Chapter 1169 Become a Practitioner

Chapter 1169 Becoming a Cultivator

“It’s up to you? A waste without spiritual roots, and wants to take the exam in Ghost Doctor Valley. You can’t even pass the talent test!”

Ability test? Xiao Su’er muttered these words silently in her heart. It seemed that there was indeed such a test, but she almost forgot about it after so many years. It seems that tomorrow she must supplement the knowledge of the Hallowed Continent, but now she can’t lose in front of this person. .

“You can’t pass it, then it’s up to the day of the test, so I won’t bother my sister.” Xiao Su’er still looked calm and gentle, so angry with Su Yaoer, she pointed her finger at her, “Okay! A few days later.” It’s just a talent test. I see how you will be ashamed.” After

Xiao Su’er sent away Su Yao’er, she really lay down and rested. Have enough energy to deal with all the next.

Early the next morning, Xiao Suer strolled around the mansion and found a maid who looked honest and duty-bound to inquire about everything about the Ten Thousand Saint Continent, including the ability test.

From the maid’s mouth, I know that the Ten Thousand Saints Continent is based on spiritual roots for cultivation. Those with spiritual roots have more choices. Going to Ghost Doctor Valley also requires fire or wood spiritual roots, as for other skills. Different places also have different requirements.

Martial arts practitioners and healers are the most respected in the Ten Thousand Saint Continent, so most women in the family will choose to study medicine, and this ability test is to see a person’s cultivation and his spiritual root state.

Whether a person’s cultivation is smooth or not is related to the spiritual roots in the person’s body. Some people are born with fire or wood spiritual roots. It is destined that his cultivation will be smoother and easier than others.

But this spiritual root will also change with the growth of a person’s body, so the ability test is conducted once a year.

“Miss, are you going to take the test this year?” The maid looked at Xiao Su’er hesitating to say something, her brows were sad, she seemed to have a lot of words but she was embarrassed to say.

“What’s the matter? Can’t I go to participate? I accidentally fell when I went out yesterday. It seems that I fell a bit badly. I forgot many things from the past. Tell me.” Xiao Suer wanted to try her best To put out more information.

“Miss, have you forgotten? Three years ago, when you went to take the aptitude test, you were judged to be a person with no spiritual roots.” The maid’s words will not be discussed further, but Xiao Suer can also imagine it, a prime minister’s house. Her daughter is a waste with no spiritual roots, and everyone is ridiculing her, no wonder she lives so wronged.

But that’s okay, now I’m here by myself, isn’t it just an ability test? Is there anything you can’t do by yourself? Since she has used her identity, she should have done something for her. From this year on, she will no longer be ridiculed.

Although she will not come back to life again, at least Xiao Suer can use her own ability to prove for her that she is not a waste of everyone’s mouth.

“Thank you, I will definitely take the aptitude test this year. You can wait to see your lady return triumphantly! But don’t tell anyone else what I asked you about today.” Xiao Suer smiled softly at the maid and turned back to the room. .

Xiao Su’er returned to the room and closed the door. There was even a stool by the door. She lay on the bed and closed her eyes to enter the Yaolingyu space. The flow of time here is different from the outside. She can practice here with confidence. She knows this ten thousand saints. Most people in the mainland are practicing martial arts, even if they want to go to the Ghost Doctor Valley, they have to cultivate to a certain level with their spiritual roots before entering.

Back then, she was considered a small master in Ghost Doctor Valley, with a certain level. Although she hasn’t practiced for so many years, she still has not forgotten some of the spells that she keeps in her heart. Although this body came across from the Chinese mainland, it does not belong to Here, but still try your best.

Xiao Su’er dug up a few grasses under the tree of the medicine spirit wood. It was the spirit-building grass that she used to grow idle in the China mainland. The average person could become a cultivator by eating this grass. At that time, she was also idle and fine I had a few strains, but there was no need to eat them in China Mainland, so I kept them forever. Today is considered useful.

Xiao Su’er ate the Zhuling Grass, and immediately felt a warm current flowing from her dantian, which instantly spread all over her body, and this body had become a cultivator!

it is good! The next step is to start cultivating. If she is just a pure cultivator, she will definitely not pass the ability test. Maybe she will inevitably be laughed at.

Xiao Su’er sat cross-legged in the medicine spirit jade space and began to practice according to the spells in his memory. It would take a long time for people to practice the spells no matter how fast, but the flow of time in the space is different from outside, so Xiao Su’er brought her mobile phone in to adjust. Good time to stay in there for a few days.

Anyway, now that she has become a cultivator, she will not feel hungry, so she will go directly to the ability test when the time comes.

The ability test was just four days later. Xiao Suer would spend these four days practicing in the space. According to the flow of time, she could stay in the space for a whole month or two.

After four days in the real world, Xiao Suer slowly retracted her hand and let out a sigh. At this moment, a golden light vented out of her body, and the entire space was filled with pure and clear spiritual power.

Xiao Su’er opened her eyes and looked around her body, and she saw the golden light that symbolized an upgrade.

Upgraded? Xiao Su’er closed her eyes again and used the spell, feeling the spiritual power of her whole body, and found that she had reached the level of a three-star martial artist.

The behavior of this continent is divided into five levels of Wuzhe, Wuling, Wuzhen, Wushen, and Wusheng according to the level of strength, and each level has different strengths and weaknesses.

From weak to strong, there are a total of ten levels from one to ten stars. If you successfully break through ten stars, you can reach the next level.

It is already difficult to become a cultivator, and it is even more difficult to practice well. Therefore, many cultivators in the Ten Thousand Saints Continent have only martial arts, and many people can improve by one star for a lifetime of cultivation.

But now she is already a three-star warrior, indicating that she has surpassed many people on this continent, and also surpassed Su Yaoer, the first sister of the Prime Minister’s Mansion, and has reached the level that can go to the Ghost Doctor Valley to take the exam.

Just now the maid had told him that Su Yaoer had been instructed by a famous teacher since she was a child, and she had practice skills, but no matter how she was, she was only a two-star martial artist, but even so, many cultivators were beyond the reach, calling her a genius.

But now I use the skin of the second lady of the Prime Minister’s Mansion, and she has become a three-star warrior. By the day of the ability test, she will be able to rehabilitate the second lady. Everyone dare not ridicule her as a waste. She is a genius, a gifted genius!

“Huh…” Xiao Su’er stood up and walked to the closet, and took out a set of clothes at random to change on. It was light and concise. I don’t know what part of today’s ability test is.