Chapter 1174 Yellow Ability

Chapter 1174 Yellow Ability The

host’s words stirred up a thousand waves, and the people in the audience began to laugh unscrupulously.

“Hey! Trash, the abbot can’t stand it anymore, you don’t want to roll down.”

“That’s right, what is the dying struggle there, isn’t it embarrassing? Come down!”

“That’s it. Come down! Don’t waste my time, do I have other things, do you think it’s like you? All day long except eating and sleeping.”

The insults around you became more and more presumptuous, louder and louder, but Xiao Suer on the stage Still standing still in front of the flowerpot, Su Changqing, who was sitting underneath the stage, looked as if on pins and needles, his face was ashen.

He is the Prime Minister, the person who has always wanted the most face, can’t bear to be so embarrassed at all, and those mocking voices seem to be directly on his body.

He was anxious to drag Xiao Su’er down directly. He didn’t want her to be embarrassed on it, so he stood up and wanted to run onto the stage.

But he just raised his foot, and suddenly there was a burst of exclamation from the crowd.

“I’m going! Do you see that the power flower bloomed?”

This exclaimed sound, and the ridicule of the audience stopped instantly. Everyone looked at the stage with disbelief, only to find Su Xin’er. The first red flower in the flowerpot in my hand has really bloomed, and the red petals are dazzling.

“No! How is this possible? How could this be?” Su Yaoer looked incredulous when she saw this scene. She was sitting next to her mother Xia Lanying and looked at Su Xiner on the stage triumphantly, waiting. She was embarrassed, but she didn’t expect that she actually had spiritual power to make the flower of ability bloom.

She was so shocked that she stood up and covered her mouth. How could this be possible? Su Xin’er, this trash can still have spiritual power to make the flower of ability bloom?

Except for her, all the people here who were busy taunting Xiao Su’er looked astonished. They didn’t expect the flower of ability to bloom suddenly, and everyone was stunned.

Even if a person can cultivate, it must be a cultivator’s premise to be able to make a breakthrough! But this Su Xin’er is simply an ordinary person without spiritual roots. He is a trash in the cultivator’s ranks. How could he suddenly have spiritual roots and become a cultivator? This is incredible.

All of them looked confused. The only surprise was Su Changqing. He originally wanted to run to the stage to hold his daughter back to his original position, patting his knees and shouting, “My daughter is a cultivator.” Her spiritual roots have finally awakened for

so many years .” Su Xin’er has suffered so many ridicules for so many years, and he has also suffered the same ridicule. All the officials in the court of Ten Thousand Saint Continent are cultivators, and of course the children born are also certain. It’s a cultivator, but Su Xin’er is an exception.

Over the years, his colleagues not only mocked, but even implicitly hinted that Su Xin’er might not be born to him, and that he was cocked.

Today he can finally raise his eyebrows and no longer have to bear the sarcasm of others. Xia Lanying next to him snorted coldly when he saw him so excited.

“Heh! What is there to be so happy for you, you can only see her ability to make red flowers bloom! We can reach the ability of the servants of the Prime Minister’s Mansion, do you have any courtesy when you are happy to be like this.”

Her tone was extremely sour, but her words did indeed express the thoughts of many people present. The people around had recovered from the shock just now, and they were cold and sarcasm. —

“I’ll just say, waste is waste. Even if you become a cultivator now, you are destined to only have red abilities. What is good to be happy about?”

“That’s right, if I only have red abilities, I guess I My father and mother kicked me out of the house a long time ago, and I’m still showing off here, it’s ridiculous!”

“I tell you, if you want to slap us in the face, you have the ability to make those flowers bloom again, you have to open another one, I Dug out my eyes and treat you as a fish bubble!”

Hearing the people around him ridiculed again, Xia Lanying nodded in satisfaction and sat on the spot watching this farce. The corner of her mouth twitched, and she looked at Su Changqing next to her with disdain. .

“Master. Don’t get too excited, watch the people around you are watching our jokes! What is the difference between being able to make red flowers bloom and not being a cultivator? They are all at the bottom! Look, our Yaoer It’s still so low-key to be able to make yellow flowers bloom, but you have to calm down, or

you’ll show the jokes for nothing .” “If I say that some people are destined to be able to keep their breath down all their lives, let her keep a low profile, don’t come out. Show your face. What do you think?” As

she said, she stared at the stage with naked eyes . She wanted to see how unbelievable Su Xin’er was, but she saw Su Xin for a moment. A light lit up beside him.

The triumphant smile stiffened on her face, and she raised her hand in disbelief, “What’s that? How could it be?”

At this moment, not only her, but everyone around her also saw the light, Su Xin’er stood in front of her. Another light that reappeared in his flowerpot, accompanied by the previous red light, was dazzling, and it was clearly orange!

The dazzling morning light slowly faded, and everyone clearly saw that there were two flowers blooming in the flowerpot in front of Su Xin’er. The red and orange flowers were blooming side by side, making everyone breathe in air.

“Well, how is this possible? This trash can actually make orange flowers bloom?” The

audience was silent for a while, and in the dead silence, you could clearly see the faces of all the people who mocked her. Bai turned into ashes in the end, and couldn’t say any more sarcasm. Isn’t this just slapping himself in the face?

Everyone knows that most people here only have the ability to make orange flowers bloom. Just now they thought Su Xin’er was a waste, they dare to mock so unscrupulously, even if she let the red flowers bloom, they could still lick their faces and say I am superior to her, so I continue to be mean.

But now she has the orange ability, which is no different from most people here. Where can anyone dare to taunt her anymore?

But when everyone was stunned, as Xiao Su’er continued to transmit spiritual power, the yellow flowers beside the two flowers actually opened up.

Yellow ability? The prince Ouyang Li in the stands became stiff when he saw this scene, and muttered to himself in disbelief, how could it be possible? This waste actually has yellow ability.

Just as shocked as the prince was Su Yaoer, who was vowing to belittle Su Xin’er just now. Just now I saw that Su Xiner was able to make red flowers bloom. That was a thunderbolt, but now I saw that she was able to make yellow flowers bloom. It was just a blow to the head, which made her dizzy.