Chapter 843 It is similar

Chapter 843

Looks Like Bo Qingang originally looked towards the door unintentionally, wanting to see what kind of woman can teach such a good child, but he didn’t expect that the moment he saw Xiao Su’er, his eyes stopped, although Said that she is now bowing her head, her long hair falling from her shoulders, making it difficult to see what she looks like.

But the temperament and feeling that she exudes and her body shape all match the person in his memory, and he seems to have seen Lin Su’er again.

“Su’er…” He couldn’t help but yelled out. Xiao Su’er was shocked when he heard him calling his name, and finally raised up his courage to slowly raise his head.

Five years, more than a thousand days and nights have passed, and the two people met again. It is in this scene that Xiao Suer can see that Bo Qingang has become more calm and calm than five years ago. A lot of maturity, but there is more sorrow between his eyes.

“President Bo, thank you for taking care of Mengbao. Now I have taken the child away.” Xiao Su’er hugged Xiao Wang and prepared to turn and leave.

But Bo Qingang immediately stopped her, “Wait a minute.”

Xiao Su’er stopped , put the child in her arms down, and turned to look at Bo Qingang, “Bo, is there anything else? If you want to thank you, say it! As long as I can afford anything, you can.”

“Do you think I am someone who cares about those things?” Bo Qingang stepped up to Xiao Suer’s face. Zhang Wang’s red face is not familiar to him. It can be said that it is completely different from his Su’er. The only thing that resembles him is that pair of eyes, which are always so clean and pure, but the eyes of the woman in front of him seem to have some melancholy.

But why does it make people feel so alike? If you cover her face, he will call out Lin Su’er’s name almost immediately, if you cover her face. The two of them are really alike.

“Are you really Su’er?” Bo Qingang couldn’t help asking again.

“President Bo, I don’t know who Su’er is in your mouth, but we don’t know each other. We met for the first time today, so you must be the wrong person. I’m very grateful for you to help me take care of my baby. The child is leaving first.”

Xiao Suer answered his words calmly and denied everything. Although Bo Qingang was very puzzled, after all her face was placed here. It is impossible to say that she is Lin Suer and can only nod plainly.” Take the child back, take good care of him in the future, and don’t let him get lost again.”

“I see, thank you!” After Xiao Su’er answered quickly, she turned around and was ready to hug Xiao Wang and walk away quickly, but she didn’t expect to turn her body and her feet and she didn’t know what she was stepping on, and she suddenly became unstable. Pour backwards.

Bo Qingang saw her falling backwards. If it was normal, she would have avoided it. It didn’t matter what these people fell into. But today, without knowing why, he subconsciously ran forward and hugged him. Xiao Su’er, the moment the two were in close contact, he smelled the scent of Xiao Su’er, the faint herbal scent, which was not strong but lingered for a long time, and the scent was tangy and refreshing.

This smell is also very familiar, and it is exactly the same as the one in his memory. Five years ago, every time he held Lin Su’er’s hand or held her, he would smell this special smell, which cannot be debugged by any high-end perfume. fragrance.

“You…” Bo Qingang looked down at the person in her arms obsessively. It can be said that her face is completely different from Lin Su’er. Every feature of her facial features looks like he dislikes, but why he can’t dislike it. , And even feel that the two people are too alike.

Looking at the two people hugging each other, Xiao Wang immediately squatted down and took down the small bead he had just placed on the ground. It was only when Xiao Su’er stepped on this bead that he slipped.

After the “thin, thin overall ……” Xiao Su children bowed his head quickly to his feet, finishing a bit thin clothes tilting toward Aung thanks, “Thank you thin overall, we really gotta go, no longer detain you.”

Having With this sentence, she immediately took Xiao Wang’s hand and ran to the elevator.

Bo Qingang stood there and looked at his hand, still holding the smell of the woman just now. He put it to his nose and smelled it lightly. It was really exactly the same as in his memory. The world Does anyone really taste the same as Lin Suer? Really such a coincidence? He looked at the direction the two people were leaving with a little disbelief.

Xiao Su’er took Xiao Wang all the way to the underground parking lot by the elevator, and after holding him in the car, she looked at him seriously.

“Mengbao! You can’t do this anymore in the future, you know? Do you know that your kindergarten teachers are about to die of anxiety? This morning my mother didn’t look at her mobile phone at work and turned on the mobile phone for countless missed calls. The teacher was crying, you know I don’t know if you’re doing this is wrong, deceiving people and running around. What if something really happens?”

Xiao Wang has always been obedient, and was originally much more intelligent than other children. Every word she said, Xiao Wang He would listen carefully and implement them. He has never been so worried before. Besides, he still came over to find Bo Qingang on purpose today. Xiao Su’er was really angry.

“Mom, I know that this is a burden to the teacher. I promise to obediently no longer trouble the teacher in class and make up for the psychological trauma to her this time. But I am here for excuse. You can’t blame me. “Xiao Wang answered Xiao Su’er’s words plausibly.

“What is love to be forgiven? Do you lie when you skip class and call love to be forgiven?” Xiao Suer scowled and taught her son. After all, she knew that although the child was young, his mouth was clever. very.

“Mom, I’m here to find my dad. I know Bo Qingang is my dad. I asked you before, but you said that dad has passed away, and you lied. I just wanted to verify it. Isn’t it okay for me to lie? The original? I want to find my own father. Is this wrong?”

Xiao Wang had expected the questions Xiao Su’er might ask for a long time. He responded very quickly to every sentence without any loopholes at all. On the contrary, Xiao Su’er feels a little guilty. It is true that a child wants to see his father. Everyone has a father, but he doesn’t. There will inevitably be a gap in his heart.

“Mom, don’t hide from me anymore. He is my father, right? Why don’t you recognize him? You have to change your appearance to see him. Is there any misunderstanding between the two of you?” Xiao Wang chased after victory. He asked Xiao Su’er a few words neatly.

Xiao Su’er looked at her super-intelligent son and knew that he couldn’t hide it. He could investigate everything. It didn’t make any sense to hide it from him. It was time to tell him the truth.