Chapter 1219 Big wedding

Chapter 1219 On the

day of the big wedding, Xiao Suer wore a Xi Xia Phi, a phoenix crown bestowed by the emperor, and a ring of bead hairpin and emerald. The beads on the phoenix crown were made of the South China Sea Night Pearl. Going rich and rich is pressing. But Xiao Su’er felt a little out of breath, his head was as heavy as a jack.

The people sent from the palace dressed her up, with thick makeup like a monkey buttocks. Xiao Su’er couldn’t bear such treatment. Quietly trying to remove the earrings from the ears, she was scolded by the lady in the palace. She could only sit in the position holding the apple honestly.

Su Changqing’s mouth was almost grinning to the root of his ears, and he wished to post a big-character poster outside the gate of his prime minister’s mansion to publicize the matter.

As for the desolate prince who was forbidden in the mansion, he couldn’t come out even if he wanted to join in the fun. I heard that today was the wedding of his beloved woman, and he was so angry that he had a day of sullen wine in the mansion.

There is also Su Yaoer in the brothel. The brothel is very deserted today. Everyone went to join in the fun. After all, the Prime Minister of the Prime Minister’s Mansion was so happy that he directly told the people in the city, as long as he came to his Prime Minister’s Mansion to congratulate him. Everyone can get a reward from the Prime Minister’s Mansion.

The high-ranking officials and nobles in the palace should be congratulated. As for other people just coveting the reward, many people will go with them.

Su Yaoer was very boring in the brothel, although she didn’t like picking up guests at all, but the sudden desertion made her feel strange. After calling the maid to come and inquire carefully, it turned out that it was their prime minister’s mansion that married their daughter today, especially the marriage with the Six Princes, and the whole city celebrated!

Su Yao’er was so shocked to hear this, her nails were deeply threaded into the flesh, and her heart was very aggrieved. If it weren’t for the framed Su Xin’er and she was counter-framed by her, it should be her who is so beautiful, she should be. Become a princess.

Thinking about this, Su Yaoer felt aggrieved, she couldn’t let Su Xin’er become the princess in such a chic, she would never be able to bear all the pain by herself and let her live arrogantly.

Xiao Su’er dressed up for several hours before being carried out by the matchmaker and ready to go to the sedan chair. Su Changqing saw him off by the side, making a look of reluctance, but the smile on his face was so obvious that Xiao Su’er could see it even through the hijab. .

According to custom, when a woman gets married, she has to cry a few tears, expressing her reluctance. Normally, where a bride needs to pretend, the feelings for her parents suddenly break out on the day of marriage, so naturally she can cry without pretending.

But for Xiao Su’er, even if she pretended, she couldn’t cry. I’m afraid she would not be able to shed a tear if she married the real second lady today.

Xiao Su’er lay coldly on the back of the matchmaker, without paying attention to Su Changqing. Bo Qingang was still sitting on the tall horse wearing a mask. After seeing her in the sedan chair, he laughed. Everyone cheered for them today, even though The two are not using their true identities, and he really feels happy.

All the way to the Six Palaces, Xiao Suer was carried into the new house. Although Bo Qingang was reluctant to bear it, he still had to go out to meet the guests. He could only hold her hand and explain, “Wait for me!”

Xiao Su’er naturally knew the rules of the newlyweds. After Bo Qingang left, she opened her red hijab and looked around. These six palaces are really magnificent, and it should be quite comfortable to live here!

It’s a pity that Xiao Wang didn’t walk through it this time, otherwise it would be interesting to let him take a look at the architectural style here.

Xiao Su’er got up early in the morning to dress up, and then followed to the Sixth Prince’s Mansion, without eating anything. This Bo Qingang went to deal with the guests and didn’t know how long it would take to return. She took the cakes in the new house and ate them without caring, and then turned around in this room at will.

These six princes should also be a cultivator. I wonder if there are any secrets about cultivation in his room? People in this royal family practice spells differently from ordinary people. If you can find one or two great books, that would be great.

Unexpectedly, she only ate two cakes, the door was squeaked open, and a slightly drunk Bo Qingang stepped into the room. Xiao Su’er felt a little surprised and stepped forward to support him, “How did you come here? So fast? Don’t you greet the guests?”

“The guests are not so important. I don’t know who those people are. I

keep calling the name of the six princes, but they are not calling me.” “Aang, you pretend to be six .” The prince still married me. If I get the cold grass in a month, we will leave, but the real six princes can’t escape. Will he blame you when that happens?”

“You have already told me about me He will also leave with him. Even if he blames him, there will be no one to blame. Besides, the six princes looked wild by nature and were not a caregiver. Before he left, he should have thought that I might use his identity to do it. Some things he didn’t want to do. Besides, I think he finally found someone willing to change his status and let him go out without any worries. He should be very happy!”

Bo Qingang had already seen that clearly. Sixth prince’s temperament, he went out on his own that day, if he didn’t meet himself, he would run away desperately.

Now he replaced him as the Six Princes for this period of time and allowed him to spend a period of time outside. Maybe he didn’t want to come back at all. The court waited until he left before realizing that the Six Princes were not there, and then sent someone out to find him. Can you find it? It’s not easy to find someone in the world.

“That’s true! I can say to Miss Su Er. The people who bullied her before have been taken care of by me. The aunt who has been wronged by her has also been sent to the Yin Cao Difu to see her. Now, using her identity can be regarded as able to repay her.” Xiao Suer leaned in Bo Qingang’s arms.

“Su’er, how do we leave after we get the ice cold grass? At that time, the two of us separated after we crossed over. Where is the place where we crossed back?”

“I don’t know, wait for us to go back to the ghost doctor first. Let’s talk about it after Gu got the ice cold grass. Back then, I also traveled to the Huaxia Continent in the alchemy room in the Ghost Doctor Valley. Then we will look for the place where I traveled back then. Maybe there is still a gate of time and space. If not, then use my blood to open the door of time and space.”

“Xiao Wang is our child, and I can do what he can do. He is of the same blood type as me.” Xiao Su’er These days, I am thinking about the same question. If two people detoxify but cannot go back, what is the meaning of detoxification?