Chapter 1212 Vicious scheme

Chapter 1212 Vicious Tactics

Su Yaoer wiped away the tears from her face, took the hairpin from her head, and stuck it directly on her thigh.

The pain of bone erosion! She didn’t seem to feel anymore, she pulled out of her leg and plunged again, turning her head to look at the servant outside the door who ordered her to serve her, “Qing’er, go quickly…” on the

other side.

The prince Zhugeli felt that everything was going wrong these days. His temper became more and more violent, and the whole person was a little deviled. He really couldn’t figure out why the original waste Su Xin’er became a genius in an instant, and his appearance was also good. Much more beautiful than Suiri.

Although she was not ugly in the past, she always seemed to be lifeless. No one was happy when she looked at it, but she has become a lot more beautiful these few days, and she seems to be more energetic. It can be said that Bisu Yao’er is strong, I don’t know how many times.

The most important thing is that she has cultivated so well that she can’t even match her, so how can she feel aggrieved.

Now that even his six uncles bow down under her pomegranate skirt, the prince feels more and more that he had made a wrong decision at the time. If he had not divorced and married her into the prince’s mansion, he would now be able to use it for himself, then A powerful cultivator can reach everyone in his current residence.

The prince walked back and forth in the house, and gritted his teeth at the thought of this place, “I am the prince, so what if I regret it? If I want to marry her, she must marry me.”

Zhugeli has made up his mind to marry Su Xin’er. As for the sixth prince, although she is her uncle, the two have not been close since childhood. The respect is also superficial, not to mention that he is a confidant of his own. It should be removed as soon as possible.

Take this opportunity now! In recent days, the emperor’s cough has become more and more serious, and sometimes he coughs all day, coughing and bleeding.

But the imperial physician in the palace was at a loss, causing the whole palace to panic. They were all worried that the emperor might not survive for a few days. When the new emperor came to power, the country would be in turmoil again.

Now since he wants to target the Six Emperors, it is best to take this opportunity. If he wants to snatch the throne in the future, he may not be able to beat him.

Then find a way to transfer him away from the palace for a period of time. During this period, if the father died, no one would dare to say anything wrong. After all, his cough disease was so severe that he would declare the prince after he died. As he succeeded to the throne, he became the emperor, and the overall situation was determined. Even if he wanted to seek the usurpation of the throne, he must not do it. With his ability alone, how could he resist the forces of the entire Ten Thousand Saint Continent?

Thinking of this, Zhugeli recruited his own counselors and told them what he thought, one of them was Li Yu. I immediately suggested, “Your Highness, I heard that there is a beast on the southern mountain. It is rumored to be ferocious among the people, but its blood has the miraculous effect of resurrecting the dead. Anyone who has been drinking for many years can heal in an instant, and the body can be as strong as a beast.”

When Zhuge Li heard this, his originally smiling face instantly collapsed. Is this man an idiot? He wanted to let his father die as soon as possible. He succeeded to the throne. He actually said that there is a way to bring his father back to life. If his father is really healed and he is as strong as a tiger, then when will he be able to inherit. Throne?

The counselor Li Yu saw the prince’s look, and immediately understood that the prince was really unwise. He had to say everything cleanly and thoroughly before he could comprehend it. He could only continue to speak: “Prince, that beast is so cruel, even if it is powerful. The cultivator of the

prince may not be able to fight before him.” “If the prince can let the six princes go to serve the emperor with the blood of the beast, then all the filial piety of the prince will be eliminated, but the confidant of the prince will be relieved. Isn’t it the best of both worlds?”

At this point, he couldn’t speak more blatantly. But this Zhuge Li is not really an idiot. He understands when he speaks. He came over and slowly put down the tea cup in his hand, slapped it heavily on the table, and praised loudly, “Li Yu, you are good! You are really smart enough. , Good strategy!”

The strategy of killing two birds with one stone, no matter whether his uncle the Six Emperors can get back the blood of the beast, he can also be transferred from the capital by a head, and even if he can get it back, it will be too late.

certainly! Since he has gone, he will definitely not let him come back without incident. He will be sent to add some small dishes to him on the southern mountain. Then he will not be able to come back. There is no need to worry about someone robbing Su Xin’er with himself. .

Without further ado, in the court hall on the second day, the civil and military officials heard the prince’s extremely filial remarks, “Now that my father is seriously ill, I, as a prince, should share my worries for my father. It’s helpless, so we can only seek a way to save the emperor father from the people.

I heard that there is the blood of a beast on the southern mountain, which has the miraculous effect of resurrecting the dead, can cure the emperor’s stubborn illness, and make the emperor as strong as when he was young. I am willing to personally go and find the blood of the beast for the father.”

His words were high-sounding, but he was not afraid that the emperor would really let him go, after all, he had already planted his own person in the court.

It wasn’t until his voice came off that he heard a riot among the hundreds of officials in the cultural relics, and he continued to persuade him to say three times.

“Prince must not ah, now the emperor was seriously ill prince assisted by this need, at this time if the Prince Palace, the emperor is missing right hand man.”

“That is, ah, the country not get along without the king, not to mention the prince is honorable yi how can armed the mountains? if some mishap that may be what? ” “

Prince of filial piety to believe that the emperor has insight, let it go and look at the emperor reassignment warriors before a blood enough, the Prince personally do not go. “

Chodo’s The voices were unified and Zhuge Li was not allowed to leave the palace, after all, many people in this court had already stood by his side and supported him.

“How can I not know that the emperor father needs me to help him take care of the government at this time, but the body of the emperor father is the most important, can I find a second person in this palace who is more powerful than me? It’s dangerous for me to go, and it’s extremely dangerous for other people to go. I can’t exchange the lives of other people for mine.”

What he said made people couldn’t help giving a thumbs up. A prince could say that anyone’s life was as important as him, and even the emperor sitting on the dragon chair could not stop nodding.

But immediately I heard a voice from among the hundreds of civil and military officials, “The prince’s words are not good. I remember the previous martial arts contest and the prince lost to the second lady of the prime minister’s house, but the sixth prince won. It means that the Sixth Prince martial arts is not under His Royal Highness. The Sixth Prince is used to idle and can go to the south when he has free time. What do you think?”