Chapter 1199 No father loves no mother love

Chapter 1199 No Father, No Mother’s Love

“They dare not bully me. They have been suspicious of life these days. I don’t know why Su Xin’er, who was weak in the past, suddenly became like this. I guess they were really bullied by them before. . “

Xiao Su Aung child’s body against the thin pour a deep breath,” look! this is my life before nineteen years where you did not feel good here too? here mainland China and compared, although there is no China’s civilization and technology are more basic than they are, and you can see the original nature of nature.”

“It’s really good here, it looks like Huaxia Continent used to be, except that there are no cultivators. My son used to live in such an environment. No wonder you are different from other girls in China Mainland, always thinking about relying on yourself. I have also seen many female cultivators who are more powerful than men.”

“Su’er, if you didn’t travel back to China mainland, but grew up here, what kind of person would you marry? Ghost Doctor Valley is a very prestigious place on this continent. You should marry a prince. Nobles.”

“You think too much. Most people in Ghost Doctor Valley are married to knights from the rivers and lakes. The master will personally help us choose distinguished disciples, and some marry princes and nobles, but they are relatively rare, and we don’t want them. Go to the palace and be constrained.”

Xiao Suer remembered that ten years ago, she was taking classes every day in Hougui Medical Valley. The master taught pharmacology and taught them all the medicinal materials. She really asked how many masters and sisters they wanted to marry in the future. Who is it for?

Ghost Doctor Valley is indeed very prestigious in this continent. Women who know how to heal are the objects that everyone wants to marry, including the prince and prince in the palace who want to marry a disciple of Ghost Doctor Valley back. This is equivalent to marrying. A pharmacist can help them practice.

So they can choose whoever they want to marry. Xiao Suer at the time said that if they could choose to marry a real man, they would stand upright! Rather than relying solely on the power of the family, she wants to marry a respectable disciple or a knight, not to marry in the palace and be constrained for a lifetime.

Now her lover is a real man, standing upright, she can be regarded as getting what she wanted.

Xiao Suer and Bo Qingang stayed by the river in the outskirts for a long time. After talking about their experiences these days, they also talked about a lot of future plans before they reluctantly left.

When I returned to the Prime Minister’s Mansion, I saw Su Yao’er with a faintly resentful look. Looking at her, she wanted to tear Xiao Su’er in half.

Xiao Su’er didn’t want to pay attention to her, and wanted to leave from the other side, but Su Yao’er stopped in front of her. It seemed that today was another day of trouble.

“Why? You were itching to watch the martial arts competition today, do you want to try it yourself?” Sales, turned to look at his yin and yang strangeness.

Su Yaoer heard the overtones in her words and pointed to her loudly, “Su Xin’er, don’t be arrogant! Do you think it’s great to be a cultivator now?”

“Don’t you? You used to keep saying that I am a trash? Now I am not a trash, and your prince is also mine. I really think I’m amazing for my defeat! Don’t you still think you are amazing, tusk tusk, a yellow ability!” When

Xiao Su’er spoke, she looked at her with the same eyes she used to say. There are two words in my eyes: waste!

Su Yaoer was so angry at her that she felt insulted, and she pointed to her nose and shouted, “I warn you! I’m your sister, you’d better be polite to me, otherwise I will deal with you by family law. .”

“Family method? Then you have to see if your father agrees with you. One is a five-star martial artist with ultimate ability, and the other is only a yellow ability. Which side is father on? If you use the family method to deal with me, take me If you play something good or bad, then the sixth prince will come to the house to ask for justice. I don’t know how you want to explain it?”

Every sentence of Xiao Su’er stepped on her painful foot. She knew that what Su Yao’er had always been proud of was her identity as a cultivator, the name of a genius brought by her yellow abilities, and she knew that she was actually admiring in her heart. Six princes.

Sure enough, Su Yaoer felt she was insulted by her words, and pointed at her and shouted, “Su Xiner! Do you think that you will be your husband-in-law in a martial arts contest today and recruit your relatives to be the sixth prince? ? ” “

I told you! so high above the six princes people, not people like you can climb up, you can not completely control him, to marry when you go six palace will definitely be bullied being humiliated, do not blame my sister I didn’t warn you, you’d better quit your

marriage as soon as possible!” “Retire? Did your elder sister think that the sixth prince would want to marry you? Don’t be delusional, the sixth prince is the only one in my heart. I didn’t tell you today, right? he is specifically to contest the stage, he said he was not my not marry, he liked people like me, and he said he most hated person is …… “

Xiao Su children stopped Buddist timely, meaningful eyes on the ground Checking Su Yaoer several times, Su Yaoer was so angry that she backed away a few steps, “Okay! You are now showing your true face, right now, the appearance of the little white rabbit in the past was pretended. Now that you find the patron of the Six Princes, you are arrogant, right?

Su Xin’er, you are a child without a mother. If you suddenly become a cultivator and your dad doesn’t even care about you, you’re a child without your father’s care and mother’s love. Slut!”

She can’t compare anything now, her proud talent, her figure, her marriage to the prince, everything is inferior to Su Xin’er, only the love of her parents can be compared .

When Xiao Su’er heard him say this, her color changed, she narrowed her eyes and approached her in two steps, gathering spiritual power in her hands, Su Yao’er was frightened, thinking of the appearance of His Royal Highness on the martial arts stage today, she was a little frightened, and her voice trembled. Asked, “Why, you, you, you still want to beat me and fail? It’s in the Prime Minister’s mansion now! You beat me to try and see, dad wait for a while if you don’t kill me, you will blame it.”

“Why? Wasn’t it great just now? I’m sorry to say that I am a slut, no father’s pain or mother’s love, I don’t need father’s pain, I will have husband’s pain in the future, at least a few hundred better than your husband who is peeing pants Bei, when your husband was crying and yelling to marry me today, I didn’t know what your elder sister felt?”

Xiao Su’er knew that family affection was everyone’s weakness. The second lady of the Su family passed away early, and her younger brother didn’t love her. She must have been abused. This Su Yao’er still took out this matter from time to time to poke her heart!