Chapter 1211 Hurt others and end up hurting oneself

Chapter 1211 Killing Others and Ending Herself

Xiao Su’er stood by her but understood what was going on. The poison she could usually see was only one or two levels of purity.

Naturally, her antidote can only solve the poison of one or two levels of purity. Now, with the 70% level of poison, her antidote is simply a drop in the bucket, and it will not have any effect.

The maid saw her kneeling on the ground, panicked and knelt down, supporting her with trembling hands, “Madam, what’s wrong with you? How could this be?”

Xia Lanying’s pain had nowhere to vent, she could only pull her. The hand of the living maid pinched her tightly, and the maid grinned with pain, and no longer had the strength to speak.

Xia Lanying felt her strength pull away little by little, Qiqiao began to bleed, and she curled up in pain. She bit her lips but it was of no use, until her lips began to bleed, and her consciousness began to slowly pull away, holding the maid’s. The hand just started to loosen slowly.

The maid was finally able to speak, and she immediately pointed at Xiao Su’er and cursed, “Miss, Madam treats you not badly, treats you like your own daughter, how can you harm Madam? Which pill did you add to it?”

Faced with her accusation, Xiao Suer coldly watched Xia Lanying without saying a word. Today, she is responsible for everything, didn’t she want to harm others? This is called harming others and ultimately harming yourself.

As for this little maid, she didn’t pay attention to it at all, just a glance over it, and the little maid covered her mouth instantly and dare not say anything.

The crowd onlookers who saw Xia Lanying lying on the ground bleeding out of seven holes immediately became a little afraid, and they all stepped back a few steps, and looked at Xiao Su’er when they looked a little wrong.

In front of everyone, Xiao Su’er actually dared to murder her aunt. Such a crime could cause her to be beheaded, but Xiao Su’er’s calm appearance made people feel that things were not so simple.

The chief pharmacist next to him has not spoken either. Everyone can see the way Xia Lanying turned away just now. Now that he dies immediately after taking the pill, it is still miserable. If there is no problem with the pill, it is estimated that everyone will say it. Won’t believe it.

The chief pharmacist calmly instructed the staff nearby, “Go and see the dregs and find out what’s wrong.”

Xia Lanying was already completely black, and the body had begun to chill, only the little maid knelt beside and cried beside her. People are sitting on the sidelines.

Xiao Su’er saw that the pharmacist in charge was also a sensible person.

She didn’t want to blame at will, so she stopped saying more. Instead, she went straight to the subject and looked at the maid asking, “Who bought this medicine today?” The person next to her heard her. This sentence is a bit strange. Didn’t she say that this medicine was bought by her aunt? Why do you ask again now, is it possible that there are other people who want to harm this lady?

The little maid looked at Xiao Su’er with tears on her face, and knew in her heart that if she was ignorant, no one would be able to protect her in the future. The second lady would dare to kill even the wife, let alone a small maid.

Thinking of this, the little maid immediately knelt down and crawled to her side. The teacher said that the lady had bought the medicinal materials herself.

As soon as the voice fell, the staff had already brought the medicine slag to the pharmacist. The pharmacist who was able to host this alchemy meeting was a senior pharmacist, and he understood what was going on when he looked at the medicine slag.

However, she did not speak directly, but looked at Xiao Su’er with a meaningful expression in her eyes. She could train a pill with a purity of 70%, and it was impossible not to know the simple principle of suppressing the properties of medicine.

“Really? The auntie bought it herself? According to you, the auntie wanted to harm me today. If it weren’t for my filial piety, I would be dead now.” When

this sentence came out, the chief pharmacist withdrew his gaze. , It seems that this is Da Zhaimen’s own housework, and this Xia Lanying is also doing his own death, no wonder others.

Someone next to him instantly understood what was going on? Pointing Xia Lanying’s body, said: “This is the court death, actually will hurt second lady, though not natural, but you can not arbitrarily murdered ah!”

“Everybody says that the harm is not there, so how much older still Without a little bit of consciousness, it must be very difficult for Miss Su to come to life on weekdays.”

“Tell me, she is a guilty person, damn this kind of person.”

Xiao Su’er listened to their comments next to them and did not speak much or sell miserably. , She knew that Xia Lanying would have such a day sooner or later, thinking about harming people every day, how could she not be harmed?

Even if Su Changqing knew it, she couldn’t blame her. She looked up at the maid next to her and whispered softly, “Go back and inform daddy.”

Putting down these words, she raised her foot and left the alchemy meeting site. The maid did not see that she wanted to blame herself. Meaning, completely relieved, got up from the ground and ran back to Su Mansion.

Su Changqing was not too angry after hearing the news of Xia Lanying’s death, but only after repeated confirmation did he order someone to collect her body. The entire prime minister’s mansion quietly assumed it had never happened.

Xiao Su’er thought that it was his original wife after all, and she would come to ask her no matter what, but she waited in the room for a few days and didn’t see her.

Su Yaoer on the other side had been in the brothel for a few days, and had just picked up a guest on this day. When she returned to her room, she saw her own maid.

Before she could ask more questions, the maid said, “Mrs. Miss has gone.”

After saying this, the maid did not stay too much, and quickly left the brothel. After all, she is not a maid in this fireworks field. I don’t want to have Su Yaoer’s relationship anymore.

After Su Yao’er heard the news, she was completely stunned at the scene, what? Mother is dead? Mother is really dead?

Then what is your hope in this world? She lived in this brothel all day long and was insulted and trampled by people, but she had to bear it all because she thought that one day she would be able to go out and the mother would come to save herself, but now the mother has passed away, she How can you still get out of here?

Su Yaoer’s whole person is like an ice cave, thinking that she will spend the rest of her life in this brothel, being abused by those disgusting men, a little bit of red lips, thousands of people with a jade arm, and a thousand people pillow, she feels living here There is no meaning in the world.

She fell to the ground, looking at left and right blankly and muttering to herself and shouted, “No, no! Mother can’t die. Who dares to kill my mother, she is the prime minister’s wife.”

She really thought. No, this is just a few days, how could such a big change happen? The mother is the prime minister’s wife, who has the courage to kill her.

Thinking of this, Su Yaoer was puzzled, but she tried to tell herself that she must not be let down, otherwise she would only be able to never stand out in this brothel in the future. She wanted to find out who had harmed her mother.