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Chapter 2: Company Celebration!

“I asked Lu Feng to buy it.” Ji Xueyu replied.

“Did you buy what I asked you to buy?” Ji Xueyu looked at Lu Feng again.

“I bought it, just spent all the money, so when buying vegetables…” Lu Feng nodded, and got up to get the packing box.

But Ji Xueyu didn’t even have any interest in taking a look, and didn’t expect Lu Feng to produce anything amazing.

She really couldn’t understand why Grandpa insisted on letting herself marry such a useless man.

Before his death, Mr. Ji took her hand and told her that he must not underestimate Lu Feng, and said that he should be respectful of Lu Feng.

Jiangnan Ji’s family, will surely rise in Lu Feng’s hands.

At that time, Ji Xueyu was shocked, because grandpa never lied to her, could it be that Lu Feng still had a mysterious identity?

But three years later, she didn’t see any shining points on Lu Feng.

Apart from cooking, washing clothes and housework, Ji Xueyu didn’t know what else Lu Feng could do or what else could he do.

“Tomorrow, all the collateral and direct descendants of the Ji family will be there, as well as some people in the south of the Yangtze River who have a head and a face. You must not talk nonsense.” Ji Xueyu said coldly.

“Even if someone ridicules you, you have to endure it! Our department is shameful enough, I don’t want to be even more embarrassed because of you.” Tang Qiuyun also helped.

Lu Feng looked indifferent, but just nodded slightly.

Ji Xueyu glanced at Lu Feng and didn’t want to say a word for an instant.

Seeing that Lu Feng’s broken jar broke and the dead pig was not afraid of boiling water, she really felt like the mud couldn’t support the wall.

Lu Feng was not dissatisfied with Ji Xueyu’s attitude.

Ji’s family has a big business, there are many collateral branches, and Ji Xueyu’s line is just a collateral branch.

The collaterals were not to be seen at first, but because of Lu Feng for three years, they have received more indifference. Lu Feng also saw all of this.

There is no other reason, just because Lu Feng is not as powerful as those Ji family son-in-laws, so Lu Feng doesn’t blame Ji Xueyu.


The next day, Jijia Enterprise Company Building.

The front door of the company building was crowded with people and it was very lively.

There are millions of luxury cars parked in front of the door, and red and big red flowers can be seen everywhere, full of festive color.

In front of the building, ten salutes are placed on the left and right sides of the building, which looks very imposing.

On the walls, there are countless long red banners hung, sent by large and small enterprises in Jiangnan City.

All these performances show the Ji family’s status in Jiangnan.

As a member of Ji’s family, Ji Xueyu naturally has a separate place for Ji’s family to gather.

When Ji Xueyu led Lu Feng into the room, many of the Ji family relatives had already arrived, and Ji Xueyu greeted them with a smile.

Lu Feng was accustomed to obscurity, but quietly followed Ji Xueyu behind him without saying a word.

But even if he is like this, some people are still not ready to let him go.

Ji Xueyu’s cousin Ji Hongyu, every time he sees Lu Feng, he will definitely make things difficult, belittle Lu Feng like a clown, and amuse everyone.

Because he always felt that Lu Feng, a useless son-in-law, simply humiliated the Ji family’s reputation in Jiangnan.

If it weren’t for him, would the Ji family be the laughing stock of Jiangnan?

“Lu Feng, you are here too? Haha, what are you holding in your hand?” Ji Hongyu joked.

The rest of the Ji family were also playful. Just by looking at the packaging, they knew that what Lu Feng was holding was worthless.

“It’s a gift for the company’s celebration.” Ji Xueyu replied for Lu Feng.

Ji Hongyu dismissed it with a smile: “What is this? Why not open it for everyone to see?”

Everyone looked over with expectant expressions.

But they weren’t expecting Lu Feng to come up with something good, but looking forward to Lu Feng’s next embarrassing scene.

Ji Xueyu also looked at Lu Feng nervously. She didn’t know what Lu Feng bought.

I knew that I should have seen it in advance, but now that Lu Feng is going to be everyone’s laughing stock, he will even be ridiculed by others.

“No matter what you buy, it is Lu Feng’s heart. It is not measured by money?” Ji Xueyu’s pretty Liu Ye frowned slightly.

Lu Feng gave Ji Xueyu a surprised look. He really didn’t expect that Ji Xueyu would speak for himself.

“You are wrong! Our Ji family has been in the south of the Yangtze River for hundreds of years. Even if it is not a rich family, it is not comparable to a second-rate family.”

“A big family naturally looks like a big family. On such an extremely important occasion, if you take out some dog meatballs that can’t be on the table, wouldn’t it humiliate my Ji family’s reputation?” Ji Hongyu still didn’t plan to let Lu Feng go.

And the more Ji Xueyu covered up like this, the more he wanted to expose Lu Feng in public and make Lu Feng the laughingstock of everyone.

“Open!” Ji Hongyu stretched his finger to the packing box in Lu Feng’s hand, and his tone was as harsh as an elder scolding a younger one.

Lu Feng touched the tip of his nose and did not speak, but Ji Xueyu reached out and stopped Lu Feng.

“Ji Hongyu what do you mean, this gift is for the company’s celebration, not for you, do you have the right to open it privately?”

Hearing Ji Xueyu’s words, Ji Hongyu was naturally a little impatient.

“Of course I have the right. Who knows what this waste will send. I will check it in advance. If the rubbish is thrown away easily, isn’t it an exaggeration?”

“What does it look like with so many guests outside?” At this moment, a middle-aged man walked in.

An exquisite hand-made custom-made pen suit, the hair is combed back meticulously, just like a successful person.

Ji Leshan, the current chairman of Jijia Industry, also has the identity of Ji Hongyu’s father.

It is precisely because of his existence that Ji Hongyu dared to act so unruly.



“Big Brother!”

Ji Hongyu and the Ji family respectfully greeted Ji Leshan.

Ji Leshan nodded blankly, seeing Lu Feng and Ji Xueyu, his eyes flashed with impatience.

“The company celebration has already begun. Come out with me.”

Ji Leshan dropped these words, turned around and walked outside, and the others naturally followed quickly.

“Get out of the way.” Ji Hongyu slammed Lu Feng away, his eyes full of mockery.


“Jiangnan Sun family, send a pair of modern calligraphy and painting masters, I wish the Ji family business prosperity!”

“Jiangnan Hongfa Company, give Jin Chan a statue, I wish Ji’s enterprise a day in the battle!

“Wang Family Group of Jiangnan City, send a decoration to the God of Wealth, and one decoration is smooth sailing…”

Various forces in Jiangnan City, large and small, began to send celebration gifts.

Ji Leshan blushed, feeling more face-saving, and smiling from ear to ear.

The atmosphere was very festive, and everyone’s faces were filled with smiles.

Not knowing whether it was intentional or unintentional, Lu Feng and Ji Xueyu’s family were arranged to the end.

“The last one, ask Ji’s family to follow Ji Yushu’s family and send a congratulatory gift!” The admirer sang.

Seeing Lu Feng stepping forward slowly holding a box with ordinary packaging, whether it was the Ji family or representatives of large and small forces in Jiangnan City, there was a sneer.

After all, Lu Feng, the waste-to-door son-in-law of the Ji family, is quite famous in Jiangnan City!

Just rely on him, what good things can he send?

Ji Hongyu had a smirk on his face, and it was of course his intention to let Lu Feng be the last to give gifts.

He just wanted everyone to watch Lu Feng make a fool of himself.

Lu Feng put the packaging box on the table, and then gently opened it.

“Huh!” A burst of light flashed, and everyone’s voice stopped abruptly.

I saw in the packing box, a white and flawless jade brave beast sculpture, quietly sitting in it, giving people a very domineering feeling.

Everyone was stunned, this thing looks a little extraordinary!

After all, they are all people of good fortune, so there is still some vision.

Lu Feng, a penniless rubbish, can still produce such high-class goods?

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