Chapter 852 Girlfriends

Chapter 852 Girlfriend

Xiao Su’er felt warm in her heart when she heard what he said. Every time she was irritated by the sudden “confession” of this precious son, it was more useful than the best love words in the world.

The mother and the son were gossiping along the way. What Xiao Su’er said, Xiao Wang was able to catch up with Xiao Su’er with his extraordinary intelligence, so even if the two people are twenty years old, they can communicate without obstacles, even Sometimes Xiao Suer felt that she had to learn from her four-year-old son.

“Mom, look at the uncle in front who took the girl home.” When the car drove to the door of Angjia Manor, Xiao Wang suddenly raised his finger to the front and shouted.

Xiao Su’er looked intently and really saw Xiao Yuhan taking a girl into his car, and then drove away.

What’s happening here? Didn’t he have several lectures today? How can you take the girl home? He never took a girl home. There were no other girls around him. Now he took the girl home and didn’t see them, so he sent him away again?

“Mom, what do you think is the relationship between uncle and this sister?” Xiao Wang asked enthusiastically.

Xiao Su’er replied subconsciously, “Friends boy and girl, I am sorry to let us know now, maybe it is the student he was bullied by Bai Qingyue two days ago.”

Although she said so, she felt too much in her heart. It’s a little strange, is it developing so quickly?

Xiao Wangyi stretched out his small index finger and shook it unpredictably, “No, I think mom, you only guessed half of it correctly. This girl should be the girl my uncle told you the other day, but it’s definitely not my uncle.

His girlfriend.” “Huh? Why are you so confident?” Xiao Suer turned to look at her son, her small face was full of trust in herself, and it seemed that he felt that what he said must be correct.

She knows that her son is very accomplished in IT and has strong self-learning ability. Basically, he can read a book for an hour and others can read it for a day, but he is not so good at such affectionate things. , Can you know at a glance if two people are in love?

“It’s like this anyway, Mom, let’s make a bet. If I’m right, you have to promise me a request.” Xiao Forgotten didn’t say why, but instead opened his mouth to make a bet.

“If your uncle is really dating the girl just now, what are you going to do?”

“Then you will listen to your mother in the future, go to class well, and be friends with kids of the same age.” Xiao Wang has always known this. It was Xiao Su’er’s headache. She always felt that being a four-year-old child was too precocious and a bit bad. He would be very lonely when he grew up without friends of the same age.

Xiao Su’er was a lonely person since she was a child. She didn’t want her children to be like this. Now that Xiao Wang actually understands everything, she also feels very comforted. Her children are really smart and know everything.

“Okay, it’s up to you! Mom promised that if you guess everything, I will promise you a request.” Xiao Suer said, reaching out and rubbing his hair.

the other side.

Xiao Yuhan sent Rong Ling’er to the downstairs of her house. Her family lived in a low-to-medium-grade community, right next to the shanty town, and all facilities such as security properties were not perfect.

Rong Ling’er told him that even the current house was bought with the savings she had worked so hard in the entertainment industry for so long, and she would pick up an endorsement in her spare time and take a magazine to subsidize the family. , All the expenses in college are earned by myself, and also to support the family, this girl is really not easy.

“Professor Xiao, I don’t know if your family is so rich, you wouldn’t despise me?” Rong Ling’er lowered her head, holding two Chinese medicines from the Ang Family Manor in her hands, feeling a little inferior.

Xiao Su’er smiled and waved her hand, “What are you talking about? Why do you dislike you? You are already very powerful. You are also very good at raising a family and buying a house for your family at a young age. You are better than most girls. Don’t think about it. Go home, I also want to go home quickly, otherwise she will be worried when my sister comes back and can’t see me.”

“Professor Xiao still has a sister?” Rong Ling’er raised her head when he heard his words. .

“Yes, there is a twin sister.”

“Twins? Then Professor Xiao and sister do not look alike?” Rong Ling’er heard the word twins, her eyes lit up instantly, as if she was very interested.

“It’s okay, it’s not particularly like it. Get off the car, I’m going back.” Xiao Yuhan was a little strange, as she was already downstairs at her house, but Rong Ling’er didn’t even want to get out of the car at all.

Just now he was going home after giving lectures in school, but Rong Ling’er followed him to the parking lot, blushing and asked if she could take her for a while, she didn’t know where there were Chinese medicine centers in the city, and she rarely took to the streets. .

Xiao Yuhan didn’t care about those two oil bills very much. Besides, because he and Xiao Su’er both studied medicine, there were a lot of medicinal materials in the house, so he simply said to take her back to the Ang’s villa to help her prepare good medicine. The medicinal materials in the home are of the best quality, and it is not like some pharmacies that use bad quality to replenish the number.

Rong Ling’er kept saying thanks to him all the way, but she was stunned when she saw Ang’s Family Manor. She didn’t expect that Xiao Yuhan’s family was so rich and looked so rich. Shuai is also the youngest professor in the university. With such a rich family, he is simply a perfect boy!

Even if she has been in the entertainment industry, she has never seen a second perfect boy like Xiao Yuhan.

Almost immediately, she was prepared to let Xiao Yuhan notice her, and to become a lover with Xiao Yuhan, so that she would be able to relax a lot in the future, so he must have a lot of money in a big manor. If you can be with him, then both your younger brother and your family can get a little help, and she still knows the reason that one person can ascend to heaven.

“Oh! I was so happy talking with Professor Xiao along the way. I actually forgot to get out of the car. Thank you Professor Xiao for sending me back. See you another day.”

Rong Ling’er opened the car door with some embarrassment, and ran back with two packs of Chinese medicine. When she came home, she turned around when she ran to the gate of the community with light footsteps. She thought Xiao Yuhan would be like the boys who sent her home before, watching her go upstairs from a distance before leaving, but she didn’t expect to turn around. When I passed the head, what I saw was Xiao Yuhan’s fading rear of the car.

It’s really an elm head, it seems that it takes a little more work. Rong Ling’er stood there and didn’t know whether she was crying or laughing. This Professor Xiao is so handsome. In fact, many graduate students in the school would secretly give him a chance, but he seemed invisible.