Chapter 1179 Three Pigs Calling

Chapter 1179 Three pigs cried out,

“Sister, are you calling or not? My sister doesn’t have so much patience to spend with you here.” When Xiao Su’er spoke, she was extremely soft and her face was still gentle. Her smile really looked like a good sister who was thinking of her sister, but the light in those eyes was as cold as a kitchen knife with a cold light.

“No! I don’t call.” Su Yao’er’s angry tears kept falling like broken pearls, screaming out these words heartbreakingly.

“Oh, this is a bit difficult. Since you are so unrepentant, then I have to continue teaching you.” Xiao Su’er smiled slightly and raised her hand again. This time, the spiritual power gathered in her hand is much more than before. .


It was another slap on Su Yaoer’s face on the other side. This time she vomited a mouthful of blood, both sides of her face were swollen like pig’s head, and the blood was mixed with bloody teeth.

“Then now, is my sister willing to scream?” Xiao Su’er still smiles, her expression is always gentle and pleasant, but what she says makes her spine chill, “If I slap again, you This pretty face is gone. I promise no one can help you recover. Would you like to give it a try?”

Her remarks instantly hit Su Yaoer’s weakness. If she was not afraid of being beaten, she would be a little bit painful at best. She is a cultivator, and recovery is much easier than ordinary people!

But if her appearance is ruined, she really can’t live anymore. You must know that she has been living under the title of the number one beauty on the Hallows Continent. With so many men following her, she enjoys this kind of star holding the moon. If she suddenly became an ugly person, how could she stand it?

“Okay! I call!” She responded almost instantly. No face or dignity was as important as her beautiful and flowery face. She gave in and shouted, “No, don’t slap me in the face. I don’t want to disfigure.”

“That’s right, if you do this earlier, you don’t have to slap twice, are you right?” Xiao Su’er put a smile away and looked at her coldly, “Scream! Tell my sister twice.”

Su Yaoer Looking at the familiar face in front of her, her resentment almost exploded in place, and she felt that her scalp would be lifted up, but in front of the overwhelming power she could only give in, lowered her head in humiliation, and slowly used the voice of a nymph. He said, “Huh…huh…”

“What? Does the pig call that way? Your voice is too small, right?” Xiao Suer deliberately dug her ears and looked at her with an exaggerated expression.

Su Yao’er was so angry that her entire face turned from red to purple, and she almost bit her lower lip, but the spiritual power on her shoulders was still there, she couldn’t get up at all, so she could only scream again, “Huh… “

Yes, there are two more sounds, go on! Call me louder!”

“Huh…huh…” She almost used the loudest volume, learning the pig scream twice, tears in her eyes humiliated. , When did her dignified Miss Prime Minister’s Mansion suffer such humiliation?

“This is good!” Xiao Su’er rubbed her hair again and raised her chin. “This is a good pig.” People were

all around, but watching Xiao Su’er teach Su Yaoer , A person didn’t dare to speak out, worried about burning his body, but he couldn’t help laughing when he saw this scene.

This kind of laughter reached Su Yao’er’s ears, it was almost the last straw that crushed the camel. She was so angry and bloody that she passed out in darkness.

Yaoer! Xia Lanying screamed and rushed over, looking at Su Yaoer whose face was swollen into a pig in distress, “My mother will take you home immediately, don’t be afraid.”

The news that Su Yaoer passed out caused a lot of commotion in the ancestral temple, Xia Lanying Her face was blue and white, and she hurriedly returned to the prime minister’s house.

Xiao Su’er smiled slightly at this scene, and was content to go back in the carriage, but she saw the abbot running over with a smile, “Ms. Su, this is the result of your ability test, you put it away.”

This abbot is very different from the way he chased Xiao Su’er away just now. It seems that everyone is in the limelight, even these so-called six-rooted people are no exception.

“Thank you for hosting.” Xiao Su’er reached out and took the letter, opened it and saw a few big characters written in it: Su Xin’er, ultimate ability, firewood dual spiritual roots.

She already knew this ultimate ability, and even the legendary vision was brought out by her ability. It shouldn’t be anyone who could surpass her, but the dual-system spiritual root behind it was unexpected.

The cultivators on the Continent are divided into five types: gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. Each person has his own spiritual root, and the corresponding spiritual root can only practice the corresponding spell. Most cultivators on this continent have only one spiritual root. , Only a very small number of people can have two spiritual roots at the same time, of course, some heavenly wizards may have three spiritual roots inconceivable.

Xiao Su’er has now obtained the dual firewood spirit roots, indicating that she has become a pharmacist and has met the enrollment requirements of Ghost Doctor Valley.

The martial arts and medicine of the Hallows Continent are extremely prosperous, so Ghost Doctor Valley has such high requirements. You must be a fire or wood spiritual root to take the exam. Therefore, a pharmacist is extremely rare. She is now a fire and wood double. The spiritual root has reached the standard of a pharmacist and can cure various diseases with spiritual power.

As for the pharmacist, most people have to be admitted to the Ghost Doctor Valley, and they can only become pharmacists after a few years of cultivation. Few people like her become pharmacists directly because of Intersexual Lingen.

Xiao Su’er was in a very happy mood. She felt that everything about returning to the Wansheng Continent was moving in a good direction. She was worried about not having an identity to enter the Ghost Doctor Valley exam when she met Miss Su who was murdered.

When I was thinking about how to obtain the spiritual roots of Jupiter or Fire, I realized that I was a cultivator of the Fire and Wood dual elements. Since it went so smoothly, I would definitely be able to get the Frost Cold Grass by that time. It was perfect!

Xiao Su’er was thinking secretly. When she was snickering in her heart, she suddenly heard a shout from a distance, “Xin’er.”

She turned her head strangely and saw Su Changqing walking towards her. When he saw what was in Xiao Su’er’s hand, she asked, “Xin’er, what are you looking at?”

Xiao Su’er stuffed the result of the ability test that he had just received without any thought. In the bag, “It’s okay.”

Just kidding, she wouldn’t tell Su Changqing about her abilities completely, and let him know that she was the ultimate ability. What kind of spiritual roots can’t be fully exposed to him, if this daddy who tends to be inflammable and influential knows After all, I don’t know what will happen to her. The exam will be a month later. At least she must ensure her safety this month.