Chapter 1205 Official prostitute

Chapter 1205 Official Prostitute

Seeing her appearance is still willing, things are a bit fun now, and I don’t know how the prince will deal with this kind of woman.

Xiao Su’er was also a little dazed when she heard Su Yao’er call out the Sixth Prince. It seems that Su Yaoer had already secretly promised the Sixth Prince! I didn’t even see anyone’s face, so I liked it so much.

Xiao Su’er smiled and shook his head, Su Yao’er, this is your own death, no wonder anyone, I didn’t want to harm you like this.

Originally, I just wanted to use his own way to treat his own body, but you will add fuel to the fire like this, and I don’t know what the Prince is going to do!

Xia Lanying next to her had a bigger reaction than anyone else. When she heard Su Yao’er yelling out the words Six Princes, her legs softened and fell to the ground unsupported anymore. Her mind reverberated with three deaths. Big print.

“His Royal Highness, Your Royal Highness, listen to me to explain to you!” Xia Lanying lay directly at Zhugeli’s feet and pulled down his robe, trying to fight for her daughter’s last chance.

Now Zhugeli can still listen to her defense. If he did, he kicked her fiercely, “You get out of here!”

His kick condensed his spiritual power, and kicked with all his strength, Xia Lanying got out of the door directly, and no one dared to be there. Speak out, worrying about the crime of even sitting next time, and even more afraid of the murder of His Royal Highness.

Zhugeli looked at Su Yaoer lying on the ground with a gloomy expression, wishing to slap her to death, this woman! Originally thought that she was framed by drugs, that would leave a little bit of life, but now it seems that she is a lewd bitch in her heart!

Already able to marry himself as a princess, he was still thinking about his uncle, just other people, but he had been jealous of the six uncles who couldn’t be used to it since he was a child.

He was defeated to Su Xin’er on the stage of martial arts competition before, but Su Xin’er seemed to surrender automatically when the six emperors came. That appearance made him very angry. Now Su Yao’er is simply adding fuel to the fire. , Making him wish he could slap this bitch to death.

Zhuge Li squeezed his hands into fists and gnashed his teeth, “Come here! Su Yaoer messed up the royal family and despised the royal family. During the marriage contract with me, he actually committed this kind of sexual intercourse with a man, and the prince’s order was annulled. Marriage, take her to the brothel to be an official prostitute!”

All the people present at this order took a breath of air-conditioning, my God! This dignified lady of the Prime Minister’s Mansion was actually going to be taken to be an official prostitute, which is simply discrediting the ancestors. If the prime minister knew that she might vomit blood and die on the spot.

The prince was really cruel enough to ruin the eldest lady for a lifetime. Although today’s things are shameful enough, there shouldn’t be any high-ranking officials willing to marry her in the future, but it’s okay to marry an ordinary citizen to be a virtuous and virtuous wife. , But in this way, she can’t even think about marrying for the rest of her life.

But no matter how ruthless the prince is, no one dared to speak for Su Yaoer. After all, what she did today is too much. It is not an exaggeration to chop off her head. Just letting her be an official prostitute is regarded as an extra-legal rule for the prince. Good luck.

The only excitement was Xia Lanying. She kept kowtow towards Zhuge Li, slammed her head on the floor, and even smashed her forehead with bleeding but still kept saying, “His Royal Highness, Yao’er is really being framed. Yes, she didn’t intend to have an affair with a man, please be aware of the details and don’t be so unfeeling.”

“Go away, your mother and daughter are both of the same kind!” Zhuge Li snorted and kicked Xia Lanying away. He didn’t want to look at them again, and turned away a little disgustingly.

As soon as Zhugeli left his front foot, a guard rushed in on his back foot, wrapped in a mat in Jiangsu sunshine and dragged directly out of the room. Su Yaoer was not quite awake at this time, even though he was dragged out of the room, she was still screaming. Six princes~”

Xia Lanying watched as several guards wrapped her baby girl in a mat and dragged it out. When did she ever suffer such humiliation, she couldn’t bear to turn her eyes and fainted.

Xiao Su’er watched this scene without saying anything, but shrugged. This was also the mother and daughter’s own responsibility, and they couldn’t blame anyone. This is also a great lesson. In the future, they dare not harm others at will.

Since Su Yaoer was taken to be an official prostitute, Xia Lanying made a lot of trouble in the mansion several times and wanted Su Changqing to come forward and bring her precious daughter back.

Su Changqing didn’t dare to say much after learning about this. After all, she was lying in Su Xin’er’s room, and he had also asked Xiao Su’er’s opinion on the sidelines.

Xiao Su’er said indifferently and didn’t know why she went to her room. Maybe she made a mistake that day, and the one who lay there became her. If Daddy has to pick her back, then you can’t blame me for being you. Things you want to see.

This kind of words also made Su Changqing happy. After all, Su Yaoer had done such a shameful thing, he couldn’t wait to get rid of her directly, even if he came to ask Xiao Suer, it would be a good way to stop Xia Lanying’s mouth.

There is no possibility for Su Yaoer. Xia Lanying sits alone in her room every day, looking at the sky and weeping. The maid beside her can only offer comfort when she sees her appearance. Knowing that she is dissatisfied, she scolds Su Xiner. Come.

Madam, it’s all the slut who killed the eldest lady into such a lady, you must avenge the eldest lady, and you can’t spare her easily. “

Xia Lanying was upset at first, but now she heard the maid say this, and she was even more angry. Su Xin’er was already proud enough to become a cultivator, and now she has killed her own Yao’er like this. Don’t have to walk sideways in the Prime Minister’s Mansion.

Xia Lanying’s fist hit the windowside fiercely, “Don’t worry, I will never let her be so cool and comfortable! One day I will make her pay a thousand times the price. “

Ma’am, it’s time to hold alchemy conferences in recent days. In the past…” The maid also knew to give her master an idea and mentioned it specifically.

And these words of her also seemed to remind Xia Lanying to wake up, she suddenly After reacting, he glanced at the maid beside him, this is indeed a good opportunity! Su Xin’er who is a cultivator with a hard time is definitely going to show off the limelight. In

this case, please help her out. , Xia Lanying turned her head and said to the maid beside her: “You go and register for Su Xin’er for the alchemy meeting, but remember not to go out with publicity.”

“Yes. “The maid immediately agreed, and turned around to sign up for the alchemy meeting as instructed.

Xia Lanying sat alone in the room, her eyes full of resentment and hatred. This time it was also a time of breaking the boat . Su Xin’er could escape once or twice, so she didn’t believe it every time. She can escape, this time she must be cleaned up!