Chapter 1201 Something is wrong

Chapter 1201 There’s something wrong.

Thinking like this, Xiao Suer looked out of the room, letting the maid put her lips on herself, secretly thinking that this pair of mothers and daughters who never stopped want to play so much, that’s good! Play with them well, let them know that they are not easy to provoke, or provoke them over and over again!

The maid put a light gauze on her, Xiao Suer came out of the boudoir and walked towards the courtyard. The front yard was already full of friends. Su Yaoer was dressed up today. A blue gauze skirt was wearing a gorgeous pearl hairpin and green ring on her head, and her face was painted delicately. With makeup, it was Prince Zhuge Li standing beside her.

The first thing everyone did when they walked in was to come to her and congratulate her, but the moment Xiao Suer appeared, the banquet that had only a little voice suddenly fell silent.

Everyone’s eyes shifted from Su Yaoer’s body to her. Today’s Xiao Su’er is wearing a white dress, but his face is not covered with powder and mouth fat, but it’s just such a simple makeup, but even more It is to set off her beautiful and elegant appearance even more moving.

Wearing a white dress was like a fairy falling into the mortal world. For a while, almost everyone was stunned. Even the prince beside Su Yaoer was stunned, and the wine glass he was holding was a little unstable, directly hitting the ground.

Faced with the amazing gazes of these people, Xiao Su’er didn’t care at all, but walked to Su Yaoer and raised her mouth perfunctorily, “Sister, I wish you a happy birthday, but you are one year older.”

Xiao Suer was very sarcasm when she spoke, but at the moment she finished speaking, she turned slightly and smiled at all the guests, fascinated the eyes of everyone present, and forgot to question the meaning of what she said. What an inappropriate occasion.

Su Yaoer was almost annoyed when she heard her birthday message and wanted to raise her hand and slap her directly. Today is her birthday party. Is this Su Xin’er an idiot? Actually said such a thing.

An angry chest rose and fell, her fists squeezed, but when she saw Xiao Su’er’s red lips, she suddenly let go of her anger, forget it, don’t fight with her! Anyway, she won’t be arrogant for long.

How arrogant and popular you are now, how ridiculous you will be in a while, the taste of falling from the clouds, most people can’t taste it!

Thinking about this, Su Yaoer felt a lot more comfortable. She stopped worrying about that sentence. Instead, she held Zhuge Li’s wrist and gently lifted her chin, “Thank you, sister, sister is indeed getting older, she will soon I’m going to get married with my Royal Highness and become a princess.”

Xiao Su’er didn’t care about her words, and continued to replied perfunctorily, “I wish the two newlyweds a happy marriage. You are really talented and well-matched.” The

two people. Being together really eliminates harm for the people, and saves others from harming others.

At this moment, the people beside him heard Su Yaoer’s words and congratulated them.

“Yeah, that’s what Miss Su Er said! His Royal Highness and Missy are really a match made in heaven!”

“Yes, yes, yes! The appearance of men and women, the old man has lived such a lifetime, and it is the first time to see such a good match. “Two people.”

“Thank you.” Su Yaoer nodded her head, thanking everyone for their compliments, but she was not happy in her heart. Originally, marrying His Royal Highness was the next policy. She wanted to marry the most. The six princes of the popular lover, he is the dream lover in the hearts of thousands of young girls.

But when everyone couldn’t get her, she didn’t feel how bad she was. Now Su Xin’er was able to marry the Sixth Prince. This was a different feeling. She felt aggrieved in her heart. Angrily, why can Su Xin’er marry the Sixth Prince, but she can’t.

She stared hard at Xiao Su’er and couldn’t wait to stare out the two holes, until now she didn’t know that the person in front of her was not her sister Su Xin’er.

Xiao Su’er didn’t want to listen to their flattering hypocritical words, just walked to the side garden to admire the flowers, anyway, as long as they celebrated their birthday, they couldn’t blame it.

Xiao Suer admired the open peach and pear blossoms in the garden. The red and white complemented each other in the garden, like a landscape painting. It is indeed beautiful! These people don’t appreciate such a beautiful scenery, but they keep talking about those hypocritical words, which is really ridiculous. People are not as beautiful as the scenery. At least the flowers will always bloom at this time, and they will never deceive people.

Xiao Su’er plucked a peach blossom and placed it next to her nose and sniffed, but suddenly felt dizzy in her head. She immediately held onto the peach tree and frowned slightly. What’s the matter? How could you suddenly feel this way? Could it be that I have stayed in the boudoir for too long these days and haven’t come out to walk around?

Not quite right! It shouldn’t be like this. Xiao Su’er cried secretly, she didn’t dare to stay in the garden anymore, and quickly returned to her room, but the short distance from the garden to the room made her discomfort worse.

She felt that the whole body was too hot. There seemed to be a lot of little ants gnawing at her heart. The heat coming from the dantian seemed to burn her whole body

before returning to the room. She couldn’t help it. I took off my coat and went to fan to fan, what’s going on? This is not like a normal body reaction.

Is he poisoned? But it’s not right! He hasn’t eaten anything today.

Xiao Su’er sat on a wicker chair, leaning on her head, and began to think about which part of the problem was wrong, just at this moment-


The door of the boudoir opened suddenly, and Xiao Su’er was about to turn around and question who it was, but was stunned when she saw the person entering the door.

“Bo Qingang! Why are you here?” Xiao Su’er stood up in surprise in an instant, but it was a little strange. How could Su Yao’er invite him?

Bo Qingang didn’t answer her at all, but walked towards her quickly, reaching out to pull her belt.

Xiao Su’er stepped back subconsciously, “What are you doing, Bo Qingang? You never did this.”

Although the two are husband and wife, it is understandable to be intimate, but Bo Qingang has never been so abnormal. Seeing her is nothing. Say, take off her clothes without saying anything.

Xiao Su’er looked at Bo Qingang in front of him and asked gently, “Why are you here? Don’t be like this in the prime minister’s house. If you let others see it, it will ruin the second lady’s birthday. You will take it in a few days. After we get married, we can be fair and honest after we get married.”

She said so much, but Bo Qingang still didn’t answer her words, just looked at her obsessively, and even wanted to come up and take off her clothes. Xiao Su’er realized that something was wrong, Bo Qingang wouldn’t be like this, she immediately hit Bo Qingang’s shoulder hard.

Bo Qingang fainted almost instantaneously. It was precisely because of this simple that he could knock him out. Xiao Su’er felt that it was wrong. He couldn’t be so vulnerable, not to mention that he didn’t bring anything when hitting him just now. Spiritual power.