Chapter 1216 Getting Married

Chapter 1216 The family

python swallowed the drug into the abdomen, and immediately became a little dizzy, but still stared at Bo Qingang and didn’t want to back up, but it didn’t last long, and saw it fainted directly , Just hang on the edge of the cliff.

Seeing this, Bo Qingang pulled the rattan around his waist and quickly pulled out a life-sustaining grass, then climbed up the rattan, and Xiao Su’er also yanked him up on the cliff.

On the other hand, the prince waited at the mansion for several days. He hadn’t heard any good news from the people who sent out, and no one even came back. He couldn’t wait to send some people to find the guards who had been sent out. , But there was no trace, he began to have a bad premonition in his heart, and he was at a loss for what to do.

No, you can’t just wait and die like this! Prince Zhugeli stood up and went straight to the palace. No matter how counselor Li Yu advised, he still couldn’t keep him.

Since he couldn’t keep it, there was no need to follow such a stupid master. After Zhuge Li left, Li Yu immediately packed his bags and left the Prince’s Mansion quickly.

This prince looked extremely unintelligent, even if he had drunk so many decoctions to improve his cultivation since he was a child, he still only reached a five-star martial artist, and he couldn’t improve himself.

Who knows what kind of stupid things he will do in the future, there will be no day to come after him, so let’s choose another one as soon as possible!

And Zhugeli had no idea that after he went to the palace, he would see the sixth emperor uncle next to the prince, who was intact. He couldn’t believe that the king could come back in such a dangerous place without any damage.

The most important thing is when he will come back, why not notify yourself? Seeing his father now looks like he has recovered.

Now the two laughed together, Yan Yan was talking and laughing together, he was directly ignored after he came, Zhuge Li was aggrieved in his heart but didn’t know how to vent, he could only stand aside with aggrieved expression.

Especially after seeing that the Sixth Prince came back intact, he started to beat the drums in his heart. He was fine, but the secret guards he sent out to assassinate him were nowhere to be seen. Does that mean…

he dare not think about it anymore. Going down, I can only stand aside with clenched fists and try to calm down.

The emperor in front of him was also more ruddy than when he saw it a few days ago, and his complexion was much better. He seemed to have healed, and Zhuge Li didn’t dare to speak a few times.

Seeing that the two in front of him finally stopped their chatting mouths, he finally plugged in, “Congratulations to the emperor, the expression of the emperor should be already healthy, it seems that the six emperors really brought it back for you. The blood of the beast is gone, thank you Uncle Six! It seems that the blood of the beast I proposed is really a life-saving medicine.”

Zhuge Li is not such a dull person either. Now that the emperor is safe and sound, of course he can no longer carry out his plan. He can only follow the compliments. It would be great if he can attribute the credit to himself.

But what he never expected was that he uttered these words. The emperor’s face, who was still smiling a little on his face, suddenly sank, and his eyes were full of rotten wood and uncarving disappointment.

“You rebel still dare to talk nonsense here.” The emperor slapped the dragon chair heavily, and Zhuge Li knelt on the ground immediately in fright, but still didn’t understand what happened.

“Congratulations to me? Seeing that I am in good health now, do you feel uncomfortable in your heart? You have long wanted to sit in my dragon chair, right now, are you secretly cursing me in my heart for being in Bliss?”

These words are really serious. , If it is heard by others, I am afraid that the news of the emperor’s dismissal of the prince can spread throughout the entire Halloween Continent in a moment.

Bo Qingang looked at the emperor so angry, but quietly stepped back two steps and said nothing more. The matter of the royal family has nothing to do with him. Now he used the identity of the six princes to perform meritorious service for the six princes. He used this kind of identity.

But today, even if the emperor didn’t punish the prince, he would not let it go. After all, Zhugeli had already hit his own Su’er. Even if he didn’t know that Su Xin’er was Xiao Su’er, he shouldn’t do those things.

At this time, the emperor was really dizzy, even if his emperor was by his side, he just stared at the prince with disappointment. This is the successor he cultivated. Since he wanted to kill himself so much, he Although he knew that there was no family affection in the royal family, he still couldn’t accept the fact that his own son wanted to harm him.

And the most important thing is that even if other people don’t support him as an emperor, he is the emperor who knows best. Six princes are already a lot low-key now. The throne was given to himself by him back then. If he didn’t like the life of Xianyun Yehe, it must be this. The world has long belonged to him.

Over the years, he put on a mask to keep a low profile, just to reassure himself, this prince actually wanted to get rid of him, it was beyond his own control.

Zhugeli knelt on the ground, especially when he felt ashamed in front of his uncle. He was aggrieved in his heart but did not dare to talk back. He could only bow his head and let the emperor teach him.

After waiting for the emperor to vent all his anger, he raised his head and asked, “Father, the child minister doesn’t know what he did to make his father so angry. The blood of this beast was proposed by the child minister, and the child minister also I want to go personally to collect blood for my father. It is also the ministers of the court. It is the civil and military officials who have been persuading their children not to leave the palace.”

Zhugeli’s words were very high-sounding, and I felt that he was very aggrieved. All this is clearly his credit, why should he be taught so now?

But he didn’t know what he didn’t know. It’s okay that he didn’t say anything about it. When he said that the emperor was even more angry, “Damn! It’s up to now, but there is still no repentance. Are you worthy to be the prince?” The

emperor grabbed the inkstone on the desk and directed him towards him. Smashed, ink dots scattered all over the ground.

The more the emperor thought about it, the more annoyed he became. If it hadn’t been for the six emperor brothers to come back to mention it, plus the evidence from the imperial physician in the palace, he really believed that this was the filial piety of the prince!

I am afraid that if only by his filial piety, he has now driven Hexi, the blood of the beast is as strong as the sun, and he is suffering from an old disease, and his body is already deprived. If he uses the snow of the beast, I am afraid that he will live. It won’t be long.

And now he is still saying that the blood of the beast is what he proposed and should be attributed to him, how stupid he thinks the emperor himself is.

But Zhuge Li, who was kneeling on the ground, was still confused, especially not understanding how the blood of this beast made his father so angry, and kept saying, “Father, what the children said is true. You can ask the hundreds of civil and military officials in the court for verification!”

“Shut up for me!”