Chapter 851 tidy

Chapter 851

Clean Up “I said, I’m sitting upright, I haven’t done those things, you’d better not slander casually, otherwise I won’t just sit and watch, let you talk nonsense there. After Xiao Su’er warned her again, she opened the door and got ready to get in the car.

Liu Yan was still snorting coldly, “Huh, what’s the use of showing off here? I don’t know whose house you are going to make a toy for others. It looks so good, and it is estimated that you can only live as a vase. Go on! I’m so embarrassed to come to our Chinese medicine doctor. What can I do if you really let you die?”

“You are protected by the gold master, I am afraid that our director will have to be affected by you. Hey, what are you? Who did you hook up with? Tell me, you can’t hook up with Old Man Ang, right? People’s granddaughters are…”

“Pop!” Before

she could finish her words, Xiao Su’er who had rushed over was beaten severely. With a slap, it doesn’t matter what she says, but she can’t involve her family. What she said just now has already insulted her grandfather. This is something Xiao Su’er absolutely cannot bear.

Liu Yan unbelievably covered her swollen left face, raised her head and glared at Xiao Su’er, “You, you dare to hit me, you think it will be great if you are nurtured?”

She said that she wanted to rush to hit Xiao Su’er, but before she had time to do it, the golden needle that Xiao Su’er took out of her bag was severely pierced on the acupuncture point, and she immediately froze in place and couldn’t move.

She opened her eyes in horror, and her face turned pale in an instant. Although she was only a financial officer, she had spent so long in a Chinese medicine clinic. Of course, she knew how amazing the acupuncture techniques of Chinese medicine were. It is possible for a person’s feet to become numb, or even to kill a person directly.

It’s just that she didn’t know that Xiao Su’er in front of her could also be used for acupuncture, and she also carried the golden needles for acupuncture. Now that Xiao Su’er proved with her strength that she was a little capable, Liu Yan didn’t dare to say more, not to mention a word from her now. Can’t tell.

Xiao Su’er squeezed his chin and forced Liu Yan to look at herself. She saw the panic in Liu Yan’s eyes and her slightly trembling lips.

“I warn you, don’t be so arrogant to trouble me in the future! The two of our wells don’t violate the river water. You are your finances, and I am my doctor of Chinese medicine. Where did I hinder you? You have to do that. What good is it for you to slander me?

Today is a lesson for you. If you dare to provoke me in the future, it is not so simple. Is it clear? Blink your eyes if it is clear. If it is not clear, Then I will put you in this parking lot and come back tomorrow morning to unlock your acupuncture points. I believe you will figure it out clearly at that time.”

Xiao Su’er coldly watched her say this. She didn’t want to scare Xiao Su’er, but was really going to put Liu Yan on this night. She knew that this kind of person is the type who doesn’t see the coffin and doesn’t shed tears. If Don’t let her really suffer a bit, she must not have a long memory, and she will be honest once she is cleaned up.

Obviously this Liu Yan is this type of person. After hearing Xiao Su’er’s words, she blinked her eyes hurriedly, almost breaking her eyelids.

Xiao Su’er gently removed the golden needles on her acupuncture points. The second that Liu Yan could move, she immediately stepped back and looked at Xiao Su’er at a distance from her. She wanted to rush to beat Xiao Su’er, but worried. Can’t beat it, if she gets another needle on the acupuncture point at that time, she will never let her go.

This parking lot has no one in the evening, so I won’t be scared to death when I am here.

“You’d better remember in the future what it meant when you blinked your eyes, otherwise it won’t be so easy next time.” Xiao Suer retracted the gold needle, got in the car, stepped on the accelerator, and turned the steering wheel out of the parking lot. .

“You little vixen! Wait for me!” Liu Yan stomped and shouted as she watched her car drive out of the parking lot. She didn’t dare to let Xiao Su’er hear it, worrying that Xiao Su’er would return to look for her. The trouble, can only yell out a few times in the back.

Xiao Su’er drove to the door of the kindergarten, and saw the kindergarten teacher and Xiao Wang laugh at the door. The joy on their faces could not be covered, as if they had heard some funny joke.

“Mengbao, what are you laughing at?” Xiao Su’er parked the car beside the two and lowered the window.

“Xiao Wang’s mother is here. Xiao Wang was telling me a joke just now. This kid is so cute. He even came to apologize to me today. I am embarrassed because I didn’t take good care of him. The child is too cute and smart. It is my honor to have such a student.” The

kindergarten teacher praised Xiao Su’er. Xiao Wang’s face was full of happy smiles. Xiao Su’er raised her eyebrows and looked at her son. Xiao Wangze He looked at him with a smug look, and his eyes seemed to say: “Look, I’m conquering someone again, I said the teacher won’t be angry with me.”

“Thank you, teacher, for taking care of Mengbao for me. I took him home. Xiao Su’er smiled helplessly and tilted her head towards Xiao Wang to signal him to get in the car.

“See you tomorrow, teacher. I’m going home with my mother.” Xiao Wang waved his hand at the kindergarten teacher with a childlike look, and got into the co-pilot.

“Mom, look!” The teacher didn’t blame me, you can’t blame me anymore, and you are not allowed to teach me the things of yesterday. “The

car had just left the kindergarten, and Xiao Wang immediately raised his little finger to remind her of Xiao Su’er like a teacher.

“Yes, yes! I won’t blame you anymore. It’s my mother who didn’t make it clear to you, but I really can’t do this kind of thing again next time. This teacher seems to like you very much. Congratulations, my eldest master, I used you again. The charm of personality has conquered an adult! “

Xiao Su’er joked with her son while driving. She found that Xiao Wang had a unique charm. Every time she talked with adults like them, she always made others love him, and she almost saw him. No one praised him.

But on the contrary, Xiao Wang’s peers didn’t like to play with him. When he was overseas, his neighbor’s children were a bit timid to see him.

But it’s normal to think about it. After all, my son’s intelligence and children of the same age can’t play together at all.

“Of course, all uncles and aunts will like me, but I still like my mother the most.” Xiao Wang took the opportunity to say something nice to Xiao Su’er.