Chapter 1215 Suspension Grass

Chapter 1215 The Renewal of Life

Xiao Su’er just let go of her hand, but she felt a whirl of the sky. Before she came, he had been pressed under her body. When she opened her eyes, she saw Bo Qingang’s enlarged face on her head.

There is a special sweet atmosphere.

Xiao Su’er opened her eyes wide, and for a while she didn’t figure out what was going on now. What was going on? Isn’t he poisoned? Why are you doing well now?

Bo Qing hugged her tightly, making him feel excited.

The four eyes looked at each other, and the two suddenly laughed. Xiao Su’er reached out to push Bo Qingang away, a little annoyed that he lied to her just now, which made her worry.

But then he stretched out his hand and started pushing him, Bo Qingang immediately snorted, scared her to relax and look at him worriedly, “What’s the matter? What’s the matter with you, is it really hurt?”

“If Su’er insists If you push me away, then I must be injured, but if Su’er treats me more gently, whether it is injured or poisoned, he can be cured without medicine.” Bo Qingang held her hand against her chest and chuckled.

Xiao Su’er now understands it thoroughly. He was joking with himself and looked at him helplessly. “I’m not worried about you. I just saw you lying here and thought you really had an accident. I thought there was nothing left in the future. I’m alone, do you know how scared I am?”

Bo Qingang hugged her into his arms and held her tightly. “I said I will never leave you alone for the rest of my life. For me, it’s not terrible to leave you. I will definitely go back, but why did you follow by yourself, what should you do if something goes wrong?”

“You said, everything in this deep mountain didn’t leave me terrible, then I I also want to stay by your side. I’m not afraid of other things, I’m afraid to leave you.” Xiao Su’er looked at him and laughed, a flower blooming at the corner of his mouth.

Bo Qingang took Xiao Su’er’s hand and said, “Then let’s go! You don’t have to look for the blood of the beast, just go directly to a medicinal material called Suspension Herb. The doctor said it grows on the edge of the cliff, which is more difficult to find, but If you find it, you can save the emperor’s life.”

“Is the life-saving grass? This thing is really rare. I have picked it on the cliff before. I need to climb to the cliff to find it. It’s very dangerous! There is a special smell. Let’s find it and go.” The

two people held hands and walked all the way up the mountain. When there was still some distance from the edge of the cliff, Xiao Su’er smelled a special smell in the air, and took a deep breath. After that, she pointed to the front and said, “It should be right ahead. Let’s hurry up.” The

two of them walked a few steps forward, and they had reached the edge of the cliff. Looking down, there was nothing on the smooth cliff. However, a green grass grew out of the cracks in the stone. It looked particularly conspicuous, and its aura was compelling.

Xiao Su’er pointed to the green grass and said, “This is the life-saving grass you said. It grows in the middle of the cliff and it is very dangerous.”

She said, looking down from the top of the mountain, this is an abyss, if A little carelessness is the result of the body being broken and the corpse is gone.

Bo Qingang glanced down. He had previously received professional military training and had climbed cliffs. It was the first time he saw such a smooth cliff.

But it shouldn’t be too difficult. It’s still possible to take a challenge. He found a huge vine from the side and tied it to his waist, and then wrapped the other end of the vine around the one on the top of the mountain. On the giant tree.

After doing all this, he looked at Xiao Su’er and put both hands on her shoulders, “You are here waiting for me and pulling the vine! My life will be given to you, and I will get the grass up. “

“You must be careful, or I will come, after all, I am a cultivator.” Xiao Su’er looked at the vine on his waist. Although it looks solid, it is on a cliff. The two of them are separated by yin and yang.

Bo Qingang shook his head, “I said that when I was there, you would never be able to take the risk alone and wait for me here!”

He turned around and jumped into the cliff. He had already I spotted all the focus points, and landed on a small piece of rock steadily.

Xiao Su’er watched him slowly fall with her heart tight, and when she fell to the top of the life-saving grass, she suddenly saw a huge python appeared on the cliff, spitting letters towards him, and the blood in his mouth was full of blood. taste.

Obviously, this python is here to guard the life-saving grass. Now that Bo Qingang wants to come to get the life-saving grass, he is naturally unable to let him come over.

Xiao Suer’s eyes widened after seeing this scene. It was already dangerous enough. Now that a python comes out, how can she deal with it? It’s even harder!

She pressed her mouth tightly, worried that her inadvertent scream would affect Bo Qingang.

Bo Qingang obviously didn’t expect that this place would be guarded by pythons like a different world forest. It seems that as long as the more powerful herbal medicines in this Halloween Continent will be guarded by pythons.

But now on the cliff, he can’t use it at all, and the pistol is also tied to the vine. If you pull it out forcibly, I’m afraid the vine will be loosened by him, and it will be miserable when he falls on the cliff.

He can only calm down. Looking at the sales and speaking, “find a way to divert this snake away.”

“How about we stun him with the medicine? Just take the life-saving herb away.” Xiao Su’er looked at the python guarding the life-saving herb. , If someone wants to take the life-saving grass in front of it, it will definitely fight with each other, but if you fascinate it, you don’t have to face such a big threat.

Bo Qingang nodded to her, he was thinking so, but it seemed not easy to be in this forest now. But he knew that Xiao Su’er would definitely have a way, otherwise he wouldn’t say this, so he looked at her confidently, Xiao Su’er also smiled at him, and took out a bottle of drug from his sleeve.

“This thing can definitely stun it. Maybe it can let it sleep for a few days and enter hibernation early.”

Xiao Suer smiled at him, “Then I will throw the medicine bottle to you, you have to catch it. If we can’t catch it, we have no other way.”

“Don’t worry.” Bo Qingang looked at her, and accurately caught the bottle she dropped. During the time he confronted the python, he tried hard. The bottle was thrown at the python, and the python thought it was something he threw to attack it, and swallowed it without even thinking about it.