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Chapter 1: The wealthy and abandoned son!

Jiangnan City, inside the jade carving shop with quaint decoration.

A young man is playing with an emerald green jade sculpture.

The young man dressed in a stall stall, looks out of tune with the simple and elegant decoration in the store.

The jade carving and antique lovers in the shop all looked at the youth with a little contempt.

Whoever should stay where!

This young man has no money at first sight, and dare to come to such a high-end place?

“Boom! Boom!”

At this moment, on the street outside, there was a roar of car engines.

The streets shook, and pedestrians gave way.

A dark brown Bentley took the lead, followed by five black Mercedes-Benzs, and stopped at the door of the jade carving shop.

The car door opened, and ten black-clothed bodyguards, surrounded by an elderly man with a well-dressed and extraordinary temperament, walked towards the shop.

The customers in the store were all surprised. Where did the big shot come from?

If you can make friends…

The well-dressed old man walked into the store and looked around.

When I saw the young man, his face immediately filled with joy, and then he hurriedly walked towards the young man.

The young man spread the goods alone, standing beside the old man like a servant.

But it seems that this well-dressed old man with an extraordinary identity, on the contrary, has great respect for this young man.

“Master Feng, this is the fifth time I have come to invite you!”

“No one in the Lu family is in power now, and you are the only heir.”

“Lu Family, waiting for you to preside over the overall situation!” The old man looked at Lu Feng respectfully.

With a sound of Master Feng, everyone in the store was dumbfounded.

Lu Feng was playing with a jade sculpture in his hand, his expression was neither sad nor happy, his eyes exuding indifference.

“No one in the Lu family is in power, what does it have to do with my abandoned son?” Lu Feng put the jade carving on the shelf and turned to look at the old man faintly.

“Master Feng, but you are a direct descendant of the Lu family!” The old man said helplessly.

“I didn’t like to compete with others since I was a child, no matter status or family resources, I can hand over others.”

“Even so, they still feel that I will grab the position of Patriarch and drive me out of the Lu family.”

“It was the Lu family who forced me to leave, but now that the Lu family is in trouble, let me go back after the hook?”

“Hehe, when I am Lu Feng, is a bereavement dog who comes and leaves when I call?”

“But it is also. Being expelled from the family is no different from the bereaved dog. Please stop disturbing my life from the Lu family. Lu Feng will eat and die by myself.”

After Lu Feng finished speaking, he took the jade carving packaged by the store and turned and left without nostalgia.

He didn’t look at the multimillion-dollar Bentley luxury car at the door.

The old man behind him looked sad, his mouth opened, and finally turned into a sigh.

“Has things been done?” The old man looked at the shopkeeper.

“Don’t worry, boss, the jade carving has been replaced by the one you brought.” The shopkeeper replied invitingly.

The old man nodded.

Although Lu Feng was unwilling to return to the Lu family, in any case, today’s Lu Feng is the only heir of the Lu family.

No matter what Lu Feng’s life is like, everything must change from today.

“Master Feng, the Lu family is three hundred years old, and it must not be ruined! So… don’t blame the old slave.” The old man sighed to himself.

Then he immediately dialed a phone call and said straightforwardly: “Tomorrow, it will be a celebration of the family business company where Master Feng is located. Prepare a generous gift!”


Jiangnan Jijia has a lot of fame throughout Jiangnan City.

Although it is not a leading company, it is still well-known throughout Jiangnan.

Three years ago, Lu Feng left the house from Lujiajingshen and lived in Jiangnan City. With the kindness of his father Deji, he married one of the daughters of the Ji family to Lu Feng.

No one knows what happened between Lu Feng and Mr. Ji, but this wedding shocked the entire Jiangnan City.

Ji Xueyu, the daughter of the Ji family, is the daughter of the Ji family in terms of identity. Although it is just a collateral line, it also has the blood of the Ji family and is deeply loved by the old man.

In terms of appearance, the country is overwhelming. I don’t know how many rich second generations have squeezed their heads, and it is difficult to have a meal with Ji Xueyu.

But such a rich man was married to the little-known rubbish Lu Feng, and the whole Jiangnan City laughed out of his teeth.

Only Elder Ji knew Lu Feng’s true identity, but one month after Lu Feng’s wedding, Elder Ji died of a sudden illness and brought Lu Feng’s true identity into the soil.

Since then, Lu Feng’s identity is no longer known, and he has truly become a wasteful son-in-law in the eyes of others.

At the beginning, Lu Feng only thanked the old man Ji’s kindness, so he stayed at Ji’s house.

But I didn’t expect that after three years, I really fell in love with Ji Xueyu.

In the past three years, Lu Feng has experienced countless ridicules and cold eyes. Both the Ji family and others treat Lu Feng as a clown.

However, Lu Feng has also accepted his fate, any kind of life will become a habit after a long time.

Thinking about what happened just now, there is no wave in Lu Feng’s heart, and it is unbelievable to be calm.

After all, as long as he nodded his head, he would immediately become the awe-inspiring young master of the family, with hundreds of billions of assets, but he still refused.

The big family looks prosperous on the surface, but in fact it doesn’t know how much intrigue is secretly.

Lu Feng had seen all this thoroughly since he was a child, so he just wanted to be a dude who was eating and waiting to die.

But even if he did this, he was still regarded as a threat and eliminated the Lu family.

They had never thought that the abandoned son who had tried so hard to drive out, now they are asking him to go back and preside over the overall situation, right?

“Hehe, but now I just want to be a waste.” Lu Feng laughed at himself.


When Lu Feng returned home, he saw a middle-aged woman sitting on the sofa angrily.

This middle-aged woman is Lu Feng’s mother-in-law, Tang Qiuyun.

When Lu Feng walked in, Tang Qiuyun stared at Lu Feng with a look as if he was about to eat people.

“What did you do? It takes so long to buy a dish? What else can you do besides eating and waiting to die?” Tang Qiuyun was angry, looking at Lu Feng with extreme disgust.

“Mom, the vegetable market is five kilometers away from our community. I walked back.” Lu Feng bowed his head in response.

“You still have a face to call my mother? You have to pick up things you don’t want when you buy a dish. You don’t think it is shameful, I think it is shameful!”

“I really don’t know what Xueyu and her grandfather thought at the beginning, and found such a bad guy for Xueyu.” Tang Qiuyun became even more angry when she heard Lu Feng’s explanation.

Lu Feng was silent, Tang Qiuyun was just his mother-in-law.

It was just because he entered Zhuji’s family three years ago that he suffered all the gazes of Tang Qiuyun and everyone else.

“Papa.” At this moment, the door was pushed open, and a tall girl walked in.

A black OL professional uniform, a small suit and white shirt on the upper body, a black hip skirt with black socks on the lower body, giving people the feeling of a strong woman.

The legs are slender and straight, and the figure is neither fat nor thin, but very well-proportioned.

She has black, straight and beautiful long hair, which makes her face more white and delicate.

The facial features are extremely beautiful together, especially those beautiful big eyes, like stars in the dark night, people can’t help but want to look at them more.

The beauty of this girl fully interprets the beauty of Jiangnan, a land of fish and water.

The water in the south of the Yangtze River is very nurturing, so there are more handsome men and beautiful women, and Ji Xueyu is the best.

And she is also Lu Feng’s nameless wife.

When Ji Xueyu came in to take a look, she couldn’t help frowning slightly.

“Lu Feng, what are you doing standing here if you don’t cook?” Ji Xueyu seemed to be talking to a stranger, his tone not lukewarm or lukewarm.

“Xueyu, you can count as coming back, do you know, today our family’s face is completely lost by him!!” Tang Qiuyun said with a hatred of iron and steel.

“What’s the matter?” Ji Xueyu glanced at Lu Feng, not many surprises in her heart.

Since Lu Feng entered the Zuoji family, three years have passed, have there been few things that have made the Ji family ashamed?

She Ji Xueyu has long been used to it.

Lu Feng was a little embarrassed at this time. He had chosen the cheapest dishes in the vegetable market before. He would rather let Tang Qiuyun know than Ji Xueyu.

“He went to the vegetable market to pick the cheapest green vegetables that no one wanted, and then came back to cook for us!!”

“It happened to be seen by the card friends in our community. You don’t know how others laugh at us, saying that our family is so poor that it can’t be done!”

The more Tang Qiuyun talked, the more angry he became, and the more he talked, the more excited he became. He wanted to come up and slap Lu Feng severely.

Ji Xueyu frowned instantly when he heard this, this matter is indeed very shameful!

But then his brows stretched out again, and he looked at Tang Qiuyun and said, “Mom, did you not give him money? How can he buy vegetables if he doesn’t have money?”

“I… he is a dignified man. He has to ask his mother-in-law for money to buy a dish. Isn’t it embarrassing to go out? Wouldn’t he earn it?” Tang Qiuyun was a little confused when he heard that, and then replied arrogantly.

“Didn’t you say that he should not be allowed to go to work and be responsible for the daily life of the family?” Ji Xueyu’s beautiful brows frowned again.

Although she didn’t like Lu Feng in her heart, Tang Qiuyun was really wrong about this matter.

“Huh! I let him go to work, what can he do and what will he do?” Tang Qiuyun snorted coldly, and the matter was over.

It was not pleasant at dinner, and Tang Qiuyun was still brooding about what happened before.

“Tomorrow Tianji’s company will hold the company’s anniversary celebration. That is the most important thing. Are the gifts ready?” Tang Qiuyun asked.

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