Chapter 847 Price has a problem

Chapter 847 There is a price problem

Xiao Su’er couldn’t help laughing when he looked at him with a serious look, “Yes, I really regard myself as a teacher, so I will be a good example of others, and don’t do things that shouldn’t be done.”

“What? What shouldn’t be done?”

That’s not to be prejudiced against the students. You are now dissatisfied with Bai Qingyue. You don’t feel right about anything she does, so how can you stand from a fair perspective? ? “

Xiao Suer put down the chopsticks and looked at Xiao Yuhan seriously. He blinked and nodded thoughtfully, “Sister, you are right, but rest assured, I will not be partial. I just can’t understand her bullying. That’s it. “

“Brother, you said that you have such a high evaluation of that girl. The students in the university are all grown-ups. You said that she has been to filming before. She should be about your age, right? Are you fancy people? If yes, it happens that the teacher-student relationship is good now. You can find a girlfriend and come back soon.”

Xiao Suer held her chin and looked at her brother. For so many years, she had never seen Xiao Yuhan interested in a girl so much. , All are words of praise, it seems that the little girl should have an appetite for him.

“Sister, what are you thinking about? Why are you so excited every time you come up with this topic, like your brother is not asking for it, I’m not in a hurry now! Okay, I’m going back to prepare for class, tomorrow there will be It’s a lecture, and it’s a lecture for graduate students, so I won’t tell you anymore. Could you please collect the tableware.”

Xiao Yuhan quickly finished saying this, stood up and ran upstairs. Every time he mentioned this topic, he could see him running away. Xiao Suer stood up and shook his head helplessly. An elm head, I really don’t know when I can get rid of the order.

“Mom, uncle doesn’t need girls to pursue. Don’t be so anxious about his lifelong events. It’s better to let the flow go!” Xiao Wang opened his eyes and taught Xiao Su’er like a wise man.

“Did you memorize all the idioms that your uncle bought you, and now say so many idioms in one sentence to teach your mother.” Xiao Suer saw through her son.

“Books are for reading. I can read the next one by memorizing earlier.” Xiao Wang put his tongue out at her and jumped off the stool, “Mom, I went upstairs to communicate with the people in the team. Today, it seems that someone has written a note to us again. I will leave first. I will tell you before going to bed.”

“Don’t go to bed more than nine o’clock in the evening, do you know?” Xiao Su’er reminded him by looking at his back.

“I see.” Xiao Wang answered neatly, and ran up to the second floor with his unique “short legs”.

“This kid…” Xiao Su’er looked at his weak back and shook her head. The two children in this family really didn’t let her worry! Xiao Yuhan was so big, but he felt a little naive everywhere, and his children looked like an adult when they should be naive.

the next day.

Xiao Suer sent Xiao Forgotten to the door of the kindergarten and repeatedly warned him, “You can’t run around anymore today, know? You have to go and apologize to the kindergarten teacher, saying that you were wrong, and you made people worry about running around by yourself. If you still run around today, Mom will really be angry.”

“I know, I won’t run around anymore. Mom, you can go to work without worry, come on!” Xiao Wang clenched his fists and gave a cheer. He turned around and ran out of the car.

Xiao Suer drove the car to the clinic. She didn’t know what she was doing today. It seemed that she would not be able to receive and treat patients in a short period of time. It is estimated that she will be working for a while, but she doesn’t know what she is going to do today. Go and clean up.

“You go to the warehouse today to sort out the medicinal materials. Some medicinal materials may be damp and need to be exposed to the sun. There is also the inventory list of the incoming goods. You should also sort out.” When the

front desk arranged work, Xiao Su’er felt awkward again. I got up, but after all, I didn’t say anything. It’s okay to sort out the medicinal materials. It has something to do with medicinal materials. She can also go to see if the medicinal materials used in this clinic are not good enough. , Walked into the warehouse.

However, after checking in the warehouse for a while, she found that something was wrong. The quantity and price were clearly written on the purchase order. The quantity was correct, but Lin Suer felt that the price was a little wrong.

Although the prices of Chinese medicinal materials such as Panax Notoginseng, Baiji, and Chonglou have been fluctuating up and down, the prices of these two days are still under control by Xiao Su’er. The price written on the purchase order is a bit too outrageous, and it is straight. It’s more than twice as high.

Although this situation is not all medicinal materials, almost two-thirds of the medicinal materials prices are a bit wrong. Xiao Suer thought about it and decided to ask questions. She went directly to the front desk, pointed to the purchase order and asked, “You know it is Who is responsible for the purchase? The price of these medicinal materials is not right.”

“Is the price of the medicinal materials? It is Liu Yan Finance who is in contact with the purchaser and also directly allocates funds from her, which can reduce the intermediate cost. And she knows a few suppliers of Chinese medicine. You can ask her. She has been purchasing products for these years, and there has been no problem.” The

front desk looked at the prices and didn’t seem to think anything was wrong, Lin Suer Some people who don’t believe me ask, “Is the price always the same for so many years?”

“Of course not, it will still fluctuate. Do you know Chinese herbal medicines! If the sales are good for a year, the price will fluctuate if the sales are not good for a year.”

“Is the price fluctuation different from the current price? For example, last year.” Xiao Su’er narrowed her eyes when she spoke. She remembered that last year because too many people planted Chinese medicine, the Chinese medicine market was hit hard, and the prices of many Chinese medicines fell out. People in other industries don’t understand the historical low, but she has been paying attention to it all the time.

“Last year, the difference between last year and this is not very big. I know that the Chinese medicine market took a hit last year. It seems that many Chinese medicinal materials are much cheaper than usual when we buy them, but in general, the difference will not be too great. , There is no difference of more than one hundred yuan.” The

front desk thought about this and wanted to say this, which made Xiao Su’er feel strange. It is impossible to have a difference of less than one hundred yuan. There are many Chinese medicines, you can say There is a price difference of several hundred dollars. It seems that there is a problem with this purchase.

“Okay, I see.” Xiao Su’er nodded and turned to Liu Yan’s office on the second floor. Liu Yan was holding a pen and was memorizing something. Xiao Su’er walked in a little bit and found that she was keeping accounts. And it happened to be keeping accounts of medicinal materials.

“Liu Finance, I think the purchase price of our medicinal materials is a bit wrong, where did you purchase the goods?”