Chapter 850 The kind side

Chapter 850 The kind side

“Maomao, you are too pitiful, why do you want to run around the school when you are hungry? Can I take you home? Our garden is as big as the school. I feed you every day, but you have to follow me to get the injections first.” The

girl said, holding the two wild cats in her arms without any disdain, and turned her head just to collide with Xiao Yuhan and the others. After being together, she took the wild cat back a few steps, raised her head and frowned when she saw Xiao Yuhan and Rong Ling’er.

Xiao Yuhan was surprised when he saw the girl holding the wild cat, “Bai Qingyue, do you want to take these two kittens back to your house?”

“Why? No? Professor Xiao doesn’t have to take care of this, right? I’m saving little animals, but I’m not doing school bullying. You don’t think I’m going to steal them, do you? You’re a professor at the school, so no matter how little animals stray in the school, their legs are injured. If I don’t care, I don’t know when I will be infected or if I die.”

Bai Qingyue said as if she wanted to verify her, and deliberately exposed the cat’s injured leg to Xiao Yuhan. Would like to take a look at Rong Ling’er more.

Xiao Yuhan saw the wound on the cat’s leg and was even bleeding. He also saw that what Bai Qingyue was holding in her hand was actually a handful of cat food, and what was exposed in her bag was also a cat food bag.

In this way, Bai Qingyue was really eating for these kittens just now, and now he wants to save them.

Of course he would not think that Bai Qingyue wanted to take these kittens back and sell them. After all, she is a rich daughter and she would not do this kind of thing. He just didn’t expect that Bai Qingyue, who was originally savage and wayward, would also There is such a kind side.

Bai Qingyue saw his strange expression and turned to leave with the kitten in her arms, “I see it now, are you sure? Professor Xiao! I don’t want to harm these two cats, I want to bring them back to treat their wounds. , And then adopt them in my yard, so you won’t have to fight for these two kittens this time.”

Xiao Yuhan could only answer coldly when she heard the prickly appearance in her words, “Of course not.

Yes , you can bring them back, but…” “But what, but don’t you want to sell them? Of course I know! I’m not as cruel as you think, and I don’t know if you think of me as a witch. It is estimated that only this Rong Ling’er in front of you is white and flawless in your heart.” When

Bai Qingyue spoke, Rong Ling’er gave Rong Ling’er a slight white. It is placed on the face, and will not be used in the back, even if it is ridiculed, it is blatant.

When Rong Ling’er heard him say this, she made a look of horror, stepped back a few steps, and retreated directly behind Xiao Yuhan.

Xiao Yuhan felt her trembling slightly behind her, and immediately said to Bai

Qingyue , “What do you mean by this? It doesn’t need to be like this, you two are also classmates.” “There are so many people and friends.” I am a classmate, but not everyone is like her to play tricks behind her back. I am too lazy to take care of you. If you think she is so good, you should come closer to her! You can’t ask me to like her like you do. “

Bai Qingyue dropped these words, walked to the school gate with two kittens, and got directly into the car that came to pick her up.

Xiao Yuhan turned his head and wanted to comfort Rong Ling’er with a few words, but saw that her eyes were red, and he lowered his head and said aggrievedly, “Why Bai Qingyue has such a big opinion on me? Who is talking nonsense in front of her? Well? I really have not done those things duplicity, Professor Xiao you have to believe me. ” “

I know, I know she must be mistaken, we will say so, do not cry, my The most feared thing in my life is a girl crying.”

Xiao Yuhan immediately started to comfort her in a hurry. He didn’t know why the girl shed so many tears, and she shed tears when she said nothing.

Rong Ling’er heard what she said and forced her tears back into her eyes, and looked at her with a smile, “I don’t cry, and I can’t embarrass you Professor Xiao, let’s go, let’s go to the lecture soon.”

On the other side.

It took Xiao Su’er a whole day to figure out the quantity and price of the medicinal materials in the entire warehouse. The price on the purchase order was too far away from the market price. Just in the warehouse, the difference between these medicinal materials is at least tens of thousands of dollars. , If someone is really taking advantage of her own pockets, she still doesn’t know how much she has embezzled over the years.

Now that the Internet is so developed, you can know the price of Chinese medicines by searching the Internet. It is impossible to be fooled by this Chinese medicine supplier for so long. Also, every Chinese medicine is basically much higher than the market price. It is reasonable to say that such a large number of Chinese medicines are sold. The purchase should be cheaper.

In any case, it is a little unreasonable. It seems that Liu Yan has a big problem with finance!

Xiao Su’er thinks so and feels that she can’t just sit idly by. Although this clinic is small, it can make a lot of profit in a year, and it is the property of grandpa’s family. You can’t afford to let others have such excessive corruption.

Although the scale of this clinic is not large, it has been famous since it has been open for so many years. It can always attract a lot of sick patients to see the doctor. There are dozens or even millions in the year, which is a huge amount.

She immediately decided that she must expose the fact that Liu Yan, the financial affairs company, was doing tricks behind her back. She was embezzling in the purchase of goods. She didn’t know if there were any problems with other accounts. The company’s money was kept in her place. If she wanted to Corruption is too simple.

Besides, she knows how to do accounts again. This company only hired her as a financial officer, not even an accountant, and no one to supervise her.

After Xiao Su’er got off work, she had been thinking about how to catch Liu Yan’s handle to expose the matter. While thinking about it, she took the elevator to the underground parking lot. When she was about to get on the bus, she heard a strange sound of yin and yang coming from behind. the sound of.

“Yeah, I drove such a good car at a young age. It really looks good, but it is different. I guess there are many big guys behind you who want to give you money? Who are you going to accompany after work now? How many people are standing there? You still have to be careful, let the main room know that you can’t eat and walk around.”

In the clinic, Liu Yan didn’t dare to quarrel with her, worrying about attracting other colleagues At that time, it would be bad to check her accounts thoroughly, but now that she is out of the clinic in such an empty place in the parking lot, she just wants to vent her anger by scolding Xiao Su’er.

Lin Suer had already put her hand on the car door. After hearing this, she turned to face her, “Be careful when you speak, don’t talk nonsense here, which eye sees me doing those nasty things? “

Do you still need to see? Isn’t this obvious?”