Chapter 0 The Revenge of the Contract Bride

Jian Li went downstairs as if escaping, and went straight to her and Ye Fanlin’s former home.

It’s so miserable, I heard that the child is more than eight months old.

But no, why are you so careless, it seems that you are still a daughter.

Yes, I was a good family of three. When the body was taken away yesterday, I saw her husband cry miserably.

As soon as he arrived at the gate of the community, Jian Li heard several aunts talking.

Excuse me, are you talking about Jian Li on the 17th floor? The woman frowned.

Yeah, you know? How pitiful you are, a good girl, if you say nothing, you are gone. Why can’t you think about it so much and commit suicide by jumping off the building? A middle-aged aunt said with regret.

What, committed suicide by jumping off the building? It was obviously Ye Fanlin’s murderous attack on her.

How about the baby in her belly?

Jian Li asked worriedly.

We don’t know this anymore. Who are you and how come you look so face-to-face?

No, it doesn’t seem to belong to our community?

Facing the questioning, Jian Li tried to squeeze a smile and hurriedly left the crowd.

I am afraid that only by going to Jian’s house can we figure out what is going on. But if she goes like this, saying that she borrowed a corpse to recover? After being on Ms. Ann’s body, will someone be caught as a lunatic?

The more Jian Li thought about it, the more unreliable she felt. At this time, a crisp phone ring suddenly rang. Searching around, it came from Encore’s bag.

Jian Li hesitated, but still answered the phone.

You damn girl, have things been done? Why haven’t you come home?

As soon as it was connected, a man’s roar came from the other end of the phone.

Jian Li frowned slightly, this was the voice of Anker’s father, Andaren. He has been patriarchal since he was a child, and only liked Anker’s prodigal brother, An Shijie.

Got it, Dad, I’ll be back soon.

Jian Li hung up the phone in a hurry and hurried back to An’s house. After all, now, her body is Encore, and she also wants to know that Encore is just asking for sleep, why did she die well?

Arriving at the Anjia villa, Andaren’s face darkened as soon as he entered the door. Has the contract been completed?

Dad, look at the bruise on Ke’er’s neck, you know that Young Master must be very satisfied last night. The man next to him showed a wretched smile. He is none other than Anker’s brother, An Shijie.

He is a typical prodigal son and rich second generation. He only knows about eating, drinking, and gambling all day long, which makes the company miserable. It was his idea to let Anker sell himself to save the company this time.

Jian Li glanced at him dissatisfiedly, then looked at the indifferent Andaren in front of him, sad for the owner of this body.

Her family actually asked her to dedicate her life to a man for the company. After returning, she didn’t have a word of comfort. Why should she sacrifice herself to complete their family?

I’m sorry, Dad, I’m useless, Master Jue slept with me and still didn’t sign the contract.

What, not signed? what happened? Did you offend the lesser noble? Otherwise why

Andaren roared in dissatisfaction. In Shuangcheng, the power of Ming Xuanjue was overwhelming. Although he was high and cold, but who didn’t know, he had always said the same. Now that everyone is asleep, why should I go back?

You dead girl, I know why, is it because it’s not the first time you have swept the young man’s Yaxing? An Shijie jumped angrily when he heard this.

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