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Chapter 4 The bead from the sea is stained with blood

An hour later, Nan Xingwu saw the Canghai Bead from a distance…

The Remnant Pearl from the Canghai Sea in my memory is a beautiful island in the sea, and here is also the home of Nan Xingwu.

But the picture she saw next was horrified to the extreme…

The entire sky and the earth of the remains of the sea were stained red with blood, and one after another corpses with blood holes revolved in the air, forming a terrifying blood rain formation…

The twisted arcs of these corpses are like twisting clothes, and there seems to be a force to squeeze the last drop of blood from the corpses.

The beautiful homeland in Nan Xing Wu’s memory has now become a blood-red hell on earth.

“Who is it? Who killed my family? I’m going to kill him…” Nan Yunshuang’s eyes suddenly turned red, and he quickly jumped off Feiying and rushed out.

After the shock, Nan Xingwu came back to her senses and ran towards her home.

She is fast, she has never run so fast, fear and sadness stimulated her.

When she ran to the door of the house, she saw the second brother crying holding the corpse of her father and mother, and the elder brother whose heart was penetrated and whose blood was running dry…

Nan Xingwu felt a little dizzy. She had never experienced anything like this before, let alone seen such a bloody scene.

She felt a little vomiting and some wanted to cry, but she couldn’t cry.

“Do you want revenge?” A cold voice suddenly came from Nan Xingwu’s ear.

She immediately turned her head, and saw that the mysterious man she saw in the Eudemons Garden had appeared behind her at some point.

“Who on earth are you?” Nan Xingwu also got cold.

“If you want revenge, I can give you some clues. The price is that the contract fetters on me will be lifted within twelve hours.” Di Hanyi’s tone was calm and he was not affected by the bloody atmosphere at the scene.

“Good.” Nan Xingwu nodded immediately.

She wanted to know who had killed them.

Di Hanyi approached her, raised her hand and tapped on her forehead, some pictures suddenly appeared in Nan Xingwu’s mind…

Time goes back half an hour ago…

In the sky of the remains of the sea, a coquettish woman smiled and hooked the man next to her, and offered her own fragrant kiss.

“Your Majesty, now that Hai Lingzhu is in hand, Nan Xingwu’s waste material is dead, you don’t need to marry her.”

The man was obviously pleased. He smiled and hugged the woman next to him. “The celestial master said, as long as the remains of the sea are stained with blood, this king will not be far from the throne of the virtual dragon. Then I will go to Lanlian Island to marry you. .”

“Ok, I will wait for you!”

The two knowingly looked at the Canghai Bead below, which was stained red with blood, and when they were sure that the Canghai Bead did not have a trace of life, the two left hand in hand.

The picture in Nan Xingwu’s mind stops here…

She suddenly felt a little difficulty breathing, and the position of her heart was a little bit painful.

She is very familiar with this man and woman. One is the second emperor Changxin of Emperor Yue Mainland, and the other is Lan Jiyue, the daughter of the island owner on Lanlian Island.

Emperor Changxin and Nan Xingwu actually had a marriage contract, and it was the marriage of Emperor Ling, who only waited until she was fifteen to get married…

However, Nan Xingwu was very self-aware, and Emperor Changxin didn’t like her because he looked down on waste materials at all.

In addition, she has a cowardly character and does not have the enchanting beauty of Lan Jiyue, so Emperor Changxin even hates her.

Even so, Nan Xingwu never thought that one day this man who had a nominal marriage contract with him would kill her family and annihilate her whole family.

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