Chapter 1197 End of the match

Chapter test of the end of 1197

if not yet finished, we can see the distant blue of a figure walking slowly, loudly interrupted him, “Hold on! Who says GongFu the end? I have not a competition.”

What ? Even the crown prince has been defeated, and there are still people who dare to challenge, who is so bold! Everyone looked towards the source of the sound, but saw a man wearing a mask slowly approaching, with a tall and stalwart figure, and a firm pace. At first sight, he was the six princes of the public lover.

Today’s martial arts contest brought so many powerful people to the moment, and it aroused fierce discussions among the onlookers.

“Ahhhhh! Sixth princes are here too, look now!”

” Sixth princes are also coming to join in the fun? Why bother? Sixth princes want to marry who can’t get married? Why do they have a soft spot for Miss Su Er? “

People are more popular than others. The Sixth Prince and His Royal Highness are vying to marry her. What do you think Miss Su Er has for?”

“People are cultivators with ultimate abilities. What do you think about them? ? “

Xiao Su children standing on the stage looking at the figure walking slowly, mouth all smiles, which have enlivened by Aung thin pour it? What can I do? Pretend to lose to him? If you lose too deliberately, I’m afraid you will be criticized by the people in the city.

If he really fights him, now he is a cultivator, how could Bo Qingang ever be able to fight?

Bo Qingang walked to Xiao Su’er step by step with a mask and watched her stretch out her hand, “Miss Su Er and I will have a try. If I can’t win, I will marry me.”

The two looked at each other, and there was an ambiguous atmosphere in the air. Xiao Suer lowered his head and smiled, whether he was married to Bo Qingang, although I don’t know how he pretended to be the sixth prince, where did the real sixth prince go. , But now she is pretending to be Miss Su Er, and they will leave after entering the Ghost Doctor Valley to get the ice cold grass.

Thinking of this, Xiao Su’er smiled and nodded, “Okay, please enlighten me.”

Bo Qingang nodded lightly, and with a wave of the fan, the two directly narrowed the distance between the two. The two tried to play like a flower spear, and Xiao Suer lowered it. The voice asked, “What should I do? Am I not doing it? Or did I deliberately release the water?”

“If Su’er wants to do it, she can do it naturally, but don’t let the dragon chase me.” Bo Qingang took two steps back. Fan, looking at Xiao Su’er with a piercing look at what he said, it was obvious that as long as he didn’t use the dragon formation just now, Xiao Su’er could do it like a cultivator.

The two of them played like spears, and the people around the audience who were not cultivators could see clearly and began to whisper.

“You see what these two people?”

“I think ah, this has always been a test for the preparation of six princes, before everything is waiting for the six princes bedding out.

” Right, you see that Miss Su Er are they I didn’t want to do it, I guess I wanted to lose to him directly. “

Xiao Su’er also heard the voices of their discussion, and felt that she still couldn’t lose too deliberately, otherwise Miss Su Er’s reputation would still be not very good, since she has used her identity, she must always leave a good one for her. Fame. She slowly gathered a fireball in her hand and looked at the opposite Bo Qingang and said, “Sixth princes, since you also want to try it, then I’m not welcome. “

So the fireball flew directly from her hand and rushed towards Bo Qing’ang. It was fierce, and the people in the audience were startled. The few people who said that they were playing with flower guns just shut their mouths. Some worried that Xiao Suer would launch the Dragon Array again.

If the scene of His Royal Highness urinating his pants shocked them, they just thought it was His Royal Highness. If the Six Princes are peeing their pants now, they will feel extremely sad. After all, the Six Princes are the lovers of the masses, and all the women of All Saints Continent. Both want to marry him. If he also peeed his pants, it would make people feel that faith collapsed.

When Xiao Su’er sacrificed the fireball, she always controlled her spiritual power, thinking that if Bo Qingang couldn’t resist, she would immediately retract her spiritual power to remove the fireball, but what he didn’t expect was that Bo Qingang dodges two fireballs quickly. , And also launched something that Xiao Suer couldn’t see in his hand, and directly extinguished the two fireballs.

Xiao Su’er narrowed her eyes, what’s the matter? Bo Qing’ang actually had spiritual power, and he couldn’t see exactly what level of cultivator he belonged to. It was so confusing? Xiao Su’er looked at Bo Qingang with doubts in her eyes, but saw him nodding confidently.

In the next second, the ice in his hand only moved towards Xiao Su’er, and an icicle lay between the two of them. Without exception, all the fireballs that Xiao Su’er shot in his hand went out.

“The six princes are interesting, so don’t blame me for being impolite now.” Xiao Su’er looked at Bo Qingang like this and was a little curious about how capable he was, did he become a cultivator too? When did this happen?

Thinking about this, she sacrificed the dragon from her hand again. The fire dragon swallowed the flames and moved towards Bo Qingang, but when he approached Bo Qingang, an icicle penetrated through the dragon. The whole dragon fell to pieces. On the ground.

Seeing that the dragon formation was broken by the six princes, the nympholy excited voices of the boys and girls in the audience almost broke the ground.

“Ah, look! The six princes are so handsome, so charming, so handsome, how many times stronger than that Prince’s Royal Highness.”

“That’s right, you see that he broke the dragon formation easily. Just now, His Royal Highness was scared by the dragon to pee her pants.”

“But then Miss Su Er loses to the Sixth Prince. Isn’t she going to become the Sixth Princess? No way, no way, no way! No way.”

Xiao Suer looked at Bo Qing slowly. Speak slowly, “Okay, I surrendered in today’s competition, and the six kings won.”

Bo Qingang retracted his fan and fanned it lightly on his chest, turned his head to look at Zhuge Li, who was dumbfounded, “If this is the case, please announce it to the prince.”

Zhuge Li was already completely stunned, and it was really him today. On the day of the face, a comparison between the two people, everyone can see how much he failed just now. The six princes won so easily and so gracefully, but he was scared to pee his pants.

Zhuge was not strong enough, but didn’t want to stay here, so he could only quickly announce, “Okay, Uncle Sixth King! Become the husband of Miss Su Er, that’s it!” After saying this, he quickly got into the sedan chair and let people carry it. Leave.

After the curtain, Su Yaoer, who saw all this, collapsed. She pulled Xia Lanying’s clothes and shouted, “Mother, see how this can happen? Things are not as you planned! Su Xiner is going to marry Liu. The prince, why!”

Her tears fell one after another like broken pearls.