Chapter 854 Rogue

Chapter 854 The rogue

receptionist knew she couldn’t hide it when she asked, and explained, “His name is Hu Daxiong, and he has been to our clinic before. That old lady is his mother-in-law. This mother-in-law and wife depend on it. He raises, his wife has been bullied by him to completely dare not speak, even if he bullied his mother, he would not dare to speak.”

“He is very picky, and he doesn’t even want to see his mother-in-law. You see, his wife. He and his mother-in-law have no right to speak in front of him. Every time his mother-in-law can’t stand the pain, he will come to our clinic. His home is in the community not far from our clinic. Every time his mother-in-law comes here to see the doctor. , The next day he will bring someone to the house to make trouble.”

“If I had to refund the money, no Chinese doctor dared to see the old lady. The other two doctors had done the treatment for her, but Hu Daxiong got into trouble the next day, and finally refunded the money.

” The medical expenses and medicine expenses are all paid by our doctor. When the security guard came to drag someone, he just lay on the ground and pretended to be dead. When he touched him, he said that he would call the police and arrest him if we hit someone. Who would dare to provoke him such a rogue? ! “

after the completion of the front desk to explain everything, even more embarrassed, whispered an apology towards Xiao Su children,” I’m sorry, I really can not, then I am sorry to catch this woman, and I can not stand it, so …… “

After listening to Xiao Su’er, she understood completely, no wonder she was kindly asked to see the patient yesterday. It turned out to be so kind! It’s no wonder that everyone was in such a situation, no one came out to help persuade him, and he had been exhausted by him for a long time, and he didn’t want to talk to him at all.

But she doesn’t blame the front desk. After all, this old lady’s legs are really serious. The doctor’s parents felt it was a favor to help her, but this Hu Daxiong wanted to come here to mess around, so he had to refund the money. impossible.

Xiao Su’er looked at Hu Daxiong and explained her temper as much as possible, “Sir, we treated your mother-in-law because she injured her leg. We are not forced to buy or sell, and there is no deception. It is indeed effective. You can ask. Ask your family if the pain is gone now? Why are we refunding the money to you?”

“It’s useless even if you call the police. You don’t want to spend money after you are sick. What’s the difference between eating a Bawang meal? You don’t make sense everywhere.”

“What the mess, you are a lie here, who doesn’t know where Chinese medicine is really useful? If it’s useful, why are there so many western hospitals? You are all lie, not just digging. A few roots and grass roots? It cost so much money! Give me a refund!”

“If I don’t refund, I won’t leave today, and you! You’d better pay me for mental damage, lost work, and more. Medical expenses, who knows if you treat my mother-in-law at such a young age, will there be any problems? I have to delay one day to come here today to ask for money, you have to pay me!”

Hu Daxiong The rogue has reached the limit. Even the pot of coming here today to ask for money to delay his working time will have to be deducted on Xiao Suer’s head and make him lose money, looking like a rogue.

“Sir, can you please tell me something? Why should I pay you? There is no problem with my treatment, and your mother-in-law was indeed cured by me. It is normal for us to collect money. You should not be here anymore. I’m making a fool of myself, otherwise I’ll call the police.”

Even if Xiao Su’er had a good temper, he was so grieved that he wanted to lose his temper, but the person in front of him was obviously unreasonable at all and was still yelling. Xiao Su’er had to pay back the money.

“I don’t care what you say, money is the truth. If you don’t have money, don’t you just want to swindle money? Don’t you want to swindle money? Tell me the truth. What kind of treatment is okay? Her legs are all right, she just wants to find a place. just spend my money, what are they fine people who need treatment today have to refund losing money, or what not so that. ” “

I was sitting here today, and you come out of a man I’ll catch one, I have every day Sitting here, when I see it, you pay more or I pay more! And you still have to take care of me. If I starve to death here, it must be a problem with your clinic.”

Hu Daxiong directly relied on when he spoke. At the door, shaking his feet with his legs crossed, it was completely dependent on Xiao Su’er. There was really no way to deal with this kind of pomp. After all, there is some truth to the saying that people are afraid of shameless people.

The mother-in-law and his wife next to him could not lift their faces ashamed by his rascal behavior, but they still didn’t dare to go far, so they could only stand by the door with him.

Xiao Suer was about to leave him at the door. After staying for a long time, he might have left by himself. However, he didn’t expect that he saw the patient who was about to come in, and he stood at the door to prevent people from entering, and even murmured at each other.” What are you doing? Do you want to come here to see a doctor? They have

been treated to death. If you dare to come in again, no one will bury you and roll away!” He said that, the patients who originally wanted to come in to see the doctor So she turned around and left. Xiao Su’er didn’t get angry when she looked at it. This person is really shameless!

Xiao Su’er walked up to him in a few steps, and said angrily, “Hurry up and get out of here, it’s not over, I’ll be here all day long!” As

she said, she wanted to reach out her hand and put the Hus in front of her. Da Xiong launched the clinic, but only when he raised his hand, he remembered that this man is such a rascal. If he meets him, he might later say that he has been broken and he will lose money.

Xiao Su’er was about to withdraw her hand, but she didn’t expect Hu Daxiong to lie down directly on the ground, covering her chest and starting to roll all over the floor, “Oh, oh, the doctor has beaten someone, but it’s really amazing. Hit people, today there is no one million eight hundred thousand. You see, I can’t get up. Come and take a look at this black shop!”

He yelled loudly as he rolled, as if he was really hurt by someone. The louder the louder the louder the louder with the loudspeaker.

How could there be such a person in the world, Xiao Su’er is still a little bit puzzled, she is simply amazed. She has lived for 25 years and has never seen such a shameless person. They are all so old and can still earn money. Rolling all over the floor without dignity.

“You’re endless? Do you know that you have cancer and will be dying? If you have this time, let’s go and enjoy life.”

Xiao Su’er couldn’t bear it anymore, she directly said what she had just seen with her spiritual eyes. At first glance, she saw that Hu Daxiong’s lungs were diseased. It should be cancer caused by smoking and alcoholism all the year round, but he was completely unaware of it. I was too lazy to say just now, but now he can’t care about his sloppy appearance.