Chapter 1207 Intermediate elixirs

Chapter 1207 The Intermediate

Pill Xia Lanying was so anxious at the alchemy conference that Su Xin’er would not come, but what she didn’t know was that Xiao Su’er was still practicing in her boudoir, mainly because she didn’t pay attention to this post at all. The time to write, after all, she didn’t take the initiative to sign up, so that she didn’t know when the alchemy meeting had arrived, and she was still immersed in her cultivation.

She really couldn’t wait to let the butler come to the house to remind her. When the butler arrived outside her boudoir, she suddenly realized that it was already time, and slowly followed the people to the meeting site.

Xia Lanying breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Xiao Su’er coming over, but when she saw her inattentive look, she became angry again, and said with a cold look, “Cut, do you really think of yourself as a master? Actually late! Who do you show it to?”

Xiao Su’er didn’t know the existence of this alchemy conference. Ten years ago, when she crossed to the China Continent, there was no such grand event as an alchemy conference in the Ten Thousand Sacred Continent, so she had been learning about the history of this alchemy conference from the steward along the way.

The butler also told everything he knew along the way, Xiao Su’er was able to figure out the rules of this conference. It turned out that a pharmacist must be a pharmacist to participate in this alchemy conference.

After listening to her, she didn’t even think about Xia Lanying. She didn’t know that this was her strategy. After all, Xia Lanying didn’t know that she was now a dual-system spiritual root cultivator, let alone knowing that she was a pharmacist.

But I heard that there are exceptions. If you are not a pharmacist, you can qualify to participate in this alchemy meeting if you have enough spiritual power, but the results will not be very outstanding.

Moreover, this alchemy conference also has a strange rule. Everyone’s pill will be graded, but no matter how high the level, the alchemist must eat the pill he made, and this conference is not responsible. , Even if you are poisoned to death, you are at your own risk.

So many pharmacists were poisoned to death in this alchemy conference, but there were still many cultivators rushing to participate. After all, if they stood out in this conference, it would be a matter of the ancestor of glory.

When Xiao Suer arrived at the conference, she saw Xia Lanying and noticed her gaze, but she didn’t take it to heart. She knew that Xia Lanying must have wanted to see her embarrassing, but she would not be as she wished. Xiao Suer directly boarded the alchemy platform. .

Because of her late arrival, the game has been on for more than half of the time, and a pharmacist with outstanding performance before has refined an intermediate pill on the spot. Many pharmacists on the side quietly withdrew from the competition after seeing the intermediate pill, and were afraid to make an axe in front of him.

Everyone wanted to be by the pharmacist’s side to watch the intermediate pill that he had trained. Even Xiao Su’er came over and everyone thought she was here to watch the pill together, but Xiao Su’er didn’t expect Xiao Su’er to ask directly, I Isn’t it too late?

Those who watched the excitement looked at her when they heard this sentence, and they kindly freed her up, “The girl is late and hasn’t seen the pill made by this young master. Come and take a look. It’s rare to see it!”

“Girls don’t want to compare, just come and have a look, and you will have a long experience. If you really want to participate, you will come again next year.”

“Yes, the girl will definitely not be better than this intermediate pill today. A powerful medicine has appeared, and the competition has ended here. Come and take a look.”

Several judges on the judging stand saw Xiao Su’er coming over and asked her to give up the competition just like these people said, but Xiao Su’er really is. I didn’t want to show the limelight, I really wanted to give up after hearing their persuasion.

Now everyone doesn’t know that she is a pharmacist, and there is no need for her to show off here, besides, she is not such a lively person.

And the most important thing is the so-called intermediate pill. She knew at a glance that she would definitely not be worse than her. Not to mention that she is a cultivator now, that is, when she was not a cultivator before, she could Practise high-level pill.

Now that Xia Lanying is in front of him, she does not want to expose her strength.

Xiao Su’er thought in her heart that Xia Lanying should clap her hands if she retires. After all, it would be a bit shameful to withdraw directly from such a conference.

But what she never expected was that when she was about to withdraw from the game and leave, Xia Lanying ran towards her, ran to her side and exhorted her, “Xin’er, you are a cultivator of ultimate ability. The medicine is not very good, don’t you have the confidence to

beat him?” Xia Lanying was really afraid of her retiring, and she prepared everything herself, and now she is on the scene. If she leaves now, wouldn’t it be a waste of her previous achievements?

But Xiao Su’er didn’t understand why she was so diligent and wanted to let herself participate today, so did she believe that if she participated in the competition, she would be embarrassed?

However, what she said instantly aroused the interest of others. Everyone looked at Xiao Su’er. The ultimate ability cultivator is really rare in a century, so you have to look more.

Even Young Master Wang, who had developed an intermediate pill, looked at Xiao Su’er meaningfully, and some people beside him who were not too troubled by the excitement directly started to make a fuss.

“Ultimate ability cultivator, so powerful? Then just compare it! See if you are really so powerful, but don’t just have a hard mouth.”

“I think it’s a hard mouth, you see her young, And it doesn’t look like a pharmacist. What kind of ultimate ability is you dreaming!”

Xiao Su’er listened to them, not being agitated at all, but still wanted to leave. Xia Lanying looked like she looked like Unable to be affected, she became more anxious, and secretly winked at the maid who followed behind. The maid understood what she meant, and it did

n’t take long for a voice to emerge from the crowd when she nodded towards her . Come, “

Oh , this is Miss Su Er from the Prime Minister’s Mansion, no wonder you say so badly.” “Oh! This is Miss Su Er, the old trash?”

“The Prime Minister doesn’t take his daughter too seriously. Let her come out to be embarrassed. It’s a big laugh. A trash is embarrassed to come here.”

Xiao Su’er quietly rolled her eyes when she heard the people around her. These people are really idle and doing nothing, but since the words say so It’s ugly, of course she has to prove her strength.

Many of these people are not eligible to participate in the ability test. Naturally, I don’t know that she has tested the ultimate ability, so let them see today.

Thinking about this, Xiao Suer said softly, “Then I will compare it! Where are the medicines?”

She asked and looked around, but after watching for a long time, she realized that these pharmacists seemed to bring their own medicines. She came empty-handed.

Xiao Su’er frowned and was about to say something, but saw Xia Lanying’s close-kids directly lifting a back of medicinal materials and placing them in front of her.