Chapter 1198 Identity origin

Chapter 1198 The origin of identity

Originally, the two people wanted to recruit relatives through this martial arts contest, so that Su Xin’er was embarrassed to marry the beggar Zhang, ruining the rest of her life, but they did not expect to lose her wife and break the army.

Zhang Beggar was severely injured by Su Xin’er, and he made His Royal Highness lose such a big face in public. His Royal Highness, but she invited to be a witness, will definitely vent her anger on her body at that time. Is good! Su Xin’er also successfully married the Sixth Prince, and today is really a big loss.

Xia Lanying is still trying to maintain her demeanor, but her face is as ugly as pig liver. Today she really suffered a lot. I didn’t know how she would be punished by the Prince. Will become such a situation.

But Su Changqing next to her was completely different from their wives, and her face was full of joy.

“Okay, okay!” He clapped vigorously, turning his head to the side and admiring Xia Lanying, “The contest you proposed is really good. It seems that you are really thinking about Xin’er. Now that she has this good home, she must thank you, a

lady !” “Old, what the master said…” Xia Lanying tried to raise her mouth and smile, but she still had a bitter smile. She never expected that she would now When this is the case, I still have to make a strong face and laugh, but my heart has already started to cry.

Xia Lanying looked at the two people on the martial arts stage. Su Xin’er and the Sixth Prince standing together are like a pair of people, just like a pair made in heaven. The man is handsome and the woman is all over the country. God’s masterpiece is so worthy to say that it is not right.

Outrageously worthy! Xia Lanying gritted her teeth, and her posterior molars were almost crushed.

The people onlookers are all complicated because of this game. The broken-hearted girls are comforting themselves, but Xiao Su’er is standing beside Bo Qingang with joy, and the two of them can be considered to have traveled to the Continent of All Saints to write a good story. NS.

But I don’t know that Bo Qingang came to participate in the martial arts contest by pretending to be the sixth prince. At that time, let the sixth prince know what is good, but it doesn’t matter. Anyway, she will leave after a month, and the sixth prince will still be alone. , This martial arts contest will not have any impact on his life.

Bo Qingang only had her in her eyes. The two looked at each other. He stretched out Xiao Su’er’s hand and said, “Let’s go, let’s stay away from this noisy place. I have a lot of things in my heart to tell you. See you before. You have to hide in hiding, but now I have won this martial arts contest and will be my one after you recruit you. You follow me, no one dares to point you.”

His words made Xiao Su’er laugh instantly, it turned out to be like this , Did he come to participate in the martial arts competition to recruit relatives because he wanted the two to be together just right in the future? Too! Now two people are walking on the street, no one dared to say anything.

Xiao Su’er nodded at him, put her hand on the palm of his hand, and the two of them interlocked their fingers and turned to leave the competition stage, instantly causing the people onlookers to scream.

“Ah, you see that the two of them are already holding hands now. The two are not married yet? Don’t pay attention to the influence at all.”

“Pay attention to the influence. The second sister Su who won the martial arts competition is the sixth prince’s person, if It’s for them to leave the bridal chamber if they are not finished tonight. I guess she is willing.”

“I don’t know how to be ashamed, I don’t know how to be ashamed!”

“What is shameless? It was the six princes who came to participate in the martial arts contest and recruiting relatives, which means that he also likes it. This Miss Su, what happened to the two people holding hands in a happy relationship? Don’t eat here.”

These voices were all forgotten by the two of them, and Bo Qingang took her hand all the way towards When they walked to the outskirts, they didn’t let go of Xiao Suer’s hand until they reached a stream where no one was there. The two sat by the stream and began to talk about their experiences these days.

The last time they met was when the forest of another world was so dangerous, there was no time to have a good conversation. Now it is a chance.

Xiao Su’er grabbed his hand, “Then tell me, why can you pretend to be the Sixth Prince? How did you do it? Where did the real Sixth Prince go?”

“When I just crossed over, I went directly outside the Sixth Prince’s Mansion. I happened to meet the Sixth Prince who went over the wall and went out. He said that he wanted to travel all over the world and didn’t want to be trapped by this power, so he wanted to leave. It just so happened that I needed an identity and peace. He made a deal. I pretended to be him in his mansion. I couldn’t affect his reputation in the city, and I couldn’t do what he didn’t let him do, and let him travel around.”

Bo Qingang put his arm around Xiao Su’er’s waist and began to explain that the Sixth Prince at the time was still wearing a mask. where?

The Six Princes looked at him like an idiot, but he wanted to take advantage of him. After explaining to him where this was, he still used the rights and money of the Six Princes to seduce him. Bo Qingang was sure that there was a Ghost Doctor Valley here, and that this was the continent that Xiao Suer was talking about. After that, he simply borrowed the donkey from Poxia and pretended to like money to make a deal with him.

It seems that the six princes have made a lot of money, but in fact, the two are just getting what they need.

After hearing what he said, Xiao Suer felt very interesting, “That’s right! You have an adventure. It seems that God is helping us. Now I have an identity, and so do you! When the time comes, we will successfully enter. After Ghost Doctor Valley gets the ice cold grass, we can return this status to them.”

“Then Su’er, why did you become the second lady of this prime minister’s mansion? How about the original second lady? Is it the same as the six princes? Have you traveled through the mountains and rivers?”

Bo Qingang was also a little curious. He knew that Xiao Su’er had Yi Rong Wan, but as for the original Miss Su Er, he didn’t believe that Xiao Su’er would hurt people’s lives by pretending to be a human being.

“This Miss Su is not as lucky as the sixth prince, and she can still go to the mountains and water. She was killed by the aunt and sister of the prime minister’s mansion. I happened to see the person who buried her body, so I borrowed her. I took Yi Rong Wan as her identity and returned to the Prime Minister’s Mansion as her.”

“So now not only is to pave the way for us to go to Ghost Doctor Valley, but also to avenge these two young ladies, not to let her aunt and that sister go away. . “

Xiao Su speaking children also filled with emotion, it seems that Miss Su two twenty-eight Love, not to enjoy life, not knowing what the future will marry husband, he was the Soviet Union that both mother and daughter at home that vicious It was really pitiful.

“Did Na Su’er have been bullied by the Su family’s mother and daughter these days?” Bo Qingang squeezed her hand, his worried eyes fell on her face.