Chapter 1214 Into the mountains

Chapter 1214

Xiao Su’er put down the letter without hesitation, turned around and put on a set of lightweight clothes and went straight to leave the house. He couldn’t let Bo Qingang go to the risk alone. He was not a cultivator, and faced such a dangerous situation. One can imagine what kind of danger she will encounter. If she is the only one left when she finds Frozen Grass, then what is the point of finding it or not?

She wants to return to China Mainland to find their son alive with Bo Qingang.

Only Bo Qingang who wants to watch this prosperous river together will be happy, and she will never be happy for other people.

There was only one way to the south, and the beast they were talking about was in the mountains to the south, not far from here.

Bo Qingang might have been in the mountains at this time, Xiao Su’er thought so, the whip in her hand was swaying fast, and the horse screamed and ran forward in fright. When one person and one horse arrived, it was already sunset and the horse almost fainted. He would never take a step again.

Xiao Su’er asked the mountain people and confirmed that Bo Qingang had entered the forest at noon, but he had not come out. He heard the beast roaring in the afternoon and wondered if he was safe now.

When she heard this, her heart was clumped again. It might have happened. Why didn’t this fool tell herself? I have told him so many times that he brought some cultivators with him. Will he come alone? Isn’t he so stupid?

“No, it must be too late.” Xiao Su’er said to comfort herself, and after thanking the mountain people, she went straight into the forest without hesitation for a moment.

This mountain can be said to be uninhabited. The mountain people also live in villages a little far away from this mountain. The mountain is full of thorns and leaves are luxuriant, covering the sky and obscuring the sun. There is almost no sun, and the day is like night. , She couldn’t see the distant scene at all, she could only gather spiritual power in the palm of her hand and light a fireball for illumination, but it was very difficult to walk.

On the contrary, Bo Qingang had already guessed the prince’s tricks, and he was ready for everything. Even the kerosene lamp was carried on his body, and he walked smoothly while holding it all the way.

During this period of time in the Continent of Ten Thousand Saints, he also heard about many things in the palace. Although the emperor is now very old, he had some political achievements when he was young. The common people praised him, but he raised his son. Not very good, and I don’t know what the prince would do to the people of Ten Thousand Saint Continent after he died.

Bo Qingang was thinking about saving him. He didn’t know whether the blood of the beast on this mountain could come back to life, but he had asked the imperial doctor in the palace yesterday.

The imperial doctor also said that no one can make a conclusion on whether the blood of the beast can be brought back to life. After all, there has never been an example to tell them such a miraculous effect.

However, there is a medicinal material on this mountain that is of great help to the emperor’s condition. The imperial doctor had it by chance in the early years, but in these years, because of his age, he did not dare to enter the mountain again, and he did not dare to mention the medicine. Will send him into the mountains, he wants to sue the old man to live a few more years.

Bo Qingang asked him to draw the appearance of the medicinal materials, thinking that even if he did a good deed for the people of the Ten Thousand Saints Continent, he would raise his body well for the emperor.

But the medicinal materials had not been found yet, and the danger around him made him aware of it.

This prince is really vicious. Bo Qingang is now his uncle. He can be so cruel to his relatives who are related by blood. He has been full of archers in various high terrains in this mountain forest early. If Bo Qing Ang Wei realized that he must have died. He didn’t know how he died, and he would become a hedgehog when he was pierced by a thousand arrows.

But what kind of person is Bo Qingang? Even if he is not a cultivator, he is also a person who has experienced professional military training. He has touched real pistols, not to mention the few bows and arrows of this Hallowed Continent.

What Xiao Su’er didn’t know was that he had brought two guns and a silencer on his body when he came.

But now it can be used. In fact, he solved the last python with a pistol.

These people who wanted to take his life never expected that they would lose their lives overnight, and they didn’t even know what hit him.

They only saw Bo Qing’ang raise his hand, and the person taking the lead made an arrow release, but before he had time, Bo Qing’ang shot him continuously.

The prince probably wouldn’t come here to find these subordinates personally, so he would never know how his subordinates died.

After solving these dangers, Bo Qingang breathed a sigh of relief and continued to walk deep into the mountains and forests.

When Xiao Su’er came here, she immediately smelled a bloody smell on the side of her nose. She looked up and found that the leaves in the mountains and forests were stained with a lot of blood. She doesn’t know what happened here, is it possible that Bo Qingang has suffered an accident? Why is there so much blood?

In her heart, she had expected that the prince might set up an ambush here, but she couldn’t tell whether it was Bo Qingyang or not by looking at the blood. When she thought that he might have been injured, she was too worried.

Xiao Su’er hung a heart and accelerated her pace in the mountains and forests. It took an hour before she found Bo Qing’ang.

But at this time Bo Qingang was lying in a patch of thorns, his eyes closed, his face was pale, the mask on his face was cut twice, and he seemed to have lost consciousness and passed out.

Xiao Su’er walked up to him and looked at him from top to bottom. She didn’t see any other wounds on her body. Why did she lie here?

Is it possible that…she suddenly thought that there must be a lot of poison in this mountain forest, he is lying here unpredictable, it is definitely poisoned!

Thinking of this, Xiao Su’er began to tremble all over. She didn’t dare to think about the most terrifying result. She just stretched out a trembling hand to reach under his nose. When she felt his breath, she breathed a sigh of relief, behind her back. A cold sweat appeared.

“Huh…” Xiao Su’er took a breath and closed her eyes and entered the medicine spirit jade space. Fortunately, there were everything in it, as well as the detoxification pills she specially refined. When she was practicing, she was thinking about it in case of emergency. Now it’s ready to use! She took out the detoxification pill and stuffed it into Bo Qingang’s mouth.

But when people were in a coma, they couldn’t swallow at all. Xiao Su’er raised his chin several times and couldn’t make him swallow the pill. Seeing Bo Qingang’s pale lips, she could only help him up. Lips pressed against his lips, ready to help him swallow the pill.

Xiao Su’er blew into Bo Qing’ang’s mouth, trying to blow the pill directly into his throat. What she didn’t know was that Bo Qing’ang had already gently squinted a slit, quietly watching her with her eyes, and even the corners of her mouth. There is also a faint smile.

He swallowed the pill hard, Xiao Su’er wanted to let go after feeling his throat move.