Chapter 1209 Seven layers of purity

Chapter 1209 The seven-layer purity

soul-recovering pill is finished, Master Wang took out the pill from the medicine furnace, and said a word lightly, which instantly shocked everyone in the audience and was speechless. This time the soul pill It’s not something that a pharmacist wants to be able to practice.

So calling back the soul pill is to save people’s lives at a critical moment. Such a pill is hard to find and hard to find.

Although he said that the purity of his soul pill was not enough this time, there were only two layers, but it was enough for the pharmacist. After all, some people couldn’t get it out.

Looking at the pill, the “kind” people began to persuade Xiao Su’er to give up.

“Miss Su, I think this test will end here. You will definitely not be able to develop a pill that is more powerful than Master Wang. Don’t spend your time here and go back to the Prime Minister’s Mansion to enjoy your luck.”

“I think Yes, even though you are here today to brag about your ultimate ability, we didn’t believe it, did we? It’s okay even if you haven’t practiced it, hahaha…”

Everyone around him followed his smile and laughed at him and identified Xiao Su’er. It’s just that there’s nothing real about bluffing here.

Many people circled around Xiao Su’er’s alchemy furnace and looked inside, but they didn’t see the shaped pill in the alchemy furnace, and the ridicule became more serious.

“I’ve heard before that the second lady in the Prime Minister’s Mansion is a waste, and she has no spiritual roots at all. Today, I suddenly said that we are the ultimate ability. Do you think that those of us who have never seen the world don’t know anything? Waste is waste. Don’t be embarrassed here.”

Young Master Wang next to him listened to these people belittling Xiao Su’er and raised his voice and raised his head proudly. His eyes were full of disdain when he looked at Xiao Su’er.

Xia Lanying was relieved to hear these humiliating words next to her, her Yaoer was also so humiliated that day, let Xiao Suer taste this today.

Xiao Su’er was very calm from beginning to end. After throwing in the last herbs he needed, she stopped and started to slowly close the fire in the pill furnace.

But every time she refines medicine, she is in the medicine spirit jade space, where it is quiet enough, but this time the people around her are too noisy and noisy. She can’t immerse herself in the medicine. I’m afraid the pill The purity of the medicine is not enough.

She herself was absolutely dissatisfied, but it was enough to deal with Master Wang.

Xiao Su’er opened the alchemy furnace and placed a pill in the center. Everyone was very curious when they saw the pill.

“Since the young lady from the Prime Minister’s Mansion has practiced well, she should show her how to show it.”

“If there is anything to show, there is no need to show it as a shame! She is just a fire cultivator. It’s not that we don’t know how high the level of cultivation you have to achieve

to get the pill .” The mocking voices beside him kept on, but Xiao Suer still looked calm, just taking out the pills from the pill furnace according to his original rhythm. , Put the pills you refined on the tray on the side for people to watch at will.

A group of people gathered around, smelling the refreshing scent, and couldn’t help being curious, “What kind of medicine is this? I want to taste it.”

Almost everyone is like this. However, they couldn’t take the medicine that Xiao Su’er had practiced at will, they could only stare at the black pill curiously.

At this moment, the principal pharmacist of the alchemy conference walked over from one side. Just now, Xiao Su’er was paying attention to the medicine when he was refining medicine. Seeing that this girl can refining medicine without any surprises no matter how noisy the surroundings are, the technique is more similar. I’m an experienced pharmacist, I’m afraid this pill is not an ordinary pill.

He walked directly to Xiao Suer’s side, picked up the pill and looked at it carefully, and then was a little shocked, but said with certainty: “The pill that the girl has practiced is 70% pure.”

These words drew everyone on the battlefield. People are amazed, what pill has 70% purity? No way! The pill that Young Master Wang has just practiced has only two layers.

No matter what the effect of this pill is, it is already very impressive with a purity of 70%, and it will definitely not be simple.

The people onlookers already had ideas in their hearts, and the purity of 70% would certainly not be worse than that of Master Wang.

Xiao Su’er nodded towards the chief pharmacist. The pill was indeed 70% pure. If it weren’t for the noise of the people around him, it would be far more than that.

“Actually, I’m a little curious, what is the purpose of the girl’s practice?” The pharmacist has been looking at it for a long time, but I really can’t see it.

Xiao Su’er was not surprised to hear her asking like this, but she used a unique technique to refine the pill that most people would never see.

The pharmacist in charge just asked about it, and she answered schemingly, “Actually, I don’t know what the effect of this pill is. After all, I didn’t bring my own medicine today. All the medicinal materials were provided by the aunt.”

Speaking of this, Xiao Suer turned her head and looked in Xia Lanying’s direction, “Auntie should know what medicine is there for?”

Xia Lanying’s face turned red and white. She originally thought that Xiao Su’er would definitely not be able to practice medicine, but now she has actually refined medicine of grade 7 purity, which made her feel more jealous.

Especially when Xiao Su’er asks this now, she has to come out and explain again. In fact, she has started to panic in her heart. Do you know that she has moved her hands and feet? That’s why I deliberately threw this question to myself.

No matter how she answered, she couldn’t get rid of the relationship. After all, she had already said in front of everyone that the medicinal material was provided by herself. If she was really poisoned to death by this pill, how could she stay out of the matter.

At such a moment, Xia Lanying’s eyes rolled but she immediately got an idea. This medicinal material was bought at the market. Even if it was negligence, it was unavoidable, as long as she refused to admit it.

Xia Lanying smiled and said, “They are all the best medicinal materials bought at the market. They have the effect of replenishing qi and blood to the body. Presumably the pill that is refined has the same effect.”

“The lady said. Yes, I just saw a few medicinal materials that are nourishing qi and nourishing blood, which is of great benefit to people.”

“Yeah.” Xia Lanying could only nod her head without knowing what she said after her words, and gave a random hum.

What Xia Lanying didn’t expect was that when her voice fell, Xiao Su’er turned to the chief officer beside her and said, “This is what the aunty prepared for me. Since the pill is made for me, I don’t know if this is the case. Conflict with the rules of the alchemy conference?”

Xia Lanying raised her head in surprise when she heard this, her eyes widened, she was blatantly trying to harm herself!