Chapter 1206 Alchemy Conference

Chapter 1206 Alchemy Conference The

alchemy conference is a grand gathering for cultivators. Although she is not a cultivator and cannot participate in the alchemy conference, she has heard many stories about the alchemy conference, and many people want to stand out among the many cultivators The top players have exhausted all their efforts to practice a peerless pill, but there are not a few people who are poisoned by the pill that they have practiced.

She has heard a lot of stories. What is deeply impressed is that once, after attending the alchemy meeting, Su Changqing went to drink with many of his colleagues and came back drunkly to tell her about the alchemy meeting, a fire spirit with high self-esteem. The root cultivator went to participate in this conference, but failed to come back alive.

This fire system spirit root master may have an accident. It is not uncommon for a few people to die in this conference. Xia Lanying, who has never participated, knows it, let alone those who participated in the cultivator.

So if Su Xin’er had an oversight in the alchemy meeting and accidentally made her own pill to be highly poisonous, and then poisoned herself, no one could say anything wrong.

Xia Lanying’s face became more gloomy as she thought about it. This time, the good times and places were gathered together, so she didn’t believe it and couldn’t teach her a lesson.

Thinking about it this way, Xia Lanying felt a lot more relieved from the depression in her heart these days, and it was only when she poured herself three cups of tea in succession.

But Xiao Su’er didn’t know that Xia Lanying had designed a trap to let her get in. She just stayed in her boudoir and devoted herself to cultivating. Not a few days later. In about half a month, the entrance examination of Ghost Doctor Valley is about to begin. She has to take the exam. When he came to the fore, he entered the Ghost Doctor Valley.

But of course Xiao Suer knows that Xia Lanying will not let her go so easily. On weekdays, she holds her daughter like a baby in her hand. Now Su Yaoer has been sent to the brothel, and she even counts this account. On his own head.

But no matter what she did, Xiao Su’er was not afraid.

But the two days were too stable, so Xiao Su’er felt that Xia Lanying was stimulated by what happened last time, and she wouldn’t bother her anymore.

Thinking about this, she was still happy and free, so she won’t have to think about how to deal with them all day, but she didn’t expect that she just stopped receiving a famous post soon.

The famous post says: Participants of the Alchemy Conference are allowed to enter the famous post!

Alchemy Conference?

Xiao Su’er read these words and didn’t understand what it was? But the famous posts have already been sent, are they the ones that all the cultivators in this city will receive? She turned her head and looked at the steward next to her and asked, “Steward, what is this alchemy meeting? Will all cultivators attend it? I don’t want to go, you help me return this post.”

When the steward heard what he said, he looked confused, “Miss, this alchemy conference is only possible if you take the initiative to sign up. Now that you have signed up, why don’t you go to participate? And the master said that in the past, those who participated in the alchemy conference were among the best in the past. Maybe you can make a name for yourself on it, why not go, the lady is so powerful?”

The butler was very puzzled. After all, he had never thought that someone else had signed up for Xiao Su’er, but his two words made Xiao Su’er react. Perhaps Su Changqing had signed up for himself.

He always likes to be in the limelight. Two days ago, he knew that he was a practitioner of ultimate ability, his tail was almost up to the sky, and Su Yaoer’s thing happened again. He was worried that he couldn’t find a chance to make the Prime Minister’s Mansion famous. Well, this time I definitely wanted to use the alchemy conference to let myself show off my demeanor, so as to overcome the scandal of the previous two days.

But since they are all powerful cultivators at the alchemy conference, she might as well go get some insights. And this is a pill refining conference. People from Ghost Doctor Valley will also participate. Maybe there will be some chance at that time.

She hides in the medicine spirit jade space every day for her practice, but she is actually a little bored, so she might as well meet the world. Thinking about this, Xiao Suer simply accepted the post.

I only accepted it here. Xia Lanying will get news tomorrow. She took out a small ingot of silver from her purse and stuffed it with the maid next to her, “Yes, well done. This is for you. Take it. Bar.”

Now that the bitch has decided to go to the alchemy meeting, everything is proceeding according to her plan. This time, you must be more careful, so that no flaws can be detected by the bitch. If she wanted to fight, she was so painful that she found everything she had done before.

Especially Yao’er. Now that Yao’er is killed by her to live in the brothel, it is better to die, so let her die! Only in this way can the hatred in the heart be relieved.

The maid next to her looked down and followed the flattering lady. She was sure to get

what she wanted. This maid still breathed a sigh of relief in her heart, and secretly praised that she had chosen the right master, so what if Su Xin’er became a cultivator ? It’s not that the wife is pressing her back. In the future, this wife will be in charge of the entire Su family. If she dares not to be obedient, a slap can slap her to death.

Being a Bodhisattva is already thinking about how to kill Su Xin’er, revealing that the viciousness of thinking leaves no way behind.

But they didn’t know that Xiao Su’er didn’t take this alchemy conference seriously. Her focus was not on this conference, but the cultivators participating in the conference. If you can meet the best of Ghost Doctor Valley, treat it as if you don’t. See the world.

The alchemy conference will be held in another two days, and she has been coping with the spirit of 120,000 points for these two days. Please ask the practitioners who have participated in the alchemy conference in previous years to find out all the medicinal materials needed, and go to the drug store in the city to prepare in advance. complete.

Just in case, I checked it several times and asked the good maid to do the matter properly. The benefits are indispensable for her.

Xia Lanying didn’t dare to fake her hands this time. All the medicinal materials were personally selected by herself. Even the close maid who had been with her for several years couldn’t believe it, worried that the last time would happen again.

On the day of the alchemy meeting, Xia Lanying specifically asked Su Changqing to let her go and watch. Su Changqing saw that she was really depressed these few days, and Su Yao’er’s affairs also made her heartbroken.

But what she didn’t expect was that when she arrived at the alchemy meeting, she searched all the places at the meeting and did not see Su Xin’er.

As a result, she was panicked in an instant, but she didn’t dare to show it. She could only ask in a low voice, “Where is Su Xin’er? Could it be that Ruyun, a master here, didn’t dare to come?”

Now she has prepared everything. It was only for Su Xin’er to get her into the trap as soon as she came, but at this time, if she didn’t come, everything was wasted.