Chapter 1173 Taunting

Chapter 1173 Taunting

Su Yaoer saw that the anger on the painted faces on the stage was replaced by triumphant smiles, turned her head and looked at Xiao Su’er contemptuously, “Su Xin’er!” When

she called her name, she was gritted with hatred. , The bitterness in his eyes almost flew out of his eyes, “Do you think that you have just been in the limelight with the Sixth Prince in front of so many people? I tell you, the more limelight you are today, the more you lose face when you lose face. Everyone knows that you are a trash, and I want to remind everyone again today. Humph!” As

soon as her voice fell, the young masters of the official family around had begun to line up to take the ability test, and the abbot next to her shouted the test results loudly.

“Miss Libu Shangshu’s ability is red.”

“Lord Shangshu’s ability is yellow.”

Each person’s ability is based on the color he can make the flowers bloom. Red is the weakest and blue is the most powerful. Most of the people present are all. It is orange, and occasionally a few weaker ones are red. If you can reach the yellow ability, then you can be regarded as a strong one that stands out.

“Next, Miss Su Yaoer of the Prime Minister’s Mansion!” The abbot reported Su Yaoer’s name, and she immediately raised her chin and walked onto the stage proudly.

Standing in front of the flowerpot, Su Yaoer stretched out her hand to cover the ability flower, and soon as her ability transmission, the red flowers on Huaguduuo bloomed, she proudly raised her mouth and continued to increase her ability transmission. , The orange flowers opened up, and then the yellow flowers opened up.

The moment the yellow flowers bloomed aroused a lot of admiration from the audience.

“A genius is a genius. I can stand out in the ability test every year. It’s not ordinary to see if the yellow flowers can bloom this year!”

“The prime minister is blessed to have such a genius girl, but she has a very long face.”

Hearing these words of praise, the prime minister Su Changqing and his eldest wife Xia Lanying sitting in the audience were both proud and contented, and raised their heads unconsciously.

Then the voice of the host came again.

“Next, Su Xin’er, the second lady of the Prime Minister’s Mansion.”

Upon hearing her name, Xiao Su’er lifted her skirt up and walked toward the stage with a calm expression, but when she and Su Yao’er passed by, Su Yao’er But she whispered provocatively in her ear, “Su Xin’er, have you seen it?”

Xiao Su’er replied coldly when she heard her words, “I’m not blind! Of course I saw it.

“You…” Su Yao I was so annoyed by her words that I thought about it and laughed again, “Do you think you are great if you can do it?” Did you see my ability just now? I am a yellow ability! “

” So what? “Xiao Su’er shrugged.

“Just keep talking hard, I tell you that there is a gap between human beings and life, and you are destined to be stepped on by me in your life.” “

“Oh? Do you know it again? “Xiao Su’er still looks like a light cloud. Su Yao’er originally wanted to come to her to show off. No matter how good she was, she didn’t expect that her painless and itchy appearance would make Su Yao’er even more troublesome. Annoyed. The

waste is really waste, and the mud can’t support the wall! When you

die, it’s still hard in your mouth, and you’re about to lose your face. After a while, under the witness of so many people, you will be tested again as a waste. People smirk, see how hard your mouth is!

Thinking like this, Su Yaoer feels a lot more comfortable and looks on stage with a triumphant smile.

At this moment, Xiao Suer has already stepped onto the stage, and the moment she stood in front of the flowerpot, the stage suddenly became a piece of cake. In an uproar, everyone began to talk.

“Isn’t this that rubbish? cut! Feeling embarrassed to come? I have to come here once a year to lose face, if I would not come here! Why is it so thick-skinned. “

“Do not say you were not out yet? Six princes to say, she is disrespectful to the six princes disrespectful!”

“Cut! So what to say? She does not waste people say? Six princes estimated to be fancy She has a bit of beauty! There are more beautiful people than her, and she won’t be interested in two days.”

“That’s right! How could the Sixth Prince find out that she is a trash and still like her! Not the prince had ever wanted to be with her before. Did the prime minister’s mansion set a marriage? It was not cancelled later.”

Xiao Su’er frowned slightly as the prince withdrew from the marriage? These two young ladies are really ill-fated, poor!

She took a deep breath, covered her hands on the power flower, and began to input her own spiritual power. The spiritual power was surging out. She clearly saw that the flower pots under her were shaking, but nothing happened. Still tightly closed, there is no response at all to open up.

The people who were standing around and watching were a little surprised when they saw the flower pot shaking, but after a long time they didn’t see the flower responding, and there was a burst of laughter that was higher than a burst of laughter in an instant.

“I just thought he was transported this year, maybe he could make a flower bloom. As a result, he probably didn’t grow at all this year. Did he just try to seduce a man? You can’t open a flower. I just bluffed there. “

No way, no talent is no talent, where are there so many things that come from behind? Waste is waste, and the mud can’t help the wall!”

“If the six princes are there, it will be fine. Let him see with his own eyes whether this woman is there.” What a waste, wake up early and don’t waste time on him. There are so many official ladies waiting for him.”

“That’s right, this kind of person shouldn’t come here, isn’t it just an ordinary person? If you want to pretend to be a cultivator, don’t you think it’s great to be a member of the Prime Minister’s Mansion? Why come here to waste everyone’s time?”

The voices of mocking and insulting came from around, but Xiao Su’er on the stage still didn’t react at all, she just Dai’s eyebrows frowned and her face was puzzled.

How could this be? According to the truth, she has reached the Martial Artist Samsung, it is impossible not to open a flower, which is too strange.

Her heart was filled with puzzles, and when she was wondering, the output of spiritual power in her hand began to slow down, but when she slowed down, she saw the flower in front of her actually felt slowly opening up.

How is this going? Could it be because my own spiritual power output was too strong just now, and for a while, these flowers couldn’t stand such a large spiritual power and couldn’t open it instead?

Thinking of this, she slowly weakened her spiritual power output, carefully observing the state of the flowers in the pot.

The abbot next to him could not wait any longer, and began to urge, “Miss Su, there are still many people waiting behind, so don’t waste time, just go down! If you can’t get it, you can’t get it. What about the incompetent. I won’t let the flowers bloom.”

Even the abbot of the ancestral temple looked down on her, and still had the same mocking tone as the others, but Xiao Su’er didn’t hear him, but just focused on the output of spiritual power.

Seeing Xiao Su’er still standing still, the abbot became a little dissatisfied, and said more straightforwardly, “Miss Su. Wasting time here will only cause dissatisfaction. Do you want everyone to say something more ugly? Or hurry up. Let’s go.”