Chapter 1200 New plan

Chapter 1200 The new plan

Su Yaoer was trembling with anger when she heard her words. His Royal Highness’s pissing on pants today was extremely embarrassing. She also felt that she was a little bit too shameless, but Su Xiner actually dared to be in front of her. Mentioned again, is she not afraid of the prince’s questioning?

“You are not allowed to mention anything about today’s martial arts stage, otherwise I will tell the truth like His Royal Highness, and then you will know what is good or bad.” Su Yaoer raised her finger angrily and pointed at the person in front of

Xiao Su’er but ruthlessly She slapped her hand with a cruel slap. The palm of her hand was full of spiritual power. Su Yao’er almost broke her hand. She was so angry that she wanted to have a good theory, but Xiao Su’er had no thoughts to care about her anymore, and turned back to herself. s room.

Su Yaoer looked at her leaving back, her chest up and down in anger, but she slowly persuaded herself to calm down her anger, and now she can’t beat Su Xin’er, if she does it, she will definitely end up with herself. If you are wronged, you have to swallow in your belly. After all, Su Changqing now sees that Su Xin’er is more useful than her, and everything is biased towards her.

Su Yaoer stomped her feet with anger, went all the way back to the room, and closed the door heavily.



She yelled and picked up the porcelain next to the door and threw it heavily on the ground. In an instant, the porcelain turned into fragments all over the floor. The maid serving in her room shivered, but she did not dare to come forward and persuade her. I was worried that it was not the porcelain that would become fragments, but herself. After

she smashed all the things that could be smashed in the room , she was still not relieved. She turned her head and looked at a few maids who raised her hands and wanted to fight. Xia Lanying was at this moment. Pushing the door into the room, “Okay, Yao’er don’t do this, you all go down!”

“Yes.” Several maids agreed and rushed out of the room.

Xia Lanying walked to Su Yaoer’s side and gently patted her back, “Yao’er don’t need to be so upset. Such a temper will hurt her. It’s not worth it for Su Xin’er.”

“Mother…” Su Yao When I saw Xia Lanying, I felt aggrieved, and when he had a place to vent, he immediately hugged her and cried.

“Why is it so unfair? Do you know that I went to Su Xin’er for the theory just now, and she kept saying that it was my fault, and she kept threatening me and degrading me for nothing. Why? I am the prime minister’s residence. My eldest lady, mother, you are a concubine! In any case, my status is more noble than her Su Xin’er, but now everyone is complimenting her, everyone can see her light and can’t see me. “

This is Su. What Yaoer felt most aggrieved was that she used to be a high-ranking princess, and everyone admired her, but now she has become utterly ignorant. Others are admiring Su Xin’er, and she feels aggrieved.

Xia Lanying was also frustrated. Everyone praised Su Xin’er these days, and many others even praised her dead mother. They kept saying that she must be an extremely good woman, and that people like Su Xin’er could be born. The lady is coming.

Why do these people say that, her mother is just a mountain villager, she looks a little bit beautiful, and she is regarded as a concubine by the Prime Minister. Where is an extremely good woman?

The girl born from a woman in Shanye Village is also destined to be just a little girl, who is not qualified to be compared with her baby girl. Su Yaoer is the decent Miss of the Prime Minister’s Mansion, and no one else can compare it!

Thinking about this, Xia Lanying’s eyes showed a vicious brilliance, and she narrowed her eyes and slowly said, “Yao’er, don’t be sad! Mother won’t let Su Xin’er live so freely, I will make her pay the price.”

“What else can you do? Now she is about to marry the Sixth Prince. Maybe the Sixth Prince’s dowry will be at the house tomorrow. What can we do then? She will be the Sixth Prince, and we will have to salute when we see her. . ” “

six princess? now character not even got off of it, so do not jump to conclusions, maybe six princes would go back on another day. ” “

how could! “Su Yao child wiped tears from his eyes,” you did not see Is it? The Sixth Prince and Su Xiner were in love at the sight of the martial arts stage. We don’t know when the two of them had an illicit song! The Sixth Prince seems to have a soft spot for her, so surely not. I will regret it.”

“This is not necessarily true. Men value women’s chastity most. If Su Xin’er loses her chastity, would you say that the Sixth Prince will still have a soft spot for her?” Xia Lanying’s mouth slowly rose, aroused A vicious arc.

The expression on Su Yao’er’s face froze, her eyes slowly radiated, “Mother, what do you mean?”

Xia Lanying stretched out her hand to wipe the tears on her daughter’s face, speaking softly, “Don’t worry, Yao’er, she just can It’s just a few days, but you will be appreciated by everyone in the future. You are the proud woman of heaven.”

After a few more days, Xiao Su’er locked herself in her room for the past few days and kept cultivating in the medicine spirit jade space. She spent the rest of the time sleeping, staying at home, and didn’t want to meet that person in the house. Annoying mother and daughter

On this day, she was lying in the room to rest after practicing, but she heard a maid knocking on her door, “Second Miss, today is Missy’s birthday. Madam wants you to clean up and go over to celebrate your birthday. “

Xiao Su children listened to the servant girl, then a little bored, pull off the quilt cover themselves,” I will not go! “

joke, this mother and daughter take the initiative to let her past birthday, definitely not a good thing, she does not give herself It’s comfortable.

But what she didn’t expect was that the maid outside the door was crying and begging for mercy, “Second Miss, I beg you, you can go, and the lady said that if I can’t invite you, then I won’t think about it today. “

Xiao Su’er frowned when she heard what she said. What did she mean to use this trick to threaten to attend Su Yao’er’s birthday banquet, is Xia Lanying crazy? Why do you want her to go so much? What a crooked idea!

However, it is impossible for innocent people to suffer unwarranted disasters. Xiao Su’er can only rub his temples and get up, “Okay! I’ll go, you come in and help me dress up, I really don’t want to move.”

“Thank you, Miss, thank you, Miss, If you don’t go, I’ll be unlucky today.” The maid opened the door and walked into her room. While the maid was grooming her, Xiao Su’er had been thinking to herself, what horrible idea could Xia Lanying come up with today? This is her daughter’s birthday!

If she could still think that Xia Lanying wanted to take advantage of the large number of people who came to celebrate her birthday before, let people laugh at her. After all, she used to be a waste in people’s eyes, but now she has flown to the branch and has successfully become a phoenix. , Suppressing Su Yao’er’s brilliance, isn’t she insulting herself if she asks herself to go?

But she certainly wouldn’t believe that the mother and daughter kindly invited her to the banquet, and there is definitely a new plan to harm others!