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Chapter 6 The Little Girl Is Threatening Him

“Give it to him.” Di Hanyi commanded, then looked at the little girl who obviously didn’t trust her.

After hesitating for a while, he explained a rare sentence, “The soul-returning pill can only be used by people who are above the fifth level of the spiritual energy realm. When the medicinal effect is integrated, your eldest brother will wake up within half an hour. But your parents are too cultivated. Low, it can’t be saved anymore.”

Nan Xingwu didn’t speak, let alone thank you, she walked to the corpse of her father and mother, and with tears silently, she lifted up the corpse of her elder brother.

It is true that only the eldest brother and the second brother of the Canghai Yizhu have entered the Aura realm, and they are already at the sixth level of the Aura realm. They are the best among the younger generation. They should have a bright future and future, but now the eldest brother is strangled.

Now that this body is used, these people are her relatives.

Di Hanyi looked at the little girl in front of him and cried again, and he was silent with a cold face.

Are women really made of water? Cry when you say cry!

“No matter who you are, if you can save them, please save them…I…whatever it takes!” Nan Xingwu looked at him seriously.

Di Hanyi’s gaze fell on her body, but did not speak.

The only thing this girl can do for him is to release the contract on him.

Nan Xingwu saw that the purple-clothed man ignored her, she bit her lower lip lightly: “At least save my parents. If you can’t save them, you won’t need to solve the contract on you, just treat me as my spirit.”

Di Hanyi’s eyes were cold, and his face was terribly gloomy. Is this little girl threatening him?

“Do you know what you are talking about?”

Bai Ling and the man in black who were standing nearby were also dumbfounded.

Does this girl know who she is talking to?

She was the first person who dared to threaten the master!

And the person who speaks badly to the master never ends well…

Just when they thought that the girl’s life was worrying, the little girl who had just put a cruel word on the front foot suddenly fainted and hit the master…

Bai Ling and Le Yan both took a breath, this little girl is so courageous! Don’t pick a place when you faint.

The aura on Di Hanyi’s body suddenly changed. When he wanted to push this little girl away, his heart suddenly felt some discomfort…

“Boom, boom… boom boom…”

This little girl is obviously so light, but when she hits him, her strength is so great that he feels that his heart is overwhelmed by something…

After a while, he seemed to hear the heartbeat of his long-lost dragon soul…

For many years, he has been waiting for an opportunity to integrate the power of the dragon heart, but he did not expect that a little girl would not only become a disaster for him, but also a turning point for him…


Nan Xingwu woke up again, it was late at night on the third day.

As soon as she sat up, she heard her second brother’s voice.

“Xiao Wu, you are awake.”

She was about to speak, and heard her elder brother’s voice again, “Xiao Wu, you scared us.”

Nan Xingwu rubbed her eyes and looked at the two identical faces in front of her. Soon, she looked at her elder brother in surprise.

“Brother, you…”

As soon as Nan Yun knew what his sister was trying to say, he touched her head and whispered: “Master Bai Ling’s soul-returning pill saved me. Not only that, he also saved my parents. My parents were very weak after waking up. , I let them rest first.”

Nan Xingwu was startled, his parents are still alive?

She remembered that the purple-clothed man told her that the soul-returning pill can only be used by people above the fifth level of the spiritual energy…

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