Chapter 1204 Sweetheart

Chapter 1204 Sweetheart

“God, isn’t this Miss Su?” The person next to him recognized Su Yaoer on the ground and his pupils quaked in shock, and his mouth could almost squeeze a fist.

Just now, after seeing Miss Su Er coming over, everyone naturally thought that it was the maid of the prime minister’s house or the old woman who could not get married with this beggar. After all, an ordinary woman, who would like this beggar? I really can’t get married, so I thought of doing this kind of thing with him.

But I never thought that it was Su Yaoer, the eldest lady of the Prime Minister’s Mansion. This was the future prince. Even the emperor had approved this marriage. How could he get together with a beggar?

The most important thing is that now His Royal Highness is here, and she actually did this kind of thing under the eyes of His Highness. It’s nothing more than embarrassing herself. It’s a loss of the royal face, and she doesn’t know the Prince. What do your Highness think.

Thinking of this, everyone carefully looked at Zhuge Li from the end of their eyes, wondering how he would react. After all, so many people saw him being slapped in the face by being cuckold.

Zhugeli’s face at this time was really hard to look at. Just now he thought that the person on the bed was Su Xin’er. At best, he thought she was an A Dou who couldn’t support her, and he didn’t choose a man, so he wanted to walk away.

He felt a little happy when he saw that it was not Su Xin’er, but he never thought it was his fiancée. Even though he didn’t have much affection for Su Yaoer and didn’t like her, after all, the two had already made a marriage contract. of.

The first thing everyone thought of Su Yaoer was his prince. Now that Su Yaoer does this kind of thing with a beggar in front of him, how can he raise his head?

Everyone in the audience was shocked more than one, and the only thing that didn’t change was Xiao Su’er, but on the surface it was still enough. She covered her mouth with a look of surprise, and turned her head to look at Xia Lanying incredulously.

“Oh! How could this auntie? What happened to my elder sister? They have already entered into a marriage contract with the prince, and also with other people, oh! This is really not good. If it is spread out, how can we raise our heads in the prime minister’s house?”

When Xiao Su’er said these words, she remembered what happened just now. She just used her own way to cure her. After discovering that these two mothers and daughters were drugging herself, she immediately went to Su Yao’er’s room. Without thinking, he stunned her and dragged her directly to her room.

Didn’t she find it interesting to put medicine in her mouth fat? Then she drew a scoop based on the gourd and put her mouth fat on Su Yaoer’s lips.

After rubbing the mouth fat on Su Yaoer, she threw Su Yaoer and Zhang beggar on the bed again, and also gave the beggar a mouthful of fat. Now both of them were caught in the ecstasy. Lived, and immediately began to dry the firewood.

She watched the two rolling together before she turned around and wandered in the garden without rushing, hiding beside the flowers and trees and seeing Xia Lanying running to her room with everyone, so she didn’t rush to show up. All time counts well.

Now, Xia Lanying’s entire face looked ashen. She screamed badly when she saw Su Xin’er running around. She looked at the person on the bed and thought it would be her daughter Su Yao’er, but she didn’t think of it. It will come true, especially when Su Yao’er was still wearing a bellyband and was caught out in full view, which made her almost faint with anger.

In addition, Xiao Su’er was adding more energy and jealousy to say some hypocritical words, and she was so angry that she almost couldn’t breathe. She really wanted to tear this Su Xin’er with her hands, but she knew that if she did it, there would be nothing here. After silver three hundred taels, he didn’t stop now. It is a serious matter to hold the prince firmly in advance, if the prince investigates it, they can’t eat and walk around.

She could only kneel directly at Zhuge Li with a grieved expression, crying terribly, and trembling all over, “His Royal Highness, you have to be aware of Qiuhao and be the master of our Yaoer! You know, our Yaoer is a beautiful girl and a great tutor. , Has always been the most self-loving, and will never do such humiliating things.”

“What’s more, when this beggar Zhang saw that he was wronged in the martial arts contest a few days ago and wanted to retaliate, he doesn’t know why he came to our Yaoer. You have to be the master for her! Look at her. That appearance must have been framed by

drugs .” Xia Lanying deliberately brought the topic to the martial arts competition, making everyone think of Su Xin’er, but everyone knows that even if Zhang Beggar wants to retaliate, this Su Yaoer There is no other way to do it as a substitute for the dead ghost. Now it is ruined, but she is the one who dredged the silt!

But she was right. Su Yaoer’s eyes are now blurred, and she is lying on the ground without knowing what she looks like. At first glance, she has Chinese medicine and is unconscious.

At this time, Zhuge Li only felt that his anger had nowhere to vent, and his heart was very depressed. Everyone’s eyes seemed to be turning him too late, but he still had to pay attention to his posture. Killed.

He could only hold back the full anger and reluctantly said, “Mrs. Su, you don’t need to get up first, I will definitely see that

Qiuhao is the master of Yao’er.” “Thank you, Your Royal Highness.” Xia Lanying wiped away the tears on her face, pitiful. She stood up, no matter what, she had to insist that Su Yaoer was framed.

After all, this can still save her life. If she is directly convicted of having sexual intercourse with a man, then the troubled royal family will be despised and beheaded.

Although he would definitely not be a princess now, it would be great to be able to save his life.

She really didn’t understand why she became like this, so that Su Xin’er escaped a catastrophe. She actually caused her precious daughter to be ruined by this beggar, and she couldn’t help but hate Su even more. Xin’er is now, and can’t wait to shred her body into pieces.

But what she never expected was that when she was out of anger here, Su Yaoer, who was lying on the ground, suddenly started to twist her body, her bellyband could not be covered at first, and the movement even revealed. Most of his chest, still humming and making an ambiguous sound in his mouth.

“Six princes, why did you stop? I hate it! People want it!” Su Yaoer made a coquettish voice, stretched out her hand and grabbed everywhere. It was obvious that the effect of the medicine had not completely faded, and her heart was hot and she took the initiative. Ask for it.

But the name she called out made the whole room as silent as death. What she just kept calling out was Six Princes!

Everyone looked at each other, and their faces were as brilliant as a palette. Su Yaoer called another man as her fiance, the prince’s face, which means that she just regarded Zhang Beggar as the sixth prince?