Chapter 1203 Superstition

Chapter 1203 The

second lady from the Su family was in Su Xin’er’s room afterwards. Seeing such an ambiguous sight, everyone was blushing and frowning. The second lady of the Su family was actually in her sister’s room. Have an affair with a man at a birthday party?

She hasn’t married yet, but she has already decided to kiss her. Everyone can tell that the two people already love each other.

The six princes did win, and the martial arts recruiting relatives was to marry her according to the rules. Now she has a marriage contract with the sixth princes, but she is here with other men… This is simply a discredit for the prime minister’s mansion and lost her!

Everyone looked at each other and murmured quietly.

“Oh my god, the world is really going downhill. I saw such a scene in the prime minister’s mansion. How did this prime minister’s mansion educate his daughter.”

“Who knows? Do you think it will be with the six princes? After all, the two people already have The marriage contract can be understood even if you can’t hold it for a while.”

Six princes? Xia Lanying sneered when he heard the comments from several people, not thinking too much, how could he be the Sixth Prince, if it is true and the Sixth Prince, then you won’t have your turn to watch it here.

Now she let everyone open their eyes and let them see if they were lying on the bed the six princes they thought. Thinking that way, she rushed to the bed and reached out to stop her, and hurriedly yelled, “Don’t you guys.” Look, don’t look at this, it’s really a ugly family, don’t

let it go !” She yelled and stepped on the light gauze hanging on the ground with her feet. With a crash, the whole gauze fell off the bed, and the scene on the bed instantly appeared before her eyes. .


The woman lying on the bed blushed at this scene, covered her head severely with the quilt, got into the quilt and refused to come out! The man on the bed fell directly from the bed and fell to the ground. At this time, everyone could see the man’s face clearly.

At that moment, the crowd uttered bursts of exclamation.

“Oh my god, how could it be him?”

“That’s right, isn’t this the beggar Zhang who failed in the martial arts contest before? The second Miss Su hated him so much, how can she be with him now? Do these extravagant things here?”

The people present recognized this beggar one after another, and their expressions became more subtle.

“This is Miss Su two too sick of it, that day when GongFu so despise him, this separated for a few days, actually put people directly called boudoir to do such a thing.”

“The second lady head Is it okay? I’m about to marry the Sixth Prince. The Sixth Prince can’t compare to this beggar. He actually gave this beggar the body of a virgin, which makes people laugh and generous.”

Perhaps it was because she was so shocked that everyone didn’t pay attention to controlling the volume when they talked about it. The tone was full of mockery, and she almost laughed in her ears. This was the result she wanted, great!

It’s a pity that Yao’er didn’t see this scene with his own eyes. Su Xin’er has successfully changed back to the appearance that everyone disliked before. Now let’s see if the Sixth Prince will marry her!

Xia Lanying felt a lot more comfortable thinking about it, and she began to wipe her tears pretendedly, watching the sadly teaching the person on the bed, “Xin’er, how can you do such ridiculous things? Although your mother passed away early, but the mother-in-law I have never taught you a lot! I told you that a woman must be chaste, how can you do this kind of extravagant thing?”

Zhuge Li, who was standing by the side, was so angry that he was vomiting blood when he saw this scene. He didn’t know which string Su Xin’er was wrong. He actually slept with this kind of beggar and didn’t want to marry him. He was a dignified prince. Your Highness, how can you compare to this beggar?

Zhuge Li became more and more angry and didn’t want to stay in this room anymore. When he turned and was about to leave, he heard an unexpected voice.

“Everyone is not enjoying the birthday banquet in the front yard. Why did you get to my room?”

Following this voice came a woman in a white dress. The white dress walked into the door, and everyone could see her clearly. I was dumbfounded for an instant, isn’t this the second Miss Su Xin’er?

“Su Xin’er?” Zhuge Li looked at her in shock and said, “What’s the matter? Why are you here?”

“I don’t understand when your Royal Highness asked this. This is my boudoir. I was in the backyard just now. I’m a little tired from viewing the flowers, of course I have to go back to my room! Is there anything wrong?”

Xiao Su’er looked inexplicable, and what he said was logical, and everyone reacted fiercely and turned to look at the person on the bed. That’s not right! The second Miss Su is standing here, who is the person who had sex with the beggar Zhang on the bed just now?

Everyone started talking in a low voice.

“Which servant girl is it?”

“The servant girl in the Prime Minister’s Mansion is too courageous, she dares to take the beggar to the master’s bed to do this kind of thing.”

“It is also strange, which servant girl looks like this beggar? It’s him.”

“Anyway, it’s not Miss Su Er. She is so beautiful, and she is still a cultivator of intermediate ability. It is a pity to get along with this kind of stuff.”

All the people present were fortunate to have doubts. Somewhat inexplicable, but Xia Lanying was the only one who was shocked and angry. She was still elated last second, but now she is extremely surprised.

How could this be so? She clearly had given Su Xin’er medicine, and ordered the maid herself. The maid didn’t dare not to do anything. But in the end, Su Xin’er stood here so well, who was that person on the bed?

Xia Lanying looked at the person wrapped in the quilt on the bed, her face was puzzled. Xiao Su’er also looked at the beggar Zhang on the ground inexplicably, then slowly moved her gaze, looked at the person in the quilt, and covered her mouth. Called.

“Ah! What’s going on? In broad daylight, I just left the room for a while, and someone ran to my room to do this and other things, so dirty! Who is it? If anyone doesn’t know that this person is me , Isn’t it ruining my reputation? I want to see who is so vicious!”

She said as she stepped forward angrily, grabbed the quilt and violently pulled the person out of the quilt. .

“Don’t!” Xia Lanying wanted to stop it but it was too late. She could only watch the unclothed woman on the bed roll off the bed and roll in front of everyone.

The woman was wearing a pink bellyband and underpants on her lower body. There were many red marks all over her body, which made people unbearable to look straight. She fell to the ground limply, her eyes blurred, her hair disheveled, and her face was unique after an ambiguity. Flushing.

Everyone was very curious and looked at her carefully, wanting to see who it was, doing this kind of thing in broad daylight.