Chapter 1175 Five Flowers Blooming

Chapter 1175

The yellow ability of blooming five flowers is a symbol of genius on the Continent of Ten Thousand Saints. Few people can achieve it. Even if she has a lot more abilities, she will definitely be able to reach the yellow ability this year, so it’s only today. She is so proud and complacent, she even wore a yellow dress, just to remind others that she is a person with yellow ability, she is worthy of pride.

But now, this trash that was mocked by her all the time actually had the same ability as her.

Su Yaoer bit her lower lip tightly, almost biting blood, suddenly crying and stomping her feet, and grabbed Xia Lanying next to her, “Mother! Look! Su Xiner can actually have the same ability as me. Maybe!”

Xia Lanying is actually not less shocked than her, but after all, she is a person who has gone through a big storm and can still try to calm down. Seeing so many people around, she can only patiently comfort her, “Yao’er, don’t be too rude. Is the yellow ability? You can surpass her if you practice for a few days, don’t…”

Xia Lanying would finish her comforting words, and suddenly she heard an exclamation next to her.

“Let me take it! Su Xin’er let the flowers bloom again, you see it is green this time!”

“What?” The mother and daughter were shocked at the same time, collectively turned their heads and looked on the stage. Xin’er’s side was shining again, clearly green!

The light was so dazzling and dazzling, it was like sharp needles flying straight towards them, flying straight into the eyes of the two of them, and it seemed that someone slapped them unceremoniously in front of them. , The beating made two people dizzy and staring at gold stars.

Just now, Xia Lanying had the same talents in comforting Su Yaoer, she could surpass it in a few days of practice, but now her comforting words were also beaten by Su Xiner’s strength.

Her capacity for this waste has surpassed Su Yaoer!

The audience fell into dead silence again, and then the next moment a boiling exclamation erupted.

“My mother! Su Xin’er actually has green ability, my mother, I haven’t seen green ability in the ability test conference for years. Are you sure I don’t have dazzling?”

“Even if you are dazzled, everyone can’t Follow your dazzle, those four flowers are still blooming, you read that right, they are not waste, they are geniuses!”

“That’s right, do you think that the six princes can see that she has an extraordinary talent? God, the prince will definitely regret it, letting go of such a rare genius.”

Of course, Ouyang Li knows what green ability represents. Talent, in the world of cultivators everywhere in the Ten Thousand Saint Continent, no matter how cruel Su Xin’er was previously devalued, she has proven her ability from the moment she was able to make green flowers bloom.

In contrast, although Su Yao’er was praised as a genius by everyone before, she had a yellow ability at best, and she was completely crushed in front of Su Xin’er’s green ability.

Sitting in the stands, Ouyang Li felt very unhappy, always feeling that he had lost a treasure.

Just now everyone was discussing that the Sixth Prince and Su Xin’er were very close. Could it be that his uncle was hiding his ability to discover her, but didn’t tell himself that he wanted to secretly hide a genius?

At this moment, the prince felt very uncomfortable. Not to mention that he had missed a baby, he was snatched by his emperor’s uncle. He looked at Su Xin’er in front of the flowerpot and slowly touched her chin with her hands. His eyes were very meaningful. In fact, this Su Xin’er looked a little bit beautiful, although she was not as beautiful as Su Yao’er. The ability is enough to make up for it.

“It’s interesting!” The prince squinted his eyes and looked at the stage, with a wicked smile at the corner of his mouth.

But suddenly his face changed drastically, and a blue light appeared in the flowerpot! Ouyang sat up fiercely and saw the dazzling blue light. Five red, orange, yellow, green and blue flowers bloomed in full bloom. This dazzling light almost illuminated the entire ancestral temple, and the abbot next to him was pierced by the light so that he couldn’t open his eyes. , Took a few steps back and covered his eyes, even the others in the stands were surprised.

After finally waiting for the light to fade, everyone opened their eyes and saw a comfortable and calm standing next to the five flowers. The flowers in the flowerpots bloomed proudly and it was amazing.

“Blue ability!” The first person in the crowd to slow down, tremblingly pointed to Su Xin’er on the stage, her voice was dyed with trills, “Su Xin’er is the second person in our Halloween Continent to reach blue A talented person! God, I can see it alive for so many years.”

In the Continent of All Saints, the yellow ability can already be regarded as a small genius, and the green talent is a rare genius in a century. As for now, these five flowers are blooming together. His blue talent is really only one in history. Once a genius has been sent to the altar long ago, no one thought that he could see the next one in his lifetime.

And this person is actually a trash Su Xin’er who was once humiliated by everyone, not to mention the people present, even the abbot who presided over the ancestral temple was shocked.

Including standing in front of the flowerpot, Xiao Su’er, who is now wearing Su Xin’er’s skin, felt shocked. Before practicing in the medicine spirit jade space, the spiritual power inside was abundant, and she was blessed by so many medicine stones, so she felt that she was capable. Not bad, but I didn’t expect to be able to make five flowers bloom.

“Girl, you are amazing, or you can try to increase the spiritual power transmission, and try to see if you can reach the legendary vision!” The host next to Xiao Su’er walked to Xiao Su’er and reminded her in a low voice. Excited, Xiao Su’er didn’t understand what he was talking about. The five flowers had already bloomed, so what could he do with his spiritual power? Is it possible that five flowers can be deformed?

“Miss Su, please try it. Lao Na doesn’t know if he will have the opportunity to see the legendary vision.” The abbot urged, his eyes gleaming with hope, Xiao Su’er was a little curious about what a legend is when he saw him like this. The vision in?

She put away the doubts in her heart, took a deep breath, and continued to convey spiritual energy with her hands, wanting to see what the ability flower in front of her would become in the end.

Seeing her appearance in the eyes of everyone, she started talking again.

“Mom, you see Su Xin’er, it seems that she still wants to continue the ability test, what is she thinking? Five flowers are blooming, does she want to prove that she is great? No need!”

“I’ll go, does she really think she is a wizard of Tianzong? She wants to achieve the legendary vision, how is it possible? The longest-lived person on the

Ten Thousand Saint Continent has never been seen!” One or two At the beginning, the harsh voices in the crowd became louder and louder, and people’s dark thoughts were fully revealed at this moment. If Su Xiner was a genius from the beginning, she would definitely accept everyone’s praise like Su Yaoer. After all, genius is A thing worthy of praise.