Chapter 849 Chapter making cakes by hand

Chapter 849 Making Cakes by

Yourself Rong Ling’er stood outside the door with a pink face, holding a cake box in her hand. After seeing Xiao Yuhan, she burst into the most beautiful smile and handed the cake box to her.

“This is the cake I made by myself today. Thank you for giving me the chocolate yesterday and helping me.”

“You made the cake specially? No need to be so exaggerated, just a few pieces of chocolate.”

Xiao Yuhan reached out and took the cake. Box, the affection for Rong Ling’er has risen a few degrees, and the girls of Zhien Tubao can be equated with self-reliance and self-improvement. Such girls can easily make boys have a good impression.

“Don’t I still hope that Professor Xiao will prescribe me a few medications to regulate my body. I am indeed a bit troubled. I always feel unable to digest after eating too much, and I can’t get my weight up. You also said that I seem to be very energetic. Not good looking.”

Rong Ling’er stepped into the office, looked at Xiao Yuhan in favor, and said embarrassedly: “Professor Xiao, can you please prescribe me some medicine? Can I trouble you to write a few words if I go out to catch the medicine? When

she spoke, her cheeks were flushed, and her whole expression was extremely cute. Xiao Yuhan nodded her head almost without even thinking about it. “I will help you write a few prescriptions for body conditioning. Chinese medicine is the best way to regulate the body of girls.” Yes, there are no side effects and a permanent cure. After you have adjusted your body, you can eat well and stop losing weight.”

He said, sitting at the desk, picked up a pen and quickly wrote two prescriptions on the paper. There are two prescriptions here. You can catch three of them separately, and eat the other one after you finish eating this one, you know?”

Xiao Yuhan asked Rong Ling’er to be very careful and thoughtful, and he wrote on it with a pen. One and two indicate the order.

Rong Ling’er took the two prescriptions, nodded seriously, carefully folded the prescriptions and put them in the bag, and opened the cake box on the table, “Professor Xiao, you come and taste the cakes I made. , If it is delicious, I can make it for you often in the future.”

” You do n’t need to do it often, you should also have your own business to be busy, and the university studies are quite heavy. Have you passed the level of English? Where’s the computer?”

Xiao Yuhan was very straightforward and rejected her kindness. He sat at the table and looked at the exquisite cake in front of him. The cream sprayed on it was dotted with a few red strawberries. At first glance, it was a girl’s favorite snack, but He pointed to the strawberry and said, “I don’t like to eat this. Just eat it. I will take your mind.”

Rong Linger’s smile froze on her face, and it took a few seconds to recover slowly, her heart secretly Tucao, really a puzzling elm head, but this kind of boy is pretty good, at least better than those huaxin big carrots.

Thinking about this, she smiled again, picked up the fork and picked the strawberries to the side, let Xiao Yuhan eat the part without strawberries, and said softly: “I made it for you, no matter what you want. Taste a bite. This is what I like. You can’t just say that you don’t taste it at all, so I’ll be sad.”

She said, digging a spoon with a fork and feeding it to Xiao Yuhan, hello. When he reached his mouth, Xiao Yuhan opened his mouth and ate it directly after taking a look at her. The taste of sweetness overflowed in his mouth, and the mouth melted, sweet but not greasy. Indeed, the craftsmanship is very good, unlike in the street. Here are the cakes made of inferior butter that you buy randomly.

However, as a super straight man, Xiao Yuhan didn’t think so much, and said straightforwardly: “I don’t really like sweets, just a little bit of it is enough.”

Rong Ling’er froze slowly in the air. He took it back slowly, rolled his eyes secretly, but did not let Xiao Yuhan see it, he was still very empathetic, “Forget it! Professor Xiao, if you don’t like it, don’t eat it. You don’t like sweet. Isn’t that right? Then I’ll make other things for you next time. Do you like sushi? Or pizza?”

“I said you don’t have to be so polite, you are my student! Although I am not your professional Class, but I’m also a professor at Imperial University. It’s right to help my classmates.”

Xiao Yuhan just said it according to her own inner thoughts, but she was a little bit uncomfortable in Rong Linger’s ears, and she was a little lost at once. “Professor Xiao, do you think there should be a distance between teachers and students? But you are not a few years older than me. I think we can be not only teachers and students, but also friends.”

“You this year How old is it? Sophomore…Is it 19 or 20 this year?”

“I am 22 years old this year. Because I have worked hard in the entertainment industry for a few years, I am older than the average classmate.” Rong Ling’er lowered her head in embarrassment when she spoke. The matter of her age has always made her very unhappy.

After all, she used to be the youngest in the crew when filming, but when she got to school, she became the largest in her grade. How important is the age of girls!

But now she would comfort herself, at least because of her age, she and Xiao Yuhan were able to get closer.

Sure enough, Xiao Yuhan heard what she said, and his eyes immediately lit up, “Hey, then you and I are really not a few years apart.”

“Yeah, so Professor Xiao don’t treat me as a student. We can Are you friends? I just don’t know if Professor Xiao’s girlfriend will mind.”

“Probably not, because I don’t have a girlfriend yet.” Xiao Yuhan answered Rong Ling’er without even thinking about it. ‘S smile widened again.

is it? That’s good!

“It’s getting late, do you still have class in the afternoon? If you have class, go to class. I’m going to give lectures to graduate students.” Xiao Yuhan looked at the clock on the table and stood up, estimating the time.

“I have no class in the afternoon. Professor Xiao, are you going to give lectures to the graduate students of the medical school? Can I go with you? Although I have not yet reached a graduate degree, I have to listen to the lectures for me. Learning is also good, but I don’t know if I can understand it.” When

Rong Ling’er speaks, she is a little softer than ordinary girls. It can be said that she can pinch water out gently.

“Today’s lecture is not academic, you can follow along and listen to it, then follow me.” Xiao Yuhan didn’t think much, and took her out of the office.

His office is in the administrative building of the school, two buildings away from the academic lecture hall where he gave lectures. The two of them walked on the campus like this. Looking from a distance, they thought they were a couple on campus.

“Meow…” A faint cat cry came. Xiao Yuhan followed the sound and saw a girl in a pink dress squatting by the flowerbed, holding something to the wild cats in the campus. .