Chapter 1218 happiness

Chapter 1218 Happiness

“Father, I…” Zhuge Lizheng wanted to say something, but saw the eunuch next to him walk up with his head down, and asked next to the emperor, “The emperor, the life-saving grass is ready, you are now taking advantage of it. Is it hot or cold for a while?”

“Six Emperors helped me find it in the mountains. Of course, I have to take it while it is hot. The

emperor said that the medicine is best when it is hot.” The emperor said. At that time, I kept looking at the prince Zhugeli, with disappointment in his eyes. Fortunately, there was the life-saving grass of the Sixth Emperor’s Brother. Although there was always a gap between their brothers, he didn’t know why the Sixth Prince was so dangerous to get it back for him this time. This life-sustaining herb.

However, the imperial doctor has confirmed that Xingming Grass is the herbal medicine that can really cure his illness, and if the blood of the beast is brought back for him to drink, he will return to the west in a quarter of an hour.

Zhuge Li was also a cultivator. He had heard of the Supplementary Grass, but he had never seen it. However, he knew that Supplemental Grass and the Snow of the Beast would restrain each other, one that was strong to masculine and the other was more feminine.

Now that the emperor had drunk the herb decoction, he had already told him that the blood of the beast he wanted to take was extremely poisonous to the emperor.

After understanding it, the prince only felt fortunate. If the emperor really drank the blood of the beast, then all the civil and military officials said that he proposed it, and he would probably be beheaded directly.

But now he still dare to question the gift of marriage and he dare not excuse himself, he can only thank him, “I would like to thank my father for his kindness, so he stayed in the palace for a full year.”

“Yeah.” The emperor looked up and looked at him faintly. At a glance, a little annoyed waved his hand to make him retreat. He was really worried about handing over the country to such a person. It was the misfortune of the people, the misfortune of the royal family!

Bo Qingang had already received the emperor’s marriage, and he could enter and leave the prime minister’s mansion in a fair manner. No one stopped him. He just wanted to get married with Xiao Su’er soon, so that the two of them would not have to worry about being watched again.

However, individuals can take the exam of Ghost Doctor Valley freely, and can do anything. When the real six princes come back, they don’t have to worry about anything when they leave.

After Su Changqing knew that her daughter had been gifted to the Sixth Prince himself by the emperor, she smiled like a blooming chrysanthemum from ear to ear, and now Su Yaoer was completely out of rescue.

She is the black spot of the Prime Minister’s Mansion, and only Su Xin’er is left. Even if he wants to be partial, he can’t help but want to marry her to a powerful person. Now, besides the emperor, who is better than the six princes?

After Bo Qingang received the gift of marriage, he rushed to Xiao Su’er non-stop. Xiao Su’er smiled at him after hearing the gift of marriage.

“So we are going to have a wedding here too. Do you remember that we also had a Chinese wedding when we were in China Mainland, but at that time, it was in the hotel after all, even if we were dressed in retro style, it would not be exactly the same. But this time you can enjoy it.”

“That’s right!” Bo Qingang suddenly took off a leaf and rolled up a circle in his hand to make a ring shape, knelt down on one knee, and raised the ring. Will your child be willing to marry me?”

Xiao Suer looked at him with a chuckle and laughed, “What are you doing? If someone sees it later, it definitely means I am disrespectful! This marriage proposal is also from the West, and there is no such kind of courtship here. The way, the man has gold under his knees, not to mention that you are now the prince, hurry up!”

“I won’t get up, I kneel down voluntarily, who dares to say you are guilty, I just want you to experience it, I seem to have never I have never proposed to you. Su’er, the two of us now have children, but we still have to make up for you. Now I make up for the proposal that should have been made ten years ago. Would you like to marry me? ? “

Xiao Su child listening to his words red eyes in the moonlight, moonlight poured in a thin pour Aung who gave his mask coated with a layer of Phnom Penh, two people in this life is enough already legendary, but also to sexual gratification With each other, we can cross over from another continent together for this fantasy journey. Who can compare to them?

But after so much, two people are still next to each other, this is the fate of heaven, it is God who is helping them to prove their love.

Xiao Su’er stretched out her hand and put the ring made of leaves on her hand, admiring it as if appreciating a diamond ring, and then stretched her hand in front of Bo Qingang and said triumphantly, “How beautiful is this? But it’s a limited edition ring worldwide.”

“My Su’er naturally looks good in everything!” Bo Qingang stood up from the ground and hugged her waist, put her head on her shoulder and took a deep breath. Xiao Suer’s unique fragrance.

“Of course, if this is taken back to China Mainland, can it be regarded as an antique? I always think that the history of China Mainland is somewhat similar to that of Wansheng Mainland. Do you think we have traveled through time or time?”

Xiao Su’er These days, she has been thinking about this issue. She has really read many ancient books and ancient books in China Mainland, and found that the past of China Mainland is somewhat similar to that of Ten Thousand Saints Continent, except that there are no cultivators.

“Whether it’s time or space, in short, as long as the two of us are together, we will be happy no matter where we are.” Bo Qingang hugged her tightly, and the two of them clasped their fingers together in the prime minister’s mansion with no one else’s intimacy. Many maids left. After seeing this scene, they bowed their heads and turned to leave.

“I want to marry you as soon as possible. After all, you are going to take the exam in Ghost Doctor Valley in half a month. I can’t accompany you, but I will be waiting for you outside.”

“After three days . It was when we got married, Su’er, were you nervous?” Bo Qingang’s mouth was pressed against her ear, and all her breath was in her cochlea.

Xiao Su’er shook her whole body and turned her head to look at him, “Are you stupid? No matter how many weddings you marry you, you will never be nervous, but will only feel happy.”

“Su’er…” Bo Qingang reached out and stroked her. With her profile face, slowly approaching her, the two of them pressed their lips together.

Three days later, the emperor personally gifted the marriage, red makeup for ten miles, amnesty the world, and even the remote places of the Hallowed Continent are tax-free for March.

This wedding was full of ostentation. Su Changqing raised his chin proudly, took out his most luxurious clothes, and even added a month’s money to all the servants in the house.

But people’s comments can be heard everywhere in the city. The women who still have illusions about the six princes all cry and swell their eyes. If these six princes die alone all their lives, at least they can still hold the illusions for a lifetime, but Now their fantasies are in a mess.