Chapter 1202 Ecstasy


What is the matter with the ecstasy? Xiao Su’er was puzzled, but she suddenly remembered an anxious but immature voice, “Master, Master! You are poisoned.”

Cao Jing Xiaoyi?

What is poisoned? Xiao Su’er knew that she was wrong now, but she didn’t know what poison she had been in. She immediately closed her eyes and entered the medicine spirit jade space, Xiaoyi, what are you talking about? What poisoned me?

“Yes, that’s…” Xiaoyi was a little embarrassed that the whole grass was bent down, “It’s a medicine that can make people confused.”

Xiaoyi was too anxious, and she has been absorbing it in the medicine spirit jade space today. After absorbing the spiritual energy, he fell asleep, and when he woke up, he immediately noticed that the smell on Xiao Suer’s body was not right.

Xiao Su’er rubbed her temples as a reaction to what’s going on. Did she give her an ecstasy? This is really cruel to mother and daughter.

“Master, if you pick a piece of my leaf and hold it in your mouth, it will detoxify immediately.” Xiaoyi’s entire grass began to shake.

“Okay.” Xiao Su’er immediately took off a leaf and put it in her mouth, and soon felt a cool chill suppress the rising heat in the dantian, her body temperature gradually returned to normal, without the upset feeling just now.

Her body returned to normal. She was completely relieved, opened her eyes and returned to reality, intending to take a closer look at who the person posing as Bo Qingang was, but when she saw the people on the ground clearly, she was completely stunned. .

Lying in his boudoir was the disgusting beggar Zhang on the martial arts stage. Today’s beggar Zhang has no tongue, lying on the ground unconsciously, but still drooling and looking wretched and disgusting.

The mother and daughter really paid a big price and found this kind of ecstasy. After eating this, any man will look like seeing his beloved one, so when this beggar appeared in front of her just now, she Will recognize him as Bo Qingang.

These two people are simply Sima Zhao’s heart in doing so, and everyone knows it! Want to ruin her innocence and make her look up in this life, right? The jealousy of these two people is really great! The tricks used are more vicious and ruthless.

Xiao Su’er took a deep breath, is that calculation? Well! Then have a good time with you to see if you can afford the price.

Xiao Su’er looked at the beggar Zhang who was unaware on the ground, the corners of her mouth slowly curled up, and she turned and walked out of the room.

At the same time, inside Su Yaoer’s room.

She looked at the maid who was kneeling in front of her with a cold face, “How’s it going? Has she already had the effect of the drug? Did Zhang Beggar call it?”

“Everything was done according to the lady’s orders.” The maid looked flatteringly. He said to her, “I

think they have already burned their bodies and firewood.” “Yes!” Su Yaoer’s face was full of triumph when she heard her words. Will you look good? Su Xin’er is absolutely unprepared. I definitely didn’t expect that we would make hands and feet on the mouth fat for

her .” She stood up and went to the window to look in the direction of Su Xin’er’s boudoir. They produce rice to make mature rice, and I ask my mother to take someone to catch the traitor personally. Then the Sixth Prince will never want her again! What about the ultimate talent? What about the five-star martial artist? Really a genius. Now that there is no clear reputation, it is still a waste!”

What she didn’t know was that outside her room, Xiao Su’er heard what the two said clearly, her eyes became colder, her fingers squeezed into fists, she didn’t eat much today, especially the things at the birthday banquet. I was always on guard, just for fear that Xia Lanying would give her medicine, but there was no precaution on her mouth fat.

She was so careless that she didn’t even notice that the dignified ghost doctor disciple was drugging her.

Fortunately, the person they were looking for was too stupid, or else they would really fall down on the two mothers and daughters, but now that she succeeded, she would never let the mother and daughter get better.

Xiao Suer looked at Su Yaoer’s figure in the window through the window. The chill in her eyes became more and more serious. Originally, she didn’t want to care about what these two people did to the second lady before. She taught them enough lessons, but they didn’t. If you just don’t want to settle things down and provoke her again and again, then you can’t blame her.

the other side.

Although Xia Lanying in the front yard was entertaining guests, she was a little absent-minded. She secretly calculated the time in her heart for such a long time. Two people should have cooked rice and cooked rice in the past, right now, the past is just fine!

Thinking of this, she immediately searched for Su Yaoer’s figure in the crowd, and wanted to take her to catch the rape, but she did not find her shadow after searching for a long time.

Xia Lanying started to be a little anxious, forget it, don’t wait for her! She took people to catch the rape by herself, otherwise the two people would not be able to catch it when they left the room, and this time the strategy would be invalidated.

Thinking about this, she turned her head and looked at the many guests around her, “Everyone, our house has been full of flowers in the backyard recently. It’s very beautiful. Come here today, why don’t you come with me to enjoy the flowers.”

The host family sent out invitations. Even if everyone was not interested, they all catered to her and nodded, and followed her to the backyard. Zhugeli had no interest in viewing flowers, but everyone said that he was not interested in going there. Follow along.

But as soon as the group of people walked to the backyard, they saw a man in black walking through the backyard and running towards the room of the people in the Prime Minister’s Mansion.

Xia Lanying covered her mouth and yelled in horror, “Come on, catch the assassin! Someone dared to assassinate the Prime Minister’s Mansion during the day. That’s the room of the wife of the Prime Minister’s Mansion. Xin’er lives there.”

Voice The name was extremely large, and everyone around heard it clearly. Zhuge Li had originally looked impatient, but when he heard the word Xin’er, his face changed and he quickly chased the shadow. go.

Everyone followed him, only Xia Lanying called the loudest voice at the end.

“Su Xin’er!” Zhuge Li followed the dark shadow into the room, but when he saw the scene in the room, he was completely stunned.

This is not an assassin at all, but an eye-catching sight. The ambiguous voices are endless. The veil on the side of the bed hangs down. Behind the veil are two overlapping figures. It is not clear who it is, but you can hear them. The voices of people, all people can know what they are doing.

Xia Lanying, who was too late, also rushed in. Seeing the sight in front of her, she made a very embarrassing and surprised look. She bowed her head embarrassedly, “Oh my god, the world is getting worse! Xin’er, do you know that you are now? What status? Do you know what you are doing now?”