Chapter 848 The first patient

Chapter 848 The first patient

Liu Yan slowly raised her head when she heard Xiao Su’er’s words, her eyes were indifferent, and she didn’t want to pay attention to her, “Where is there any problem? I haven’t had a problem for so many years, you The problem arises right away. Is there a problem with the medicinal materials or is there a problem with you? Can you not come to me to disturb my work, you have nothing to do at work, but I have something to do.”

“Look at the prices of these medicinal materials It’s not right, it’s obviously higher than the market price.” Xiao Su’er doesn’t care about her indifference, just wants to make things clear.

“Don’t be nosy, are you the one who bought the goods? How do you know that the market price is higher? Of course the medicinal materials we use here are the best. If you compare them with the poorer ones on the market, it must be The price is different.”

Liu Yan was eloquent and didn’t feel any problem at all, but Xiao Suer shook her head solemnly, “No, what I said is the same as the medicinal materials in our warehouse. The medicinal materials in our warehouse are not considered the highest-class Chinese medicinal materials. This price!”

“What do you mean? Are you really looking for something wrong? You have to figure out who you are! But just a newcomer, do you want to come and direct me to do things? Let you sort out the medicinal materials You just tidy up and don’t be nosy!”

Liu Yan’s tone began to become impatient, and there was disdain in Xiao Su’er’s eyes.

“I’m not here to find faults. I am indeed doing an internship now, but we have to fulfill our duties in the clinic. I found something is wrong. Of course I have the responsibility to come to you to check it clearly. You were cheated by others because you didn’t understand the price. Or do you even know that it is not worth the price?”

Xiao Suer saw through Liu Yan and felt that she knew everything, otherwise she would not keep herself from being nosy. She was about to say something, so she heard it on the first floor. There was a voice, “Su’er, come down and pick up the patient.”

“Yeah, it’s really amazing. It’s hard to get this chance if you let you go to see a patient. You must go down to see the patient, don’t talk nonsense with me here.”

Liu Yan sneered again, completely low. The head stopped talking to Xiao Su’er, although Xiao Su’er still felt something was wrong and wanted to make it clear, but the patient was more important.

She turned around and went downstairs. The front desk watched her come down, and immediately pointed to an elderly person who came in and said, “This grandma said that she was a little uncomfortable. Other Chinese medicine doctors have their own patients. There is no time now, or you Help her take a look, are you sure?”

Xiao Su’er looked at the old man who walked into the clinic, her legs and feet seemed very inconvenient, and her spiritual eyes saw the old man’s legs enveloping a cloud of black air. , It seems to be a long-standing problem for many years.

But when she was on the second floor, she passed by a lot of offices. Several Chinese medicine doctors were in the offices and did not receive patients. Why would you not receive this patient? Do you want to test her?

Although she couldn’t figure it out a bit, she thought that having a chance would always be good, at least it could prove that she was really capable, so she didn’t think much about it and took the patient directly.

“Your legs are uncomfortable, right? Is it severe rheumatism? The weather has changed a bit quickly in the past two days. It may rain again tonight, so you will feel the pain in your legs. Let me help you with acupuncture and moxibustion. Wait a minute I will prescribe two more medicines for you to take back to eat. After a few days, your rheumatism will be more than half better.”

“Then I will prepare another ointment. You will completely heal rheumatism after three months of continuous application, and you will never have it again. It hurts.”

Xiao Su’er told her all the symptoms and treatment plan in one breath before she got her pulse. After hearing this, the old man nodded in surprise and surprise, and asked in disbelief: “Are you sure my rheumatism? Can it be cured? Many doctors have said that rheumatism is a lifetime disease, and it is impossible to completely cure it.”

“Yes, other doctors say no, it is possible with me.” Xiao Suer said very confidently, taking the old man in front of him. The wife came to the doctor’s desk and took her pulse carefully. Although she could see many diseases, she still had to take her pulse seriously to be responsible for the patient.

There is no difficulty for this patient, just simple rheumatism and a bit of a dark illness when she was young. It is not a major problem. After Xiao Suer simply got her pulse, she prescribed medicine, and then let her sit in the lobby and start giving her acupuncture and moxibustion. .

The front desk was watching that Xiao Suer’s skillful acupuncture skills were not inferior to those experienced old Chinese doctors. She had a little bit of belief in her heart that perhaps this Xiao Suer was really a skilled Chinese doctor.

“Little girl, you are really amazing. After you gave me acupuncture and moxibustion, I really don’t feel the pain anymore. It’s more useful than how many plasters I put on.” The old man rubbed his knees and looked at Xiao Su’er with a somewhat admired thumbs up.

“I’ll get the medicine for you. You can check out the bill at the front desk.” Xiao Su’er smiled modestly and said nothing. After quickly grabbing the medicine at the front desk, he finished the first patient’s consultation. Simple and effective, the front desk didn’t say much, just a hint of embarrassment and guilt in her eyes.

“Why are you looking at me with such a look?” Xiao Su’er asked at the front desk with some incomprehension.

“Nothing, I just feel that you are pretty good.” The front desk immediately retracted his gaze, not daring to look at her again.

“Why are those doctors unwilling to receive this patient today? Are they trying to give me a chance to prove me? Then I have cured her today, can I see a doctor if there are patients in the future?”

Xiao Su’er Continue to ask, she doesn’t want to be a handyman anymore. She came here to learn from experience, but according to this momentum, if she is not allowed to see a doctor, then she will not learn the experience of opening a clinic, but learn a lot. Miscellaneous experience.

“Let’s talk about it later, I have to discuss with the director and the doctors. I’m just a front desk who can’t decide whether you can see a doctor in the future.” The front desk still bowed his head, not even daring to look at her.

Seeing her like this, Xiao Suer didn’t say much anymore, but went back to the warehouse and continued to count the medicinal materials. Since Liu Yan was reluctant to say more, she had to clear up all the medicinal materials to figure out the prices of the medicinal materials. Talk to her again.

the other side.

Xiao Yuhan returned to the office during his lunch break and was about to sleep on the sofa. Unexpectedly, the door was knocked, and a soft voice came through the door, “Professor Xiao, are you inside? Aren’t you resting? Did I bother you?”

With a cautious voice in his voice, Xiao Yuhan immediately opened the door.