Chapter 1217 Gift marriage

Chapter 1217 The

emperor’s chest rises and falls violently, and Bo Qingang only then began to persuade him, “Emperor brother, now that the prince is still young, he needs more discipline, and he doesn’t need to be so angry.”

Zhuge Li heard him say this with a face. Angrily glared at him, but what he didn’t expect was that the emperor actually listened to the words of the six emperors and gradually calmed down.

“Today is about the face of your uncle. I don’t care about it. You can rest in your house for a year before coming out! This year you will temper your temper and reflect on whether you are qualified to be a prince.”

He downplayed the next year’s ban, which in his eyes was really too light compared to what the prince did. But the prince couldn’t figure out what he had done wrong, why he suffered this unwarranted disaster, and wanted to justify himself a few words, but seeing the emperor’s angry appearance now, he didn’t dare to say more.

At this time, pour a thin Aung slowly opening, “Huangxiong you say I get back to you something life-saving, promise me one condition, I really have an idea, I hope Huangxiong sake.”

Thin Aung dumping When he said this, he looked at Zhugeli contemptuously. Although he was behind the mask, the disdain in his eyes had spread through the mask. Zhugeli was staring at him so that his scalp was numb, but he still didn’t understand whether the two of them were there. What are you doing? Especially don’t understand that Bo Qingang said this to him on purpose.

The emperor turned his head and looked at Bo Qingang, “If the emperor wants to say anything, just say it! I owe you a life, except for the throne, I can promise you.”

“Brother emperor thinks too much .” The younger brother has always been used to idle clouds and wild cranes. Why would you want to sit on the throne, but you want to get married for so many years.” The

emperor looked surprised when he heard him say this. After so many years, these six emperor brothers have always been single. I thought he was going to be lonely in his life, but I didn’t expect to hear him say he wanted to get married. It’s really rare!

But this news is also great news for their royal family. The deeds of the six princes in the early years have spread throughout the entire Hallowed Continent. Now, even if they wear masks, all the girls’ thoughts are still on him. .

And Zhuge Li, who was kneeling next to him, now finally understood why the six emperors had just looked at himself with that kind of eyes. It turned out that he was using such a wishful thinking.

Sure enough, he was thinking so, and he heard Bo Qing’ang next to him speak calmly, “I want to ask the emperor’s brother to give the marriage.”

Bo Qing’ang said here, his eyebrows were lightly raised under the mask, as long as the emperor gave him the marriage. This prince didn’t dare to say anything no matter how much he thought about Xiao Su’er. After half a month, the two went to Ghost Doctor Valley, but before that they still wanted to clean up the prince.

When Zhuge Li thought of what he was going to say next, he was a little impatient. He completely forgot the angry look of the emperor just now, and directly raised his head to grab a word.

The emperor glared at him displeasedly when he heard him interjecting again, and ignored him at all, but still looked at Bo Qing’ang and said, “I wonder which minister’s young lady was able to make the Sixth Emperor’s brother look at him?”

“The emperor. Brother, since the prince has something to say, let him speak first. My business is not in a hurry. I know that the emperor will definitely give me a marriage.” Bo Qingang suddenly looked at the person next to him with a wicked look. The prince

Zhugeli just wanted to talk but he wanted to suffocate his appetite , but Zhugeli couldn’t figure out what he wanted to do. He clearly wanted to fight for Su Xiner, but let himself speak first. He clearly knew what he wanted. What to say.

But Zhugeli was not in the mood to think so much anymore, since he asked himself to talk about it first, then he said it himself.

Zhuge Li took a deep breath and looked at sitting in a high position. It was clearly the emperor who was still trying to suppress his face full of anger and said, “Father, the son also wants to ask his father to give him a marriage, and the son wants to marry the second lady of the prime minister’s mansion, Su Xin. Son.” The

previous Su Yaoer was Su Changqing who tried to match this marriage. He said a lot of good things in the ears of the emperor, and the emperor gave the marriage directly, but now Su Yaoer has something to do with it. The prince angered him again, so he dared to mention it again, so he wanted to marry the lady of the prime minister’s house? Do you really like it or want to collude with party members? Plan your own power?

The emperor secretly cares in his heart, but hasn’t spoken for a long time. Zhuge Li sees that the emperor hasn’t spoken yet and dare not say much. He can only kneel and wait in a panic, with a glimmer of hope in his heart. After all, he is his relative. Son, although the Six Emperor’s uncles are also related by blood, they are separated by a floor after all.

The emperor hesitated for a long time. When he was about to speak, Bo Qingang next to him suddenly sneered, “Heh, the prince is really good-sighted!”

He said this, but the emperor looked inexplicable and didn’t understand what it meant. Looking at him with some doubts. Bo Qingang looked up at the emperor in the high position and spoke indifferently, “It can only be said that everyone in the royal family has the same vision. This prince actually looks at the woman the king wants to marry as the princess.”

Bo Qingang said this. At that time, the corner of his mouth was still smiling, which made people totally wonder what he was thinking, but when the prince heard him, he stared at him with resentment, and he knew that the six princes would fight him to the end. He obviously didn’t want to let it go. Why did he even let him talk about it just now because he wanted to pick something up.

Turning his head and looking at the emperor sitting on the throne, his face remained exactly the same as before, without a slight change.

“Father, my son really likes Miss Su Er.”

“The imperial brother has a good vision, and the Prime Minister’s Mansion teaches that his own young lady always has rules. If she marries you, she will be able to be a good and virtuous wife. This is a good marriage. I will grant marriage right now.” When the

emperor spoke, he didn’t even bother to look at Zhuge Li. Let’s not say that the prince wanted to harm him, but that he had already been banned, and now he dares to ask for it, which is extremely stupid. How could such a prince be elected as the prince?

“Thank you, brother emperor over there.” Bo Qingang saluted the emperor, then turned his head and glanced at the prince, the corners of his mouth became more and more ridiculous, and he turned and left the hall without saying a word.

Zhugeli didn’t think about exactly what happened from beginning to end, or stayed in place.

“Father!” Zhuge Li finally couldn’t help but watched Bo Qingang leave, and looked at the emperor in the high position with a roar.

The emperor didn’t want to listen to him. He pressed two fingers at the corners of his eyes, “Okay, you don’t need to say any more, do you think you feel uncomfortable in my heart when I keep you for a year? Then you can choose to stay in the jail. It’s up to you to choose the Prince’s Mansion or the Sky Prison.”