao Su’er. In the past ten years, every time that Xiao Su’er appeared on the Internet, he cut down and plastered the entire room. There were also some photos in school uniforms.

It was the first time that Xiao Wang saw a picture of his mother wearing a school uniform. It was very young!

“See? These are all your mother. I knew her earlier than Bo Qingang. We are classmates. We were classmates in high school. We were at the same table. But she couldn’t see it at all. I, only your dad, what do you think is so good about your dad? All day long, a gloomy face, as if someone owes him money!”

“Does he think he is the young master of the Bo family? It came from the same womb, and my parents are very affectionate, my blood is noble than him!”

Chi Siang got up and walked to the wall, touching the photo on the wall almost obsessively with his hand, his face pressed against the photo. Take a deep breath, as if sniffing the smell in the photo.

This is the baby that has supported him over the years. For the past five years, he has watched these photos every day. I kept searching for Xiao Su’er, hoping that one day after she came back, she could see his true heart for her, and the two could be together, but Xiao Su’er poisoned him when she came back.

He once wanted to destroy these photos but couldn’t make it. After that, he looked at these photos every day and loved and hated them, living in contradictions and pains and torturing himself every day.

But in the end he still didn’t destroy these photos, leaving them here, and now he wants to let Xiao Wang feel death in front of his mother’s photos.

“You two shed almost the same blood, and you were born to grandma. There is no two people whose bloodline is more noble than anyone, but I know that my dad will never hurt others so casually, let alone kidnap a child! What are you doing? What do you want? Do you want to kill me? What good is it for you to kill me? Killing my mother will not like you, but will only hate you even more.”

Xiao Wang looked at him with a look that looked like a fool. Children like him knew the truth. Doesn’t this uncle who lived nearly thirty years old still understand?

Chi Siang quickly turned around when he heard his words, and took two steps forward to pinch his neck. Xiao Wang instantly felt suffocated, his face flushed, and he couldn’t utter a word.

“I tell you, I am not interested in your mother anymore. My parents are at least in love, and Bo Qing’ang’s parents gave birth to him when they had no affection at all. Why do you say that my blood is not noble? I just want to kill you today, because your blood can travel to the Ghost Doctor Valley. Do you know where the Ghost Doctor Valley is?”

“You don’t know! Your mother is a monster. She didn’t belong to this world. She came from other time and space! I will use your blood today to see what another continent is like. “

Chi Siang smiled sullenly, raised the corners of his mouth slowly, and slowly increased his strength in his hands. Xiao Wang’s brain was hypoxic, and stars even began to appear in front of him. He felt that he might really be dying here today, but he still didn’t. He said a word of begging for mercy, but he stared at Chi Siang with hatred without fear of him at all.

“You…” Chi Siang released his hand and looked at Xiao Wang incredulously. He had such an expression at a young age. He asked in a low voice, “Aren’t you afraid of me at all?”

“I’m afraid of you .” Will you let me go? Haven’t you been determined to kill me? Cough cough cough…” Xiao Wang coughed violently.

“Heh…” Chi Siang retreated and looked at him contemptuously, “Sure enough, Xiao Su’er’s son is different from a normal child, but today is your deadline, and you don’t have more time to show off. Different. I said that I will give you the opportunity to say your last wish, say it! You can say what you want to bring to your parents or what is unfinished.”

“I only have one sentence to think about. If you want to tell your uncle, you’re really sad, do you know? You’ve never been loved before! That’s why all the so-called bloodlines are taken out to say, you just like my mother but can’t love it, so I will be tortured here now!

If you can let me go and let you go, you will have a much better life than today. You have not lived awake without me as a ten-year-old child.” Xiao Wang looked cold and his eyes were cold. Look at him.

“Shut up! I think you are looking for death! Come here, put him on the instrument, I want him to try the feeling of death, today I must cross to the Ghost Doctor Valley, I don’t believe my Chiji What Ang wants to do can’t be done.” Chi Siang was furious after hearing his words.