Chapter 1170 Gambling Agreement

Chapter 1170

Just changed your clothes after betting on an appointment, Su Yaoer’s voice came from the door, “Su Xiner, why are you embarrassed to come out? Come out, follow us in the carriage to the ability test site. Even if it is. You can’t hide. Don’t forget how

confident you said a few days ago that you would also take the exam in Ghost Doctor Valley. You are not afraid of the ability test!” Xiao Su’er opened the door and walked out of the room with a confident expression. “This Don’t you want to change to a new dress to take the aptitude test? I don’t have to worry about that. I won’t let my sister down, let’s go!”

After saying this, Xiao Su’er walked forward with her head upright, and instead let Su Yao’er was a little strangely stunned, what’s going on? It feels like Su Xin’er can’t wait to go to the aptitude test site. Isn’t she worried that she will be ridiculed again this year? In previous years, she could hide or hide.

With this doubt, Su Yaoer followed her, comforting herself in her heart, it’s impossible! She is just a trash, even if she goes, she will be humiliated by herself.

It’s a pity that all of this is her illusion, Xiao Su’er is now expecting an ability test more than anyone else. She is not a waste without spiritual roots. Today, she is going to repay her favor, letting everyone know that the second lady in the Prime Minister’s Mansion is not a waste, and she can no longer bully her.

Miss Su Er, who is not looking down, hope that she can see it in the sky today, don’t worry about it anymore, and go with peace of mind.

When the two of them got in the carriage, Su Yao’er was still unhappy in her heart, so she ridiculed him directly, “Su Xin’er, this is a shameful time for you once a year. Are you ready this year? Or just treat it like me. Kind heart beats you half-dead, so you don’t have to go. It’s a logical matter. What do you think?”

Su Yaoer’s face was full of gloat when she spoke, and she didn’t care about the blood sisters at all. Xiao Suer slowly raised the corners of her mouth and asked righteously, “Are you so sure that I must be ashamed today? Don’t be clever but be mistaken by cleverness. You will be the one who will be ashamed then.”

“You…” Su Yaoer heard her say this and wanted to stand up on the carriage, but the carriage swayed and she could only sit back in her position, but she was still out of breath. She raised her finger to Xiao Su’er, “You have no spiritual roots.” I’m

so embarrassed to say such things here? I’m clever, but I was mistaken by cleverness. I think you’re going to be thrown a rotten egg today to know what shame is. Could it be…” she said, suddenly squinting her eyes and looking up and down. After a circle of Xiao Su’er, the smile on the corner of her mouth became more and more contemptuous, “Are you still daydreaming? Think you can become a cultivator with this ability test? Hahaha, don’t dream of your spring and autumn.”

“This Not necessarily, sister.” Xiao Su’er covered her mouth and chuckled, “Well, life is full of accidents. If you really find that I am a cultivator this time, what will you do?”

“You are a cultivator, I pooh! “Su Yao’er couldn’t bear it anymore, and she blatantly started taunting her, “Don’t talk, you don’t have any spiritual roots. Who do you think you are, you are just an ordinary person. You can be reborn as a prime minister.

I’ve cultivated the blessing for eight lifetimes. Isn’t it okay to cat in the corner honestly?” “You have to be strong, I tell you, if you can also become a cultivator, then I will become a pig!”

“Oh?” Xiao Su’er heard She became interested in what she said, and looked at her interestingly, “Okay, just make a bet here. If I go to the aptitude test site today and find that I am indeed a cultivator, you can learn from pigs in front of me. Screaming.”

Her confident appearance made Su Yao’er a little flustered for no reason. The shameful appearance of Su Xin’er on the day of the ability test is still vivid in the past. Why is it so swearing today?

It must be a bluff here, Su Yao’er has already determined in her heart that Su Xin’er is a typical swollen face to fill up fat, but she has nothing to do with it.

Thinking like this, Su Yaoer immediately decided, “Just gamble! Think I’m afraid of you?” She said with vicious calculations in her eyes, “Bet? You can’t just say me! Su Xin’er, if you lose , I also want you to pay a painful price.”

“Okay, what do you want me to do?” Xiao Su’er clasped her arms and looked at her carelessly, because she knew that today’s bet would never be lost.

Su Yaoer heard her say this and amplified her voice proudly, “If you are still a trash today, not a cultivator, then I want you to take the initiative to sever ties with the Prime Minister’s Mansion and take your clothes off and run around the city. Circle, running and calling me waste.”

Xiao Su’er frowned when she said this. This Su Yao’er is really a poisonous woman. I really don’t know how the second young lady was insulted by her! The Hallows Continent is not as open as the Chinese mainland. Not to mention that the women here are naked, even if they show their feet, they will be scolded by someone pointing to the spine. She made this bet to make it clear that she wanted to ruin her sister’s reputation. Destroy her for the rest of her life.


“Okay!” Xiao Su’er promised without hesitation. For what she was afraid of, she would definitely win the bet that she already knew the answer. She also wanted to see how the lady in front of her kneeled and learned how to call a pig.

Su Yaoer laughed directly when he saw that he promised.

“Hahaha, Su Xin’er, just wait, you will be scolded to death by someone! Although you are a trash, but you still look a little bit beautiful, then it will be cheaper for the guys in this city. But you don’t have to be afraid. Maybe there will be a disabled family who can’t marry a daughter-in-law and will take you home. You will have a chance for the rest of your life.”

Her words are extremely harsh, but Xiao Su’er is completely unwilling. Care, I don’t know who is embarrassed by that time. Let her enjoy her mouth addiction now. Anyway, she is the one who is talking about it now, and she is also the one who slapped her face.

Su Yaoer didn’t think so. She thought it was Xiao Su’er who was guilty of conscience, and scolded more and more loudly, “Su Xin’er, I tried my best to drive you out of the Prime Minister’s Mansion, but today you ran into it yourself. Don’t cry and beg me to let you stay.”

Xiao Su’er listened to her noisy voice beside her and closed her eyes a little boredly and entered the Yao Lingyu space to practice.

The carriage walked for about an hour, and finally reached the destination of the ability test. This is the ancestral temple of the All Saints Continent. After all, the ability test is a very important event in the All Saints Continent. At this moment, many people have gathered, many of them. The young lady of the official family is eager to try, all wanting to know if he has made progress this year.