Chapter 1208 Soul-returning pill

Chapter 1208 Soul Return Pill

Xiao Su’er looked at the medicinal materials on the back of the underground, and turned to look in the direction of Xia Lanying. Xia Lanying didn’t look at her, but turned to look to the side. Instead, the maid next to him opened her mouth, “Miss, This is what the lady asked us to bring over. Originally, I thought that if someone didn’t bring medicinal materials, we could be a favor. You know there are many colleagues of the master here.

But since the lady didn’t bring it, let’s give it all to you. After all, you are too. On behalf of our Prime Minister’s Mansion, if we can’t practice anything, we will lose the face of the Prime Minister’s Mansion.”

It was polite to think about these words carefully, and Xiao Su’er felt relieved.

She lowered her head and picked up her back to take a closer look at the medicinal materials inside. They were all common herbs, which could be bought on the street. If she was not a disciple of a ghost doctor, or a doctor, she might have been caught by Xia Lanying today, thinking that she was really just here to join in the fun, and wanted to harm herself for a long time.

Xiao Su’er calmly took out all the medicinal materials from her back and placed them next to the alchemy furnace one by one, rolling up her sleeves and preparing to start the medicine.

These medicinal materials seem to be no problem to ordinary people and inexperienced doctors, and they are even good medicines of high quality.

However, Xiao Suer can only use this look to know what Xia Lanying wants to do. These medicinal materials seem to be extremely common, including the Aconitum and Pinellia, but these two medicines are beneficial to the human body alone. But if you accidentally put them together, it becomes extremely poisonous, and then the refined poison will be poison.

But now Xiao Su’er put them together and placed them on the face so brightly, but some pharmacists present could not tell at all. After all, they had just stepped into the TCM world.

The pharmacists who have the dual roots of Firewood here are even more pitiful, and no one can detect that there are two kinds of medicines that are mutually reinforcing and inhibiting each other.

She just looked around the audience like this, and found that Master Wang, who had practiced the intermediate pill just now, might have seen it. He was looking at himself meaningfully now, but he didn’t want to remind him aloud.

However, she didn’t need anyone to remind her, and she still pretended not to know, but she also gave Xia Lanying a meaningful look. Xia Lanying has not dared to face her since she just got the medicinal materials. Look, just sitting in the seat and pretending to be ignorant of anything.

Xiao Su’er’s gaze Xia Lanying also noticed, but she didn’t dare to look up and she didn’t dare to look at each other. She could only lower her head and mix her two fingers together, staring at Xiao Su’er’s direction with the corner of her eye, wanting to see her pick up. The process of refining pharmaceutical materials.

In her heart, Xiao Su’er had never discovered her tricks. After all, she would have said it if she had discovered it. Even if she had not said it, she would definitely not use the two medicines.

However, Xiao Suer directly used fire spells to ignite the medicine furnace with a fire ball in her palms and began to choose the medicinal materials she would use for alchemy. When she touched the two medicines, she paused, and the corner of Xia Lanying’s eyes immediately closed. When I came back, I was afraid to look at it.

Seeing him like this, Xiao Su’er pulled out a faint smile at the corner of her mouth, and actually threw the two herbs into the alchemy furnace directly, then raised her head and smiled lightly at Young Master Wang.

The refining of medicine was officially started, all the medicinal materials were condensed in the alchemy furnace, and it took a while for the whole audience to diffuse the fragrance of medicine. It’s just that this medicinal fragrance is different from an ordinary pill. On the contrary, it is a bit like the smell of food from the kitchen. People can’t help but swallow a few mouthfuls of water. Many people follow this medicinal fragrance and look at it, wanting to know what she is in. What pill to practice.

The scent became stronger and stronger, and the pharmacists around started talking.

“Wow, what kind of medicinal material is this? I have never smelled such a scent in the past few decades.”

“It should be a medicinal material for replenishing the body. This girl seems to have some strength.”

“Said. It has to make sense, it should still have some ability. The young Master Wang didn’t have such a taste when he was

practicing alchemy just now.” “Didn’t someone say it just now? This girl is a cultivator of ultimate ability, maybe she really has some strength. Prime Minister. If the lady of the palace is incapable, she can’t be embarrassed here!”

Xiao Su’er, who was in the middle of the discussion, was not affected, still refining the pill without a hassle.

But at this moment, Young Master Wang, who had been watching him, also lit up the alchemy furnace that he had already extinguished.

He is not a person who focuses on participation regardless of winning or losing. He came here originally to win the alchemy conference. Just now I saw that there were some idiots here and he didn’t try his best.

Now that there is a hard stubborn stubbornness, of course he is going to do his best. He doesn’t want to subdue to others, especially to lose to a little girl.

The people around immediately began to booze when he saw this action.

“Do you think Master Wang is going to fight again? Then did he not show his strength just now?”

“Definitely not. I saw his medicine in the palace that day, but it is more pure than today. too much.”

“Look at that little girl is not enough, the prime minister of the government Miss what? She is not a pharmacist, we can have a few Halloween continent pharmacists ah?” ,

“Is said, but she was able to make the king a young age The young master re-opened the alchemy furnace to make alchemy tests, which shows that it is also a little level.”

The people next to them began to talk about these two people, and their gazes at Xiao Su’er became complicated, some sympathy and a little more sophisticated.

Xia Lanying was sitting at the refining table, and she felt much more relaxed when she heard these people’s discussions. She just likes people to belittle Su Xin’er, the harder she is to belittle, the happier she is.

The fragrance in the medicine furnace in front of Xiao Su’er became more and more intense, as if it was a magical taste bud. Everyone couldn’t help but want to get close and smell it well. This smell makes you feel full just by smelling it.

On the other hand, although the fragrance of Young Master Wang is not as strong as Xiao Su’er, and even exudes an inexplicable smell, his movements are more than a little bit faster than Xiao Su’er.

After a while, the onlookers heard the sound from the medicine furnace in front of Young Master Wang. The pill has been refined, and Young Master Wang is also proud.

The people around hearing this sound became even more excited.

“What do you say is this pill that Young Master Wang refined? Is it high-level?”

“Need to say ? Whether it is high-level or intermediate-level, as long as the purity is reached, the little girl is incomparable.”

“That’s right! He has been practicing for such a long time, but there is a fragrance, but no results are seen. Maybe he won’t be able to make the pill after a while.”