Chapter 844 Tells the past

Chapter 844 Telling the Past

“Yes, he is your father, but there is a reason why your mother doesn’t let you know that he is still alive. He is not as perfect as it seems on the surface. He doesn’t want to admit your existence. When you were, he asked me to knock you off. If I didn’t take you out of here, I’m afraid you would no longer exist.”

Xiao Su’er was still furious when she remembered what happened five years ago, and she was in despair. She cried, and was dragged back to the hospital by the doctors and nurses with injuries. He was forcibly injected with anesthetic, lying on the cold operating table.

If it hadn’t been for Xiao Shuo to rush to the hospital in time, I’m afraid she and Xiao Wang would not be in the world now.

Little by little, she told Xiao Wang everything about five years ago. She didn’t conceal the least, and she didn’t consider the situation that he was still a child and could not accept it. She knew that her son could accept all these things, since If you want to say it, just tell the truth.

Xiao Wang listened to the whole process without saying a word. He also felt distressed about what happened to his mother five years ago, but he always felt something was wrong. When Bo Qingang talked to him today, he clearly hoped that he would have A child, he also said that he had been looking for his mother, why did he change his rhetoric completely when he got to Xiao Su’er?

The words of the two are too different. They are completely different. There must be some misunderstanding between them.

After Xiao Su’er said all this, she took her son’s hand and said seriously: “You know? There were so many things that happened back then. How can you tell your mother to face that unjust person? Who deserves to be your father, a person who can’t even accept his own children, what right does he have to say that he is a father?”

“So I don’t want you to get too close to him. Today is the last time, not as an example. You can come see him behind your back, you know?”

She could not imagine how Bo Qingang would react if he knew that the child in front of him belonged to him, and how his girlfriend who hid so deeply would deal with her and Xiao Wang, who had spent so much money back then. Kung Fu didn’t kill them both, will it happen again this time? She can’t let her child suffer the slightest harm, she must protect him.

Since she was a child, she has no parents by her side. Of course, she knows how important family affection is to a person, but compared to safety, she would rather take care of Xiao Wang by herself. She will give him all the love, enough to make up for his lack. Fatherly love.

Seeing how worried his mother was, Xiao Wang stretched out his hand to hold Xiao Su’er’s hand and smiled and said, “Don’t worry, mother, I won’t do what you don’t like.”

Xiao Su’er looked at his son so well-behaved and sensible, and felt relieved. Many, rubbing his head with the top of his head, “Well, mother will take you home to eat delicious food.” The

car drove out of the parking lot, and Xiao Wang sat in the child seat of the co-pilot. There was a strange feeling in his heart. He felt that today’s Bo Qingang was definitely not lying to him. After all, it was no good to lie to him. Now Bo Qingang didn’t know that he was his child. He must have said those things. What you say subconsciously is 100% truthful!

In this case, there is definitely some misunderstanding between him and his mother. He needs to investigate it clearly and get his mother and father to reconcile.

Although Xiao Su’er was talking hard now, and there is no need to have any contact with Bo Qingang. They are destined to be strangers, but he can see that her mother sometimes looks into the distance in a daze, and she also looks at his face. She was shocked for a moment, and she was definitely uncomfortable in her heart. Even if it was for her own mother, she had to investigate the facts of the year clearly.

the other side.

Xiao Yuhan, who had been in the Imperial Capital University for a day, got off work, carrying a bag and preparing to go home, but when he passed by a corner of the teaching building, he heard some disharmonious voices.

“Do you want this woman to be so disgusting? Do this kind of thing next time, be careful I won’t let you go.”

“Qingyue, what are you doing nonsense with her? Just hit her and beat her with a crooked mouth and eyes. Seeing that she dare not talk nonsense, she has a white lotus face, but she didn’t expect it to be really white. Lotus.”

“That’s right, kill her. I am most annoyed by this kind of person who chews his tongue behind his back or

talks nonsense.” “Forget it, this time I will let you go first, if you really do it next time. For this kind of thing, I will definitely hit you with a crooked nose and slanted eyes as they said!”

Bai Qingyue raised her hand, angrily trying to slap the person in front of her, but she didn’t expect to wave her hand before. Xiao Yuhan grabbed his wrist from behind.

“What are you doing? Are you engaging in campus bullying? You are already college students, and you still want to do such naive things?”

Xiao Yuhan threw away Bai Qingyue’s hand, looking at her eyes full of disgust. Years ago, he didn’t like this arrogant and arrogant eldest lady very much, especially when she was recording a show, she even came to feel sorry for his sister. She was obviously a few years younger than them, but she looked terrible. She didn’t like this. Girl.

Now that she is bullying her classmates, I feel bored from the bottom of my heart. Xiao Yuhan looked at the girls standing next to Bai Qingyue. Each of them was covered in logos and famous brands. She is a spoiled eldest lady just like her.

But the girl who was bullied by them, wearing a pure white dress, squatting in the corner, with an aggrieved look, unlike these savage and wayward ladies, she should be a girl born poor, but born Poverty is not the reason they can bully her.

“What campus bullying? Qin Yuhan, don’t ask you clearly, just say I bullied her? Why don’t you ask how much she has done, saying bad things about me in front of the professor all day long, thinking me Don’t you know? I have tolerated her many times.”

Bai Qingyue recognized Xiao Yuhan, but in her eyes, he was the same genius young man Qin Yuhan before, and did not regard him as her own teacher. He started talking loudly, not wanting to be wronged.

“Bai Qingyue, you eldest lady, if someone says bad things about you, will you bear it many times? Even if you make up a lie, you should make up a little more reliable. Do you think I will believe your nonsense? Don’t bully your classmates anymore. You are now an adult and a sophomore.”

“If this classmate sue you for intentional harm, you will have to bear legal responsibility, you know? Don’t mess around here anymore, you really Do you think the power of your Bai family can be overwhelming?”

Xiao Yuhan stepped forward and helped the bullied girl, “Classmate, are you okay?”