Chapter 1210 Take the antidote ahead of time

Chapter 1210 Take the antidote in advance

“This can’t be done, no!” Xia Lanying spoke before the chief pharmacist, and refused Xiao Su’er’s request.

Just kidding, the raw materials themselves are highly toxic. Now that the pill is practiced, the toxins may be doubled. She originally wanted to kill Su Xin’er. Now if she eats the pill that she refines, it will be the time. Become yourself looking for death.

Xia Lanying’s personal maid was also so scared that she didn’t dare to breathe, thinking in her heart that the two young ladies knew something, otherwise how could it happen that she wanted to give her pills to her.

Although the two seem to be calm on the surface, Xiao Su’er saw those small movements in her eyes. She sneered in her heart. The two of them didn’t have the courage to harm others, and they didn’t seem to be able to be frank and open. The quality is not good. However, one thing is certain now, that is, this alchemy conference is all she is doing from beginning to end.

She must have signed up for herself, no matter what she thinks, she will be able to do what she wants. If she fails to make a pill, she will be embarrassed directly under the public and can make her breathe out. If you make a pill, wait a while to eat it, and poison yourself to death, she will be even more refreshed. It is really vicious enough to be caught in her arms!

However, she has never missed a trick. Su Xin’er today is not the trash in her eyes. She Xiao Su’er is a disciple of the ghost doctor. If she can’t tell the little bit of poison she got, there will be no I am qualified to say that I am a doctor.

Xiao Su’er smiled upwards and continued to ask the chief pharmacist, “I don’t know if you can?” The

chief pharmacist saw that Xiao Su’er was young but was always thinking about her aunt. Of course, this kind of filial piety was worth encouraging, so she nodded and agreed.

When Xia Lanying heard this, her entire face became pale and bloodless, and she immediately began to push away, “Xin’er’s filial piety lady has suffered, but she contracted the cold a few days ago. You can’t take medicine indiscriminately. You should take Xin’er yourself.

Right .” It’s just that Xia Lanying counts a thousand dollars, but didn’t count this trick. Xiao Su’er is also a pharmacist, and Xia Lanying’s skill in carving insects is really inelegant.

The chief officer looked at Xiao Su’er, who was very young and very filial, so he naturally agreed.

Hearing this, the blood on his face was gone, no matter what he said, “Mother felt cold a few days ago. The doctor said that you should not take medicine indiscriminately. You should take this medicine by yourself, Xiao Su’er.”

After Xia Lanying said this, she stood up and wanted to leave, but how could Xiao Su’er give up so easily, immediately stopped in front of her, and said with a gentle smile: “I just saw that the auntie’s face was not very good, so I thought about it. I want to give the pill to my auntie. This pill is all the raw materials for tonic. They are all for nourishing qi and blood. They can definitely be eaten. Auntie, please be considerate of my thoughts.”

Xiao Su’er had already put the pill on her hand as she spoke, and presented it in front of her. Xia Lanying could see the pill as soon as she lowered her head, and the whole person began to stammer, “I, I, is really uncomfortable, or Go back. Keep this medicine

Xin’er for yourself.” Xia Lanying said so much, the people around saw the majesty of the prime minister’s mansion acting like this and began to point.

“What’s going on? The lady who respects her specially, and no matter how you are a lady, you have to eat it. It seems that the second lady must not be treated at home on weekdays.”

“That’s it, the second lady’s mother .” She passed away early, shouldn’t the wife be more concerned about her? But now that she looks like this, tsk tsk…”

“I don’t think this lady is right! I dare not look at the second lady, even the pills in her hand. At a glance, could it be…” I

didn’t dare to guess at the middle of the sentence, for fear that a single sentence would lead to death, but she had already started, and everyone’s hearts were beginning to think in this direction, and couldn’t help but guess this. Is there any problem with the pill?

The most important thing is that everyone saw it just now. The raw material of the pill was provided by the lady herself, but now she dare not eat it.

The surrounding words filled her ears, but she resisted stubbornly as if she couldn’t hear her.

The pharmacist in charge no longer insisted on seeing her like this. She was about to speak for Xiao Su’er to eat by herself, but Xiao Su’er approached Xia Lanying and leaned over her ear and whispered: “Mother, there is something, you can escape today. I won’t be able to escape tomorrow! You can weigh it yourself. If you refuse to be like this now, it will only make people feel that the dignified Madam Prime Minister cannot be on the stage.”

Xia Lanying’s eyes shook when she heard her words, and she instantly changed her mind. , Can’t you just lose your manners like this, isn’t it just poisonous? If you swallow the antidote in advance, you can detoxify. When the time comes, she will pretend to be fake and say that this girl intends to murder her aunt.

Thinking about this, she actually reached out and picked up the pill from Xiao Su’er’s palm, “Since the pill is so filial, then the aunt will ignore the troubles, and the pill will be your apologize to me!”

She deliberately said these words. Soon someone followed her words and guessed, aren’t these two young ladies so filial as they seem on the surface? Maybe she deliberately cheated this lady before, so she didn’t dare to take pills just now.

Xiao Su’er didn’t argue, but looked at her with a smile, and wanted to wait for her to take the pills, so that she would know what to blame.

Xia Lanying raised her chin and gestured, and ordered the maid to pour water, and quietly swallowed the antidote while wiping the sweat on her face with a handkerchief, and then took the hand of the maid to take the pill.

“You definitely won’t be as ignorant as you used to be. I can rest assured when I take this pill.” Xia Lanying took Xiao Su’er’s hand and made all the bedding, and the close-fitting maid behind her saw that she was really eating. After taking the medicine, the whole face was wrinkled together, and my heart was pounding.

If the master died here, what should we do? She has been staring at Xia Lanying cautiously.

Xiao Su’er did not speak, but waited quietly for her response, Xia Lanying was still confident, thinking that the poison would definitely not work.

Seeing Xiao Su’er with some teasing eyes, she suddenly felt pain in her lower abdomen. The pain became more and more intense. It was like a needle pierced directly from her belly. She couldn’t bear the pain. Kneeling directly on the ground.

“What’s the matter? Why is it like this?” Xia Lanying knelt on the ground and covered her belly, shivering with fear, why would she still be like this after she had already taken the antidote in advance?