Chapter 1177 Ultimate Ability

Chapter 1177 The

multicolored light of ultimate ability suddenly flashed, and the entire ancestral temple was almost shrouded in this halo. Everyone was stabbed by the light that was several times more dazzling than before, but they were shocked to the point of incredible Still trying to open his eyes, staring at Su Xin’er standing in front of the flowerpot.

The legendary vision has really appeared, you see, the colorful halo really exists! Enduring the tears stimulated by the halo, everyone ignored the wiping, but screamed like crazy, “She is the ultimate ability, the ultimate ability!”

Slowly I stepped on the light to fade away and look up. Look at the five flowers in the pot of power in front of me.

The five flowers in the flowerpot have now fully bloomed. It should have been five red, orange, yellow, green and blue flowers, but now each flower is shining with colorful light. This is simply a scene she can’t imagine, five colors. A faint light shrouded the flowers, crystal clear and colorful.

Xiao Su’er was in a trance for a moment. Is she the ultimate ability? It is estimated that few people can reach the entire Wansheng Continent’s thousands of years of history, so this is what they call a legendary vision.

Today, she brought the legendary vision to everyone, and she was destined to become famous. Xiao Suer nodded with satisfaction. That’s all right, at least laying a solid foundation for her to be admitted to the Ghost Doctor Valley in the future.

Second lady, you can be completely at ease, go and reincarnate your next life. In this life, these people who keep calling you waste will never dare to speak again. Until the day I leave, they will only remember that Su Xin’er, the second lady of the Prime Minister’s Mansion, is a rare genius in a century.

Do not! It should be said that it is a rare encounter in a thousand years. The impression you leave in the minds of everyone is a genius, not a waste.

And Ouyang Li, who was sitting in the stands, saw this scene, his intestines were already regretted, this was a woman with the ultimate ability! He actually regretted the marriage, if he married her, who would dare to seize his crown prince in the future, he would sit firmly on the throne.

“What a shame, what a shame!” Ouyang Li patted the armrest of the seat. He didn’t realize the woman’s abilities, and replaced it with Su Yaoer, who was only a yellow ability.

“That’s it!” Ouyang Li can only comfort myself. I am marrying a wife and not looking for a guard. Although Su Xin’er looks good, she is still not as beautiful and gentle as Su Yaoer. I marry Su Yaoer. Wife! This Su Xin’er, just hire her as the guard of the Prince’s Mansion someday.

Thinking of this, Ouyang Li felt a little more comfortable, but he was still a little uncomfortable.

At this moment, Xiao Su’er, who had successfully completed the ability test, walked off the stage carrying her skirt. If Su Xin’er had been in previous years, she would always step down in embarrassment and accept the ridicule of others, but no one dared to laugh at her anymore this year. Looking at her in awe.

This is a rare ultimate ability cultivator in a thousand years, not to mention that she was ridiculed by everyone before, even if she is disabled, she must be respected now.

Xiao Su’er just returned to the stand and saw Su Changqing stand up to greet her with a flattering expression, “Oh, Xin’er, Xin’er, you can go carefully, come! Daddy will help you.”

He stretched out his hand to help Xiao Su’er, but Being thrown away by her fiercely, it was a bit of not wanting him to touch her, because she didn’t want to infect him with the poison of ice. But the most important thing is that he can’t get used to his appearance. Other people mock his daughter. He is Su Xin’er’s father who actually thinks his daughter is a trash. What qualifications does he have to be a father?

But even if Xiao Su’er’s attitude is so bad, Su Changqing is not affected at all. He still seems to be flattering. Seeing Xiao Su’er sitting down, he immediately brought the cake next to him, “Xin’er! You must be tired after testing on it for so long? Have a snack, tell dad what you want to eat tonight, dad immediately ordered the kitchen to do it.”

He was extremely pleased, but Xiao Su’er felt that this man was disgusting more and more, facing his flattering smile, a little annoying. Turning his head, “I feel more comfortable if you stay away from me, otherwise I will only be more tired.”

Her attitude can be said to be impeccable, and she did not give Su Changqing a little bit of face. In front of many people, Su Changqing’s face is also Some can’t hang up, but I still dare not say anything, so I can only find the steps by myself, “Xin’er! You must be tired and don’t want to talk anymore, then you should rest first, and father won’t disturb you.”

Listening to his words, Xiao Su’er felt sick for no reason. What kind of man is this? They are all top officials, sitting in the position of prime minister, and they are still so snobbish, just snobbish towards others, my own daughter!

When she was ridiculed by others, he didn’t stand up to protect her, and instead belittled his daughter with others. What good would it do for him?

Now that she is well, she feels that she is a genius and immediately come over to please her. This kind of shameless father might as well just let it go, and it would be a shame to keep it. She doesn’t even know when her daughter will die, and she doesn’t even know how to tell. Is the person in front of him his own daughter?

Xiao Su’er thought more and more angry, and didn’t bother to care about him. Instead, she just sat down and turned her head away from him. He just sat down, and immediately felt a strange feeling, staring at her fiercely with a sharp gaze.

Xiao Su’er turned her head and saw Su Yao’er. Her teeth were almost broken. When she saw her, she gritted her teeth and shouted, “Su Xin’er!”

Her voice was as sharp as she was beaten. Screaming like a mouse.

“Do you think you are great? Do you think that only you can achieve the ultimate ability of the entire Hallowed Continent? You will wait for me! Sooner or later I will surpass you. You can only be held by me for the rest of your life. You remember you You can never turn over, as long as you have Su Yaoer with me, you are just a waste.”

“Overtake me?” Su Xiner listened to her and made a meaningful expression, her face looked like a fool. look.

“Su Xin’er, are you still dreaming now? What are you thinking about? You are just a pornographic ability. Do you really think that one day you can surpass my ultimate ability?”

“Did you forget that I am the ultimate Ability, even if you stepped on a shit for the entire life of your life, you might only get green ability, but you still don’t have a blind cat and a dead mouse. Why are

you arrogant in this attitude?” “You… …” Su Yaoer was so angry that she fainted a few times by her remarks, but there was no way to refute it, she was right! She is the ultimate ability. There are a few people who can reach the intermediate ability. It is rare to see in a thousand years, and she is just a yellow ability, it is simply a gap between heaven and earth, and there is no comparison.