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Chapter 5 I promise you a condition

It turned out that they were here for the Supreme Sea Lingzhu, which is the legacy of the sea.

No, Emperor Changxin should have another purpose, which is to get rid of the mediocre and useless fiancee of Nan Xingwu.

Also, when a person is dead, he naturally does not need to marry.

“Do you understand?” The cold male voice pulled back Nan Xingwu’s thoughts.

A tear flashed in Nan Xingwu’s eyes, “I see.”

As soon as the voice fell, her tears fell pattering…

Nan Xingwu can clearly feel that this is the unwillingness and pain of the original owner.

When Di Hanyi saw that this girl hadn’t cried before, but now he was crying after knowing the truth, he slightly frowned.

“Now you should fulfill your promise and lift the tacit bondage from me. Follow me.”

Nan Xingwu suddenly repented, “I’m not in the mood now.”

She walked over to her second brother, wanting to see her parents…

Di Hanyi’s face changed slightly, and the bottom of his eyes became gloomy.

This rebellious little girl actually told him that she was not in the mood.

Seeing that girl raised his hand and wiped his tears, he took a deep breath with a cold face…

Forget it, give her a little time.

He sent a signal into the air…

Soon, two figures, one black and one white, appeared in the Canghai Yizhu.


“Bai Ling, take that girl away in an hour.”

“Yes, master.”

Suddenly Nan Yunshuang heard the human voice, his eyes suddenly reddened, and he immediately slashed over with his sword…

“You kill my family, and I want you to pay for it!”

Bai Ling’s figure flashed, avoiding Nan Yunshuang’s attack.

“We didn’t kill people, so what do you beat us to…” Bai Ling didn’t get the master’s order and didn’t dare to fight back.

Nan Yunshuang could not care about so much anymore. In his consciousness, this was a stranger, his home was destroyed, and his family died tragically. These people were the cause of the damage.

He condensed all the aura of his body in his palm, and killed the stranger in front of him with all his strength.

When Nan Xingwu saw her second brother and others, she immediately ran over here.

But before she waited for her to approach, she saw the purple-clothed man suddenly waved his hand, and her second brother fell to the ground, motionless.

Nan Xingwu panicked, and ran over to help her second brother up.

“What are you doing? Who are you anyway?”

Bai Ling glanced at Nan Yun on the ground, then looked at his master, and then explained, “Your second brother is going to be mad and demonized. The master saved him.”

Nan Xingwu didn’t understand this, so she had doubts.

Di Hanyi stared at the little girl who doubted his intentions in front of him, “Bai Ling is responsible for helping you solve the problem of the Canghai Legacy Pearl, and you will learn how to terminate the contract with me.”

“No.” Nan Xingwu refused decisively.

The second brother will not leave unless she wakes up.

“Don’t you want revenge?” Bai Ling asked.

The legacy of the sea has become like this. If the living can get close to the master, shouldn’t they please in every way?

“It’s my business to have revenge, don’t care about it.” Nan Xingwu’s voice was very cold.

Revenge, not wanting, but her current strength is weak, there is no way Nadi Changxin and Lan Jiyue’s pair of dog men and women can do anything.

Everything has to be considered long-term!

A trace of surprise flashed in Bai Ling’s eyes, this girl actually didn’t appreciate it?

He looked at the looming master behind this girl, hoping that his master would give some clear instructions.

“When the contract is terminated, I promise you one condition, any condition.” Di Hanyi said again, this time, there was a bit of coaxing in his tone.

Nan Xingwu looked at this talking like an ice awl, and speaking like a man who abducted Little Red Riding Hood, “Any conditions?”

Do you want to have such a big tone!

“Well, any conditions.”

Nan Xingwu raised her eyebrows and pointed at the dead human beings on the ground: “I want them to come to life. Can it be done?”

Di Hanyi took a deep look at her, and then said to Bai Ling: “Let’s see if there is anything that can be saved.”

“Yes, master.” Bai Ling replied, then raised his hand, a light green light quickly covered the entire remains of the sea.

After a while, Bai Ling walked to the corpse of Big Brother Nan Xingwu, “Master, only Nan Yunyi has a glimmer of life, and the others can’t bear the impact of the soul-returning pills.”

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