Chapter 1176 Black and White Vision

Chapter 1176 Black and White

Vision But Su Xin’er is a waste without spiritual roots. Everyone has accepted this for so many years. Many cultivators have used her to belittle her to promote themselves. What about the lady in the prime minister’s house ? Not even as good as a subordinate!

They all live in this world by belittling her, always comforting themselves that they are still a little bit stronger than the lady in the Prime Minister’s Mansion, but now she actually counterattacked and became a genius wizard, which has been accepted by many people. No more.

It’s like a beggar that you meet on the street every day. You used to throw money to her arrogantly, but in one day, this beggar became a millionaire and smashed you in the face with money. It is said that you are a waste, this kind of change makes everyone a little unacceptable, and feels too shameful and unwilling.

Of course, Xiao Su’er, who was standing in front of the flower pot with the ironic voices of these people, heard them completely, but she didn’t mind. She knew that she would be repaying her favor today. From now on, Su Xin’er, the second lady of the Prime Minister’s Mansion, can stand up, no Someone will say she is trash again.

She abandons the words of these people behind her ears, and just constantly transfers her spiritual power to the ability flower, but no matter how she transfers it, there is no movement in these five flowers.

She almost entered the five flowers before, and the sum of all spiritual power was doubled, but there was still no response, and the ridicule of the people around became louder and harsher.

“You did not see? She also claws above disgrace it, really thought he was powerful friends, almost on okay, above doing it?”

“Oh yeah, really I thought he was great, and we see You can make the five flowers bloom, hurry and roll down, don’t show off there, there is nothing to show off.” The

mocking voice was louder, but at this moment, Xiao Su’er felt that the flowers in front of him were real. It’s getting deformed, no! It should be said that the color has changed, and a light of excitement and excitement flashed in her eyes.

The five flowers in front of me were all gathered together, exuding a burst of black and white brilliance. This flower would still change color. If it weren’t for seeing Xiao Su’er with my own eyes, I would feel it was a idiotic dream.

As this black and white brilliance flickered in the ancestral temple, everyone’s mocking words swallowed their stomachs, and the entire ancestral temple fell into dead silence.

The people who had been taunting her unscrupulously just now felt that they were hurting even after being beaten, their lips were a little paler, and the flowers had started to change color. The legendary image was true! How did these five flowers bloom in black and white? I thought it was just a legendary sight, it was impossible to see it in real life!

What kind of ability is this? The ability is close to the limit, can it be raised a level, since this black and white scene can appear, does the legendary colorful halo also exist?

If she can reach the end and let these five flowers emit a colorful halo, then she is the ultimate ability, and no one on this continent can match it.

Xiao Su’er looked at the five flowers in the flowerpot that exuded black and white brilliance. She always felt strange in her heart. Could it be that the ultimate ability is the black and white halo? impossible! She turned to look at the abbot next to her, “Is this the vision you said? Is there anything more powerful?”

“Girl, do you want to try the ultimate colorful impression? You can try, I think you are very good. Ability!” The abbot was also alive at such a young age, and for the first time seeing such a sight, his lips trembled with excitement.

Xiao Su’er nodded thoughtfully when he heard what he said, so would the last few flowers emit a colorful halo? This can really be called a vision. If that’s the case, let’s try it. She also wants to see what the colorful halo flowers look like.

Xiao Su’er has always been an actionist. If she has this idea, she must immediately put it into action, and immediately condense the whole body’s spiritual power to the flower.

This action of her shocked everyone again. They had just reacted from the black and white vision just now, and they were already excited when they saw her appearance, and they began to stammer, “She…what is this, what is this going to do? The ultimate challenge? Is it a vision? She really thinks she is a talented person?”

They started to tremble when they didn’t believe it, but no one dared to taunt her anymore. , The ability test has been carried out up to now, no matter whether this once waste can finally make the colorful vision appear, in short, she is already the most powerful person in the audience.

But there are always people who are unwilling, such as Su Yaoer. She was trembling with anger. She didn’t expect that this waste could soar into the sky. It was only when the people around her calmed down that she completely reacted and was strongly stimulated. She looked at the five flowers blooming in black and white light in turn, and instantly stood up and rushed to the stage like crazy.

“Su Xin’er! You are cheating. What did you say you used to perform a false ability test in the public. You are definitely a liar! How could you have such a powerful ability? Everyone quickly grab her! “

She was completely dazzled by anger and jealousy . She yelled and even rushed to the stage, but was caught by Su Changqing and no one dared to follow her.

For so many years, it has been impossible for anyone to cheat in front of the ability flower, so how can they cheat? Without the ability, this ability flower will not open up.

So even after listening to Su Yaoer’s words, no one dared to stand up and say the two words of agreement. On the contrary, everyone held their breath in excitement, looking at Su Xiner on the stage, wanting to see if he could be there. She saw the legendary miracle in her hands!

Under everyone’s gaze, Xiao Su’er closed her eyes, and a cold sweat broke out on her forehead, continuously outputting the spiritual power in her body, but the last time she felt as if there was a very powerful force preventing her, these flowers could not She stopped resisting the spiritual power she had input, and she could only increase her spiritual power in an attempt to break through this barrier.

There was a tug-of-war between her and the five flowers, and she felt that her spiritual power was almost exhausted, but the five flowers in front of her were still only black and white, and there was no reaction at all.

Ugh…Is it still not working?

She still didn’t have this ability . The look in Xiao Su’er’s eyes slowly dimmed, but she still wanted to try her best. For the last time, she gritted her teeth and injected all the spiritual energy left in her body into the five flowers in front of her in one breath.

Do your best, one last time!

Just as the last trace of spiritual power in his body was also output, the whole person also retreated two steps in a row like dehydration, but at this moment an unexpected scene happened.